Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Matched third party

content. I am so careful when it comes to copywrited music. When I first started doing videos a few years ago I used to put music to photos but then EMI or Sony Records sent me official looking emails which resulted in some of my videos being audio silenced. Since then I have been using public domain or music from other sources which were not subject to copywrite. I've gone for quite some time now with no incidents until the other day when I uploaded a couple of videos from our recent trip to China. I have more videos on my Youtube Channel than I link to from this blog so you may not have seen them

The following was recorded in a Temple somewhere near Nanjing. The "girl" is playing my favourite Chinese 2-stringed musical instrument called an ERHU. I still don't know why my video was tagged with "Matched third party content" as it was a live demonstration being played before me. I was mesmerized with its sound, thus I recorded it for you to hear (before the sound may be silenced).

Sorry for the Ads. It was never my intention to place ads on my youtube channel, but since it was matched with 3rd party content, one of the conditions of leaving the audio intact is to give them permission to place ads on my video, and also permission for them to see the viewing statistics


  1. Bob,
    I had a similar problem with the video of a ride I uploaded to YouTube nearly 5 years ago. I'd used an Eric Clapton track and whilst I didn't get any letter, the sound track was removed with 2 weeks of posting. They're pretty vigilant!

  2. Very relaxing music......in a word..... timeless.


    len ( scootering adventures ) england

  3. Beautiful music she is playing on such an interesting instrument.

    FYI - No ad popped up/scrolled up while I was watching it.

  4. No ad for me either. Some friends of ours here in town had one of those instruments and they were trying to teach my wife to play. It didn't sound anything like that. Thank you for posting this.

    I really wonder how Google fingerprints audio as you say, this is a live event not a recording. Maybe the performer saw the clip and wanted Google to put up an ad so she could sell CD's.


  5. i dont think the problem comes from google bob. i suspect it stems from either youtube or china govt itself. i have trouble at work with export/import/intellectual property/transmissions/website/... whenever it involves my china office. the govt absolutely does filter and censor.

  6. No ad for me either when I watched your video. Nice music though!

  7. I thinkit was good....I knd of fell sleep. My partner is chines and liked it.

  8. Geoff:

    I am very careful with music. The warning came a millisecond after upload, it's as if they were waiting for me


    thank you, I love the sound of the Erhu


    yes, beautiful music. Funny, an ad came up for me, must be a random thing


    I did a google and found that many others have been "trapped", for no apparent reason

    Ms M:

    you are probably right (you are smart that way), I think the word "China" triggers everything, and for no reason that I am aware. My other video was "tagged" too


    I don't know how such beautiful, melodic music can come from only 2 strings


    I'm glad you liked it. When we were at the temple I had no idea we were going to hear someone play the Erhu, and I just had to record it. I think it is going to be a lost art