Friday, November 18, 2011

River Road, before my GoProHD battery died

This video is an addendum to the previous post. It was a sunny but cool day when I decided to enjoy some solo time by myself. It was a lazy day, didn’t rush to wake up, made breakfast and waited until mid morning to finally get underway on my V-strom. This was the first time that I had taken a week from work and not travel anywhere of note. I had big plans to ride somewhere for a few days but instead stayed close to home and entered into “retirement” mode. Retirement mode is my vision of what my life will look like when I stop work, paychecks cease causing me to be more frugal with my pennies.

It also helps to have projects. Projects keep my mind active and when I shoot a clip, my mind imagines how it is going to be compiled and in which sequence. My project today was to show you some of our urban traffic and how it is like to maneuver across town on our local thoroughfares and ended up on River Road which is a relaxing route to take on the way home from work . Lately, I have been using my GoProHD more as a camcorder than a sports cam but this day I made a special effort to mount it onto my bike


  1. Dear Bobskoot:

    Moto-videos always get my blood racing. The viewing angle from down low gets me ready for something really horrifying, like a car door opening, a kid stepping of a curb, or a car making an illegal left turn.

    In the beginnibg of this one, I expected to hear an expletive, as you knifed around the traffic, revving the bike up to the red line. LOL!

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  2. Nice video Bob

    it shows some good riding habits on your part while in traffic.

    was the wind causing the gopro to shake a bit? there were points where your tire looked like it was going wobbly.... : )


  3. Bob, Where was your usual shot of the tasty food? You're slipping!

    I really want a GoPro but can't seem to get past that I just want it and don't actually have a plan for what to do with it.

    BTW, some of the guys using GoPro are mounting them on a bed of "moon gel" or "moongel" to reduce the effects of the vibration.

  4. Very nice video Bob.

    Are you using a RAM mount?

    I love the wide angle on the GoPro and the quality of the picture. I'll be in Florida over Christmas and I'm hoping to find a GoPro at a nice US discount price.

  5. Oh, Bob, another thing. I knew I had another question. What software are you using to edit the video and add captions?

  6. Jack:

    GoPro just announced a new remote control accessory. Then I will be able to mount it up front, out of sight and control recording from the handlebars. It is mounted low on the left crash bar so I can access it


    what you are seeing is shutterroll from vibrations. There is no cushioning on the crash bars as it is connected directly to the frame. when I mount it onto the handlebars, vibrations are mostly absorbed by the front shocks. I need to use some rubber isolators


    the original Hero GoProHD is now reduced in price due to the new GoProHD2. I use it more as a camcorder than I do on the bike. People think it is a toy and don't realize it is "ON" .

    I find that video is a great hobby. You are like a director and get to sort out all the clips and make a little movie


    the new Hero2 is now out and it has a much easier interface and you can change the angle of view in many modes. I cannot change the view on my model, which is 170° , I would prefer 127° . Plus remote control has been announced, should be available around Feb 2012.

    I use RAM mounts from in Calgary, AB

    For editing I use Premier Elements 7 but I believe Elements 10 has just been released. $99. from Adobe, but there are deals for the dual pack which includes Elements and Photoshop Elements for $129. which is the one I purchased. GoPro "footage" can be used directly by the program without conversion. some people don't like PREL but it works fine for me. No point changing if it does the job. I just read a review which says that Sony Vegas Movie Studio was better but I know nothing about it. has it for $99.00

  7. Video Bob!

    I have to break out the GProHD that I bought Kirk last Christmas. We have used it kayaking in the summer, but I just seem to wander with my little point & shoot. Next year is going to a bigger moto year for me (although this one wasn't too shabby - 50cc scoot to 450 motorcycle) Next year I hope to take a few more side trips and longer rides.

    Excellent lane positioning! I think I have to work my way up to Vancouver traffic, but then again traffic on the Island can be just as crazy. Great ride!

  8. Hi,
    nice video of real jack riepe say's The viewing angle from low down close to the road seems to pepare me for the worst!...early on i thought the lorry with its turn signal flashing could come across at any long as your not besides it when it does!..That was a plane at 5.25 was it not!

    very nice


    len ( scootering adventures ) england