Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

In mere hours, it will be the start of a new year. I had to work today but took the long way home and took this photo with my new (to me) UWA lens. The rain has stopped, the sun was shining and temperatures are going below freezing again tonight. At least we don't have to get our shovels out.

I hope you have a chance to relax, visit with friends and family. Best wishes to all of you from the Wet Coast of Canada

(Canon T2i, Sigma 10-20 EX DC HSM 1/800s F8 approx 18mm)

New Years Day will be busy as usual as I have been photographing a local Polar Bear Swim for many years in Maple Ridge, followed by a family get together.

I wish you all the best and see you next year.


  1. Beautiful photo! I don't understand those Polar Bear events. A Steaming Hot Shower event is more my speed these cold days.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Polar bear swim. No, don't quite see that in my future. I don't even take showers if the water temperature is going to be below 100 degrees...

    Have a great New Year. And thanks for all the great stories and pictures for the past year. I really enjoy living out on the Wet Coast from time to time.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  3. Have a great and prosperous New Year Bob!

    I'll be skipping on the polar bear swim scene as well....I'm crazy but not that crazy. : )


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  4. Great photo! And Happy New Year!
    No comment to the Polar Bear swim except it needs to involve chopping holes through the ice to reach the water...


  5. Happy New Year!

    Glad you were able to ride yesterday. We'll be getting the rain today (tomorrow for you). LOL.

    Enjoy being the photographer for the Polar Bear swim instead of an active participant. :)

    Thank you for sharing all of your great rides and knowledge!


  6. Mike as a point. I would certainly prefer a Hot Shower event over a Polar Bear swim. Happy New Riding Year! SonjaM

  7. I, too, would not be a willing participant in a polar bear swim event. Being a spectator? Hadn't thought of that before. Being a spectator could be interesting.

    Happy New Year, Bob. Thanks for all your comments during the year, both on my Blog and on others. You have a marvelous way of being supportive.

    Enjoy! And, may 2011 be a year of great happiness and glowing health!


  8. Wishing you and yours and your readers a happy, healthy, 2011 full of many fun reads and rides!

    - Joe at Scootin' da Valley

  9. Wishing you and your family a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2011.
    Thanks for all the formidable stories you have shared with us throughout 2010

  10. Have a fantastic 2011 Bob. Keep riding. Keep taking pictures and keep taking pictures of your food. Keep making us look forward to your blog posts. Keep having fun. Keep up to date with technical stuff that we know you like. Keep us as friends. Put simply, keep being Bob.

  11. Mike: I agree with you, that's why I hide behind my camera.

    Steve: I find it cold even during the summer when the air is warm. With all the cold weather riding you do you are more aclimatized than me

    Charlie6: We know you aren't that crazy even though we think it to our selves, at times. I notice you are getting a lot of use from your new electronic toys

    RichardM: it gets cold just thinking about this scenario. I saw a video of polar bears in Russia or Finland where they cut a large opening in the ice, then jump in. I shudder just thinking about it

    Lori/BeemerGirl: I like looking at your videos too. Different roads, different scenery from another accomplished storyteller

  12. Sonja: This is a private swim in it's 23rd year. I have been involved since around 1994. Mrs Scoot started going in a few years ago and I just take the photos or video, of which there are some posted from prior years on my youtube channel

    Keith: I am also grateful for being able to meet so many people, like myself using the internet. I can't imagine how this could have been done before with snail mail. I'm glad our paths managed to cross

    Joe: I'm glad to be able to know you through your blog too. perhaps one day I will be able to experience your valley and recognize some of the scenes you post. Have a prosperous 2011 too

    Baron: Have a relaxing vacation in Whistler and glad you are back to normal. May 2011 be better than your 2010

    Stacy: Happy New Year to you too. I keep forgetting to send you some photos, too bad I could have taken more, if only I had known.

    Gary: Oh . . . what a smooth talker you are, with that silver tongue. I'm blushing, thank you .

    Like yourself I thought about a different blog for different topics; one for m/c, another for scenery around the Pacific Northwest, and another for photos, and perhaps another for my thoughts but it was easier to just mix them up here -- so unlike an Engineer (like yourself) who knows a lot about a little, I am like a Salesman who knows little about a lot, a master of none. The more I try to learn I realize that I know nothing.