Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year begins: January 1st, 2011

It started as a cold morning as we made our way to Pitt Meadows on the first day of the year. It was below zero and few cars were on the road at this early hour as we were on the way to the Polar Bear Swim, presently in it's 23rd year. I have been attending since around 1994 and have been contributing my photos and videos towards their photographic archives.


There is frost and ice everywhere as we near our destination . There is a marina on this section of the Alouette River. The water is calm and the frost gives this image a sort of infrared glow


Both photos were taken with a Canon T2i, with Tamron 17-50 2.8 and the camera was working perfectly until I dropped it . . .


  1. Beautiful photos Bob - one of the few good things about Winter.

    Oh dear, hope that the damage isn't serious. Canons must have a low coefficient of friction. My first Canon 3Mp digital in 2003 shared the same fate, except I put it on the roof of the car, only to forget about it, drive off and see it roll off the back of the car in my rear view mirror - idiot :-(.

    Better luck with yours my friend!

  2. Beautiful scene with all that frost.

    You're trying to keep us all in suspense again. Well, it looks like a perfect frosty day for the polar bear swim. I hope we get to see the swimmers in an upcoming episode. I also hope the Canon wasn't one of them!

  3. You dropped the T2i or the ? But you were able to save the pictures. Very nice shot of the frosty marina and trees.


  4. Great pics! I love my backyard.
    The camera drop is a bummer. I hope that you could recover the rest of digital material.

  5. dropped the Camera??? I hope you can get it repaired.
    Did you take the DIP this year...beautiful shots anyways...that water must have been frozen...I wanted to go to Centennial Beach this year, but we never made it back in time..Oh well next year...Cheers

  6. Charlie6:

    Imagine my surprise as I was removing my neck warmer and in a micro second my camera fell crashing to the floor with plastic bits rolling on the floor. My new Canon T2i which I bought for my China trip. It dropped nearly 3 ft onto a wood floor and went "CRASH". Everyone turned around and wondered what had happened


    It seems this is my Standard MO lately. My ZS3 which I purchased before my Hawai'i trip fell onto a ashphalt parking lot in Kona. Everytime I see the "beauty" mark I shudder. Then my previous Canon SD780i also got dented from a fall.


    the frost was beautiful, lots of white trees and mist.


    The frost made for beautiful scenes. I had to work fast before the sun melted the frost. A mere hour later and all the white was gone

  7. SonjaM:

    I am very careful with my equipment, I don't know why I have been so clumsy lately. At least I got everything working again. I must say that the Canon T2i seems very rugged. If it were made of metal it would have been dented.

    And who said it was YOUR back yard ? When I purchased my brand new Suzuki GS1100L back in 1981, we used to ride up to Grant Narrows and just sit and watch the scenery. Our friends have a hobby farm along the dike with horses and a new equistrian centre


    Likely story, I would have arrived late too. Hope you had a good time at Whistler. The water was frozen I'll post a few more photos soon

  8. Hey Bob,
    You're quick wasn't gonna catch me in them icy waters...!
    Hope to meet ya soon

  9. Your last sentence gave me a heart attack!! I hope everything is aligned and functioning properly.

    And the images are spectacular. Love the frost on the second image, giving everything that white tinge.


  10. Here's hoping the damage wasn't too bad. That water looks very cold to jump into. I might have jumped in just from anger if I had dropped a camera.
    Have a Great New Year. It's only uphill from here!


  11. Baron:

    somehow I knew your plan. you can't fool me.


    It gave me a heart attack too. All I was thinking of was how to get it fixed. It was great to be able to capture the frosted trees and mist.


    It was a great weekend. Has time to relax and take a few photos. No riding due to ice as temps were below freezing. We have humid cold not dry cold so it usually melts during the day and re-freezes at night.

  12. Dear Bobskoot:

    The second picture in this series is nourishment for the soul.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads