Monday, October 10, 2011

English Bay for a Smokie:


  1. That's my favourite hot dog stand, too. Like the fast forward in the beginning.
    Do you go by script or do you improv your voice-over?

  2. dog stands. Fun little ride and I am glad the rain held off. I can see why everyone was out enjoying the day.

  3. why is it that hot dogs always taste better... on the street or at a ball game.

    Thanks for the stroll. I think I'm hungry now.

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    It appears that you are holding a "Smokie" without any condiments on it. That is almost as bad as putting ketchup on a hot dog.

    Speeding up the video in the beginning is a nice touch, but I thought you were going to rear-end the car at the first stop light.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  5. SonjaM: I'm just playing around with video editing. The beginning was 5x speed, and the end was timelapse at 1 frame every 5 seconds. I wished I had a script but it is spoken "on the fly" in sync with the video, then audio replaced in editing, using the voice recorder on the iPhone

    Steel Cupcake: We have many specialized food trucks in the tourist district on Robson Street, but I wanted to be near the beach.

    Lady R: No only do hot dogs taste better, but also fish & chips are fabulous while walking in the sand

    Jack r: the condiments were applied after the video was shot. I had to use it as a prop first.

  6. I like the fast forward at the beginning rather than the time lapse at the end. Nice and smooth rather than the jerky appearance of the time lapse.

    I don't know about hot dogs on the street tasting better. Sometimes they use much better quality dogs than are generally available at your local chain mega-mart. Now you did it, I think I need to go looking for a hot dog...


  7. Nice video..I'm craving a smokie!

  8. Bob you are setting the bar ever higher. I am now saving and scheming to make sure that by the time the next riding season rolls around I will have a GoPro camera permanently nesting in my top case. How to you mount it on the bike? I apologize if you've already answered this. If it's a RAM mount, what size are you using? I don't see any vibration distortion in the video, is it because the GoPro is phenomenal at stabilization? How difficult is the editing afterwards, do you need a very powerful computer to get it done, and if so, Mac or PC?

  9. Hi Bob,

    I liked your video and now need to find a smokie vendor in Victoria or maybe I will get some and grill them tomorrow. I like the fast foward part at the beginning, the time lapse is pretty cool too. Next year once I get completely into riding I think I will borrow my hub's GoPro. Did you get the 1080P camera?

    Your commentary is flowing very nicely and it brings the pictures to life. Sadly fall is here and we are feeling the chill. I had to put the thermal liner in my jacket today and wore the motorcycle pants, much warmer that way.

    I went for my first solo MC ride today and was feeling the moto zen.