Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My vacation is just a memory

I've only been back about 2 weeks and it is hard to believe that I've ever been away.   I came home on a Saturday evening just before sunset and on Sunday I was busy cleaning my bike

The soap and water part was easy.   Now it was time to tackle the dirty wheels

I remembered that I had a front stand to make it easier to turn the front wheel and brought out my container of Kerosene

After a lot of elbow grease and sweat I managed to get them decently clean.  I was working on my concrete carport floor so there was no danger of my bike falling

Then it was time to get my bike serviced, so the following weekend (last weekend) I rode my bike to my mechanic for an oil/filter change.    My last oil change was at Kissell Motorsports in State College, PA

Since then I have ridden about 10,000 kms which is the recommended service interval if using full synthetic oil

Since I have selfishly taken most of the summer for myself I decided it was time to use my Corvette and try to spend more time with Mrs Skoot before summer disappears.   We went for a ride last Sunday.  It was nice to enjoy the very warm sunshine without having to wear ATGATT and my hot riding boots.

Crocs® or Sandals were my first choice (you don't know how hard it is to find the correct shade of Pink)

It was also nice to feel the wind in your hair and not have to wear a helmet

As usual I drive as if I am alone as Mrs Skoot rests her eyes and manages to wake up just as we reach wherever we are going

This day we headed to busy White Rock, BC a seaside community about an hour south of Vancouver

Then we headed over to Crescent Beach to complete our beach loop drive

And then we took the Freeway home so I could prepare the BBQ chicken for dinner.

A couple of days ago I drove my 'Vette to Richmond for Breakfast and visited my friend.  While it is warm during the afternoons, you can feel a slight chill in the air letting you know that summer is coming to an end soon

I visit for a while and then head home.   I put on my riding gear and head over to my local BMW Motorrad dealer on Granview Highway where they are having their "last" customer appreciation day for this year

I also asked the service department to check out my brakes as they did a factory recall just before my trip and replaced the front brake line and did a fluid flush.  During my trip the brake lever didn't feel right and I thought that I would have them check it out.    They said it was normal for the lever to push "less" after the first pull due to the one way valve action.  I am not sure this is right but until someone tells me different I will accept what they said

I usually change out of my riding gear & riding boots in warm weather and I had a BBQ hamburger with all the trimmings and a soda.

When I was inside I couldn't help but notice all the buttons on this RT

I also had to climb aboard and see how it felt

It felt much heavier than my R1200R but the salesperson said it was only marginally heavier but due to the higher centre of gravity it was more cumbersome to move around

They are also a Ducati Dealer, and recently purchased the other dealer in Richmond where I had been going to purchase my BMW parts

I did walk around to look at all the machinery and apparel upstairs before I headed home

Sunday we headed over to Shelter Island Marina

We come here often for Sunday Brunch at Tugboat Annie's and today it was nice to just sit on the bench and just enjoy the day

River levels seem very low as compared to what they were a few months ago

It was a relaxing Labour Day holiday weekend and  soon it was time to head home . . .

and tuck the car away until "next time"


  1. Bob, the small house in the yard looks empty....


    1. Dom:

      It won't be empty for much longer. It is basically "finished", only a couple of minor items to complete. We have already had 3 dessert gatherings in there.

  2. thats a nice way to get back to the daily routine, bob.
    how is mrs skoot doing? better? i hope... sending hugs!

    1. Ms M:

      was thinking of you when I was coming home from Reno but I ran out of time and had to go home via: Eureka, CA. I wanted to make it a coast to coast to coast ride. I really wanted to go to Salinas to have a coffee but now I find that VD/BB are moving to ?? Wished I could have made it to Holister (to see all of you) but I couldn't get those days off.

      Mrs Skoot is doing fine, much better than when I left. I thought I would park my bike and do the convertible thing before summer is gone

      Hugs to you too . . .

  3. Bob, isn't it amazing how the routine returns, and adventures seem like just a little blip, even huge ones like your transcontinental journey. The good news is that your bike is sparkling and Yvonne gets to be spoiled.

    1. David:

      Seeing that I was gone most of the summer, I have to make up for lost time and enjoy the summer without having to wear ATGATT.

      It's amazing how you get used to 10 hour riding days. I used to think that CA was far away but it isn't. It's only a 2 day jaunt . . . I could have washed my bike in Toronto but it was going to get dirty again so I waited until I got home

  4. I think that this "daily routine" thing is overrated. When's the next trip?

    1. Richard:

      I am getting tired of the "daily routine" thing too . It was so nice to be able to not have a set agenda and go with the flow. I would like to do another trip like this soon

  5. It sounds as though you have managed to keep yourself busy and enjoy the lovely weather.

    Nice job finding pink nail polish to match the Crocs.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I am trying to make up for my not being home during most of the good weather and enjoying the warm summer sunshine without having to wear gear.

      I also got to practice my "painting skills" Here

  6. I suffer from post trip depression... If I'm away from home for too long, I feel the need to go home. Once I'm home, I can't wait to go out on another trip! I'd like to get another trip in this fall if I can..

    1. Erik:

      you are luckier than most. I am still working so I have limited time off. Half of my trip was "unpaid". One day soon I will have the time, but perhaps not the funds.

      Like you say, nice to be away and also nice to be home

  7. Good thinking - washing the bike on the stone walkway! Why didn't I think of that? Looking at the corvette I'm hoping the speedometer is in kph and not mph otherwise I'd think you were speeding (not to mention taking a picture of it at the same time!)

    1. Karen:

      Tsk, Tsk . . . I was only traveling at the posted speed. I can switch the speedo to kmH or mph, but it was set for kilometers, you know I don't ride that fast. I certainly wouldn't be brave enough to pass a *Vstar. I am still stressed over Falmouth . . . and have learned my lesson

      just like washing your bike. Put it in gear and use the sidestand plate on gravel

  8. I hope that the quality of Pacific Motorcycles doesn't suffer as a result of that take over... Although I had purchased my bike at Vancouver BMW/Ducati I was never happy with their customer appreciation or there lack of...

    Inspired by you and Karen I have washed and polished my scoot as well now. It is shiny but now also shows already little scars from road (and some off road) use... I better let it be dirty next time.

    1. Sonja:

      I actually brought my bike to Vancouver BMW-Ducati (Old John Valk) for warranty recall for front brake lines before my trip and the young guys there were great. Also ordered a new coded key and received good service. I only use Pacific BMW, now PMS: Pacific Motor Sports to buy parts and the parts people seem to be very good.

      It is easy to wash a bike, but hard to keep the wheels clean.

  9. Bob,
    Hopefully you'll get the Chevrolet out at least once more and the 2 wheelers many more times before it gets chilly(er). I'm certainly hoping and planning for some more miles.

    1. Coop:

      Summer's not over yet and Sunday is usually a non-riding day so riding on Saturday and Sunday for the Chevy. It's so nice to not sweat wearing all the gear this time of year.

      I may also seal the seams on my tent before I pack it away for the winter, unless I go out one more weekend

  10. I was hoping to come your way someday and have you show me BC, but after seeing how clean you keep your bike you probably wouldn't be seen on the same road as me... :)

    1. Ken:

      don't worry, I don't wash my Vstrom except the wheels are getting grungy so I may have to work on those too

  11. And here I was feeling guilty cause I haven't washed the bikes much lately, now I'll have to get the bucket out this afternoon! (i rarely do more than a quick wipe over on the wheels with all those spokes it's painful to do properly)

    Looks like you had a lovely day out in the better, how could you not miss that?

    Love that shade of pink, I showed Terry who said you are much more braver than him, he would have gone with an understated burgundy to complement the crocs.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

    1. Stupid phone! 'in the better' means in the vette ... You knew that didn't you ?

    2. Brenda:

      I am lucky to not have spoked wheels. You're going to have to use a small toothbrush to get in there.

      You mean, Terry would be agreeable to painting on "understated Burgundy" ? I would like to see that

      I know what you mean about your phone's "autocorrect" function. makes words come out funny, sometimes

    3. Toothbrush great idea! I hadn't thought of that.

      I'll see if I can snap a pic the next time Terry steals my nail polish :D