Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BMW Triumphant: Meet Ed & Dianne

I'm still a bit behind with stories from my long distant ride last summer where I rode my BMW R1200R across the Continent to PEI and back. I wanted to thank those that hosted me along the way. When I first budgeted for this trip I allowed sufficient funds to be able to hotel it all the way and back. I am also on the threshold of Retirement and I wasn't sure how much touring I would be able to do when my paycheque stopped, so last year I thought that I would buy some camping equipment and learn how to live with less. It was a daunting thought to think that I had to travel 8 days and 3,000 miles before I would meet up with my two riding buddies in State College, PA

I made a determined effort to "Camp" for the first few days until I reached bad weather in Belle Fourche, SD where I had planned to camp at Wyatts Hideaway but it was not to be. It was not easy for me to ride by myself for so many miles and soon I was getting starved for Company. It just happened that Dom was going to be in Holmen, WI so he invited me there for the night (read here) A big thank you to Sue and Fred for the cool room (air conditioned) and free, fast internet. I really appreciated seeing familiar faces

We motelled it for a few days and when we reached Portland, Maine, Mike and BRW opened up their home to us. I wrote about it here .

We were also hosted in Shediac, NB (read here) and on the way back through Montreal, David also offered a warm place to stay for a few days. There are several posts back in my archives and also here and here

So far I have posted more hyperlinks than photos but I am trying to bring you up to date in chronological order. After Montreal I spent a couple of days in Kingston with V*Star Lady more here

August 6th, 2013:    I left Kingston early in the morning and headed for Toronto. I got lost as they changed the freeway. I remembered that there was an exit at Jane but it was no longer there and I overshot past Islington and I had to backtrack as I had an important errand to do before I arrived at my home for the night.   I spent one summer in the Weston/Shepard area and things looked different after all these years

     Ed & Dianne

Eventually I arrived with my Hosts anxiously waiting outside for me.  Ed and Rodney were keeping track of my GPS Spot tracker.   It was a hot day and after I got out of my riding gear and cooling down in air conditioned comfort I was treated to these delicious cup cakes

Dianne knows the way to my heart.  She made these specially for my arrival

I wanted to grab one out of the container but she made me wait and put some on a plate.  They were both so kind to me.    And after a most excellent dinner

we soon settled into a most decadent dessert

You probably realized by now that she is a most excellent cook with lots of supplies on hand.  As was arranged ahead of time I was going to spend the next day just relaxing with Ed.  It was to be one of the few non-riding days of my trip.   He was in the middle of constructing his Theatre Room  (read here) .  His friend Rodney was the contractor and we were sent out to get parts.  In fact, Rodney also rides and a couple of years ago Ed & Rodney rode to Vancouver Island to visit a friend

I had another reason for taking a non-riding day as I wanted to spend a few hours with my Aunt and Uncle who live in St Catherines and whom I had not seen for a long time.  Ed & Dianne volunteered to spend the day with me and drive me there.   I am so grateful for their generosity and for going out of their way to welcome me as part of their family  (well, maybe not go that far) .   It turned out that my Uncle has a condition and had a Doctor's appointment close to a nearby mall where we arranged to meet in the mall near the Starbucks.  We were going to visit for an hour or so at the Mall but then Dianne thought that it would be better if she just invited them to their home for a home cooked dinner, and we would have a private place to just talk and get to know each other after so many years.   As I think back,  I can't thank them enough for opening up their home for me and my extended family

Soon it was time for my Aunt and Uncle to leave.  They prefer to drive during the daylight hours.  To Ed & Dianne, I can't thank you enough for all you have done to make me feel like I was home.  You have gone far above and beyond what I would have ever expected.  I am humbled

Recently Ed completed his 2nd reno project.   (read here) .    He had remodelled the washroom in the room I was using during my visit.   It appears that he did an excellent job except he forgot to insert the "before" photos which I conveniently have

Here is what it looked like before he ripped it all out.   I mean it looked good to me.   I can't wait to see the real thing (the new remodel)

and here is the rest of the Guest Room.   This was my home for two nights and it was very comfortable .   He wrote about my visit  here  and   here 

After the 2nd morning it was time for me to start heading home and Ed wanted to follow me to London, Ontario so he could return a pair of boots at the Motorcycle Superstore

Ed hadn't been riding much during the past year but this was his first ride since his Doctor gave him the green light.  I followed while Ed led the way onto the freeway

Yep,  that's him in the lead.   Here's a short video of our ride together

Ed & Dianne.    I can't thank you enough for all your hospitality.  It warms my heart to know that I have friends in  Toronto  (actually  Mississauga)     Till we meet again . . .


  1. Bob

    The cup cakes look good, but over all those miles how did you find the BMW overall?


    1. Nikos:

      My BMW R1200R is a rocket on the freeway when you need to cover many miles. Instant power anytime, and also instant brakes should you need to slow down, plus it's smaller and lighter than my Vstrom. I like the shaft drive vs Chain maintenance but it has a smaller fuel tank. My Vstrom can go much farther on a tank with 23L vs only 17L for my Beemer. That equates to 100 kms less per tank

      I bought the Beemer for this trip. It also has Traction Control and Tire Pressure Senors so I though much safer for a long ride like this

      Cup cakes were very good. I wouldn't mind some more, right about now . . .

    2. Bob

      You'll need to upgrade to an RT model with a larger tank, stereo radio and heated seats!

    3. Nikos:

      I thought about switching keys and hope that he wouldn't notice

  2. It is nice that you were able to stay with so many good people on your journey Bob.

    1. Trobairitz:

      As you know, I live to meet people. I would never go into a town where I had a chance of meeting someone and pass up the opportunity, but also I would not force myself onto anyone nor expect what many did to make our trip memorable. For that I am grateful for all of those in our Blogger community for opening up their homes.

      It is more about the interaction of Friends, even though we may have only met physically for our first times. It was just like meeting old friends and we find that we have many things in common to talk about. You can't buy friendship but you can always buy a room in a hotel but it's not the same.

  3. This is what motorcycling and scootering is all about, you meet nice people, there is a kinship and you make fast friends. I am enjoying meeting other moto bloggers through the various blogs and reading about your trip last summer.

    1. Dar:

      I don't know where I'd be if not for our blogging community. All of us have friends everywhere, and all over the world. Once you get the touring bug, it doesn't stop. You start to dream of where you went and where you want to go next . . .

      It's more about which roads to ride rather than arriving

  4. Its always heart-warming, Bobskoot, the way fellow riders and bloggers open their homes to a traveling rider, I still am amazed and very appreciative at the length folks went out of their way to put me up, put up with me, and generally make my ride to AK and back that much easier.

    1. Dom:

      You were also fortunate to have broken down in the most convenient places. Too bad it forced you to alter your trip plans but "it is what it is" and there will be time to plan for the "next time". Everyone also went out of their way for me too and certainly I would do anything for any traveler who knocked on my door during a trip through Vancouver.

      I am glad you stopped and only wished you could have stayed longer so I could show you around. In this series of thanking my Hosts, you are nearly "on deck" and I think I have some never seen before photos to share.

  5. Bob, the time I got to spend with Ed was all to brief. I had to get going if I was going to make State College before nightfall. We had a chat over a cup of coffee and I told him all about how you were the one responsible for me being there and drinking his coffee.

    I'm glad you got to ride out with Ed.

    Nice write-up.

    1. David:

      I'm glad you managed to meet Ed as you headed North from Montreal and headed to State College via Ottawa and Mississauga. I missed Ed the first time when he was on Vancouver Island and rode across Canada back home

      If you had coffee then he must have used his older machine which he just posted about.

      Not many know that Ed was actually going to be part of our group for a few days as he was going to be heading to State College, PA and join up with us. But with his medical condition he was advised to stay in Canada "just in case" any medical problems showed up so I changed my plan to meet him later on my return loop.

      That was the first time he had ridden any distance on his Beemer after he got his Doctor's Go Ahead.

  6. Nice write up. It really is nice to hear stories about other bloggers and hear about day to day events.

    1. Richard:

      I wanted to wrap up my trip but I couldn't without thanking those whom made my trip more enjoyable and thanks to all of them for making me feel like I was home. Part of the problem with not posting earlier was that I didn't have a chance to edit any video until I returned home and I wanted to show you the video so now I can be a bit more detailed in my post and show more never before seen photos

  7. Wish I had had the opportunity to meet Ed too. Nicely done.

    1. Karen:

      You will meet Ed, sooner than later. He was very close to you on his fall colours ride last year. He may also be part of the Summer 2015 tour

  8. Wow, that food looks delicious!

    1. Kathy:

      Ed is so lucky to have Dianne, she is a great chef and their freezers are very well stocked

  9. You have such a rich life with all the friends you've made in biking and out. What a spread Diane prepared -- I've had dinner just an hour ago, and it's making me hungry.

    The view of highway ahead and the sound of a bike on the road are soothing.

  10. Bob, it was great to have you stop over with us. As you know, Dianne is from Newfounland, so all visitors are well fed and looked after. It was nice to meet your relatives as well. Very nice people.

    By the way, I am feeling well, no residual problems from the pneumonia last March. As a result, I'm looking for a full riding season this year.

    In fact, John is hoping I can make a return trip to Duncan, north of Victoria BC. It's only 4400 km after all. So, on the trip back, I hope we can get together again. I do like traveling in June, cooler and the tourist season has yet to start. Will keep you advised.

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