Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Meeting

I have been trying to visit the site of "The Meeting" for a few weeks but I have a dislike to pay for parking and each time I go near the area I am unsuccessful in my search for a free spot

the meeting

As part of Vancouver's Biennale celebrations there are statues on display throught the city, you can find a MAP HERE

On Saturday we decided to change our brunch location to Surrey, 45 minutes south of Vancouver to a popular greasy spoon, the Round Up Cafe on King George Highway


We hadn't been here for years and Bill said he always orders something that he can't make at home, eggs benedict


Since I had my own home-made eggs benedicts twice last week I went for the eggs over easy with ham and pancakes, big mistake as Mrs Skoot had another of my favourites which I forgot that they made


Boiled perogies with sausage and sour cream. I was drooling over it but I managed to beg for some . . .

Now, family day Sunday rolls around and it was my plan to make breakfast at home then go out to see what was for sale at the camera swap meet then try to snag a few photos of "The Meeting"

Again I lay everything out to get things ready and soon enough stuff is cooking on our new GAS stove. (Did I mention that I love our new GAS stove ?) . The hollandaise is simmering on the left and the poached eggs on the right


Then there was the yogurt and the coffee


Can't wait to start diggin in . . .


There is lots of sauce with every bite made with lots of lemon juice to add the tang I like


When we arrived at the community centre where the camera swap meet was being held, on the other side there was a large guitar meet with lots of vendors and displays and this intrigued Mrs Skoot more than cameras so we went our separate ways for a couple of hours.

I was specifically looking for adapters (for alternative lenses) , small monopods or perhaps a quality, small tripod head, for pennies on the dollar or other video camera mounting brackets . I only managed to secure a small travel tripod in my price range.

I used to belong to this camera group which organizes the swap meet (twice yearly) so I saw many familiar faces as I made my way around the room. I used to collect cameras but now I am more selective with my purchases. I also spent some time talking to the legendary Tom Abrahamsson who is shown here posing with his Leicas and Nikon S rangefinders. He is a mentor on the , click here <--

(Tom Abrahamsson, aka: "Mr Leica")

Eventually we made our way downtown to Coal Harbour to see the statues which were smaller than we had imagined



  1. Interestingly enough, Jennifer & I had perogies & sausage for supper on Saturday night. Too bad we don't get our schedules coordinated. You could have saved some coin and ate perogies & sausuage until you could eat no more. Round-up Cafe was a good choice nonetheless. If you're interested in Mexican, I can steer you in the direction of a great little place a block off King George @ 108th. Similarly, there's a tasty Jamaican restaurant in the same vicinity, not to mention Tokachi's for Japanese or the Rickshaw for Chinese cuisine.

  2. Interesting art, and like most, it goes right over my head...

    My breakfast dish that "I can't make at home" is probably chicken fried steak. Too much preparation and mess just for one meal. Plus, there is one place in town that uses the leftover prime rib for their chicken fried steak. It's really pretty good.

  3. Mmmm perogies. I miss those. Most people have never heard about them down here. I think I'll have to learn how to make my own. My mom used to make them back in the day.

  4. Bob, I'm sitting here in my hotel room in Toronto waiting for my son to join me for dinner. He has a class at U of T and hasn't left school yet. It's 7:00 p.m. And I'm starving, so I figured I'd check out your blog to take my mind off my stomach. BIG MISTAKE!!! Your *%*%£>€ food porn has my mouth watrering and my stomach gurgling. I should have known better.

  5. Robert:

    Hmm, perogies/sausage, fried onions, lots of sour cream. I could eat you out of house and home with those. I also like Mexican . . .


    Never had chicken fried steak. we try not to eat too much meat but in Richmond you can order MIXED GRILL, which is a plate full of assorted steaks. One of each: chicken, beef, minute steak, hot dog on a sizzling grill, sometimes topped with an egg. This will feed two people, plus you also get soup, dessert and a premium beverage like almond milk. Now I'm hungry. Richmond is the restaurant capital of BC


    We've even had perogies in the Grand Forks hotel, prepared by Doukabour ladies. I could go Vegan on these, potatoes/cheese, or potatoes/onions, lots of sour cream and fried onions, thank you


    I worked one summer in DT Toronto. My uncle worked at St Michaels so every Friday we would go out for dinner somewhere different. On Bloor West just past the underpass there was an east indian restaurant where you ordered how spicy you wanted; Mild, medium or hot. We both ordered medium. the waiter said "are you sure ?". YEP, we said. When the meal came we each had a bite and hastily grabbed a full glass of water and gurgled it down. they had to take it back to the kitchen to "dilute" it a bit.

  6. bob, you have never had chicken friend steak? OMG! you must!... i would leave my vegan diet to enjoy this one meal with you. it isnt like anything else, except the meat itself can be so tender its compared to a delicate veal. the crunchy batter. the beefy creamy gravy. mmmmmmmmm!

    maybe we can have chicken fried steak with jack r when he visits? ooooooooh, a long ride to meet up, connect, and spend a day of food friends drinks and stories! could be divine!...

  7. You sure are enjoying that new stove! :)
    I'm glad I just finished lunch, because all the food pics would just make me hungry otherwise. The swap meet sounds fun. A great place to hunt for "treasure".