Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mmmm, perogies

On Sundays we usually go out for brunch, but lately we have been making our own. I love eggs benedicts but you can't have them every week so we decided to go out for some home-made perogies


Not home-made by us, but rather . . . home-made by some nice Ukrainian ladies over at the Ukrainian church. Mrs Skoot spotted their sign the other day. We know that they have regular Ukrainian perogy lunches periodically but we can never make it on a weekday. Because of the Artists' Art Crawl this weekend they put it on this weekend and combined it with a small flea market


I purchased my new camera (info HERE) a couple of weeks ago and this is the first time I have posted anything using it. It is much easier to take stealth photos/video with it rather than my Canon dSLR.


The line-up really isn't that bad but we were ahead of the rush as it got very busy later


They even had desserts for sale and I intended to purchase some, but forgot . Here is what our meal looked like, mostly vegetarian except for that piece of sausage


A bowl of Borscht, cabbage rolls, perogies with onions and I dabbled on a great amount of sour cream . We have a few Ukrainian Community centres around town and most of them have a perogy dinner night but we have not attended one for a while. Did I mention that I love perogies ?


After lunch we went upstairs where they had a flea market and we didn't leave empty-handed


Here is a short video using my new Sony NEX-5n , AVCHD 1080p30 mode but reduced to 1280x720p30 .


  1. Yumm! You are such a tease with those perogies. I swear they don't know what they are in this State.

    Thanks for the food porn Bob.

  2. BobSkoot,

    Never had perogies. Turns out, though, I'm hungry. Now that I think of it, I've never had borscht, either. I need to hang out with you to get some real exposure to world food.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  3. Perogies, stuffed cabbage and borscht. That sounds like a terrific meal and if I'm somewhere other than home, I can usually find such a meal. In Fairbanks, the odds are low. I make stuffed cabbage a couple of times per year but have never tried perogies and I'm the only one in the house who likes beets so no borscht either...

    I haven't had a chance to look at the video but was wondering why it's easier than the Canon? Not as obvious?

  4. lol - I was gonna ask, how do you go "out" for home made, but you explained it well. Looks like you had a yummy treat. Very nice that they offered it on the weekend and you were able to partake!

  5. Trobairitz:

    I thought of you while we were devouring them. I also remember the time we had them at the Grand Forks Hotel. You should plan a Perogie ride up here and we can go to the Kootenays


    I'm not that daring . . . I don't like beets either, must be that RED colour


    There are two ways of "cooking" perogies and I like them boiled rather than deep fried. also the traditional way is with fried onions mixed with bacon and drizzled with melted butter + lots of sour cream. I'm hungry for more already

    A dSLR is too intimitating, too large and people back off. The GoProHD is perfect due to the 170° wide angle, but it is not so good in low light. I use it a lot outdoors. The NEX-5n is good for low light and I have the 16mm (24mm equiv) so not so bad for aiming "from the hip", plus it autofocus' while recording. Most other P&S cameras don't, and dSLR's only focus at point of hitting the record button the first time, then you have to manual focus yourself


    Most Ukrainian Churches have perogie nights and they are home-made by the "ladies". There is a large Ukranian community centre which has perogies on the first friday of every month, and the one in Richmond is the third Thursday. Not that I know anything about food.

  6. I love both peirogi and borscht. And, I love uszka in borscht. It is getting to be the season for that. I, too, prefer my peirogi boiled rather than fried. I'm not much on the "sauce" those from the Ukraine like on it. Just give me some melted better and fresh chives. Yum.

    Thanks for the share. I need get my peirogi on for the holidays!

  7. What a great day out! I've never had perogies. I guess I'm going to need to find out what they are. :)

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