Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lunch in Auburn, WA and Carnation Cars

Well, what do you do when there is a Motorcycle Show in Seattle and you missed the One in Vancouver ?   You get up early and head for the Border  (USA & Cdn Border Crossing at Pacific Highway) 

Lucky thing we are Nexus registered and can bypass most of the lineup

Soon enough it is time for our first stop at the Skagit Valley Mall

where it was the Grand Opening weekend of the Hobby Lobby.   We don't have any Hobby Lobbys around here but we do have Michael's .  

They have lots of knick knacks and dust catchers here and I managed to find some car parts

and the highly coveted PIG POPPER

It wasn't long before I found the motorcycle section

and the camera department.   I love old bellows cameras

too bad this was only a prop.   It it were a realy one I would have been tempted to buy it.

After a couple of more hours on the highway heading south we ended up at one of our destinations for the day . . .  Auburn, WA

Auburn is just a bit South and East of Seattle where we were planning to have lunch

There were several other Corvette Clubs there.  They came from Spokane, WA,  Portland, OR, the Tri-Cities , Shelton, Anacortes, Bellingham and the Marque Club of Seattle.   This was a lunch hosted by Corvettes of Auburn .   We were starving by the time we arrived at 12:30pm as we hadn't had breakfast yet and my stomach was hurting

This is a restoration shop and they moved their cars out and set up tables under the hoists

They have several cars under reconstruction

I met several people we hadn't see for many years.  I used to be the US liason between our BC clubs and had arranged many meets in the past but have not gone to any of their events for some time.

After lunch and saying our goodbyes we headed to Carnation WA (Used to be known as Tolt)

to visit a place that was discovered by other members of our Corvette club.  Looking through their window, this is what you see

I thought it was a car museum but all cars are for sale

Lots of Porches were there, mainly replicas

Notice the MG Bug-Eyed Sprite on the right, behind the Harley.   I nearly bought a bug-eyed sprite many years ago for $600.  This was before they weren't worth anything.  Then I noticed one of my dream cars.  This is a  replica of a Porsche 550 Spyder

Yes, it's for sale and was the one James Dean was killed in, but his may have been haunted (read here)

This is the 3rd  Porsche 550 Spyder I have seen in the past 20 years.   They are hard to find but there are currently two for sale on eBay right now.   I can't help but to admire the sensuous curves (but I quickly snap out of my trans)

Yes, there are bikes there too and all are for sale.  I had to rub my eyes and do a double take when I noticed this SC Yenko Camaro

AW,  it was only a replica

more bikes,  nothing special, just used old stuff needing a lot of TLC

The Porsche 356 Speedster (Bathtub) was formerly my dream car

I used to have a collector car but now I prefer something more modern and reliable but it doesn't hurt to look & touch

It starts to rain and time for us to head home back to Canada where we have a decadent meal

Tender prime rib on a bed of mashed potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire pudding topped with carmelized shredded onions.  I can tell you that this melted in your mouth and was delicious.   I could have eaten two portions.   Tonight was not the time to be keeping track of your waistline and I still had one unused notch on my belt . . .   and then the dessert came . . .

some kind of toffee sauce but this just melted in your mouth.  Very light and tastly, with ice cream of course.  My mind kept thinking that I could diet tomorrow . . .  and I washed all of this down with Cola.

Sunday while out and about I saw some of my scooter friends

I've been AWOL as I don't do Facebook so I never know when they meet, nor where they go.  Nor do I ride on Sundays so I have just given up on the local scene.

It's nearly Spring here with our warmer temperatures.  Many of these riders ride year round


  1. Nice collection of cars! I used to want a 911 but that desire has since passed. Now they're just fun to look at.

    1. Richard:

      I had a '60 Vw bug around 1965 and I used to look in the showroom at the Porsche 356 Cabriolet, my dream car at that time. then I bought a '56 chevy, 65 pontiac 2 dr HT, MGB and then a '68 Mustang convertible. I had lots of cars. Nowadays I just look. I don't want one anymore either. I also drove a '68 Barracuda 318ci 2 dr ht for a couple of years

  2. Bob,
    What would it take for me to pry that Pip Popper loose from your possession?? The cars are pretty and pretty unique but I personally can't get past my view of them as appliances......maybe someday.

    Admit it, you've got a hankerin' to join those guys with a hopped up Ruckus, right??

    1. Coop:

      I have no desire to have another collector car. I just look like you do. Whenever I go to a car show, or a motorcycle meet I always play a little game. I image that if I was given a choice to take home any car, or bike, which one would it be. I would certainly take home that Porsche 550 Spyder replicar, or the 356 Speedster cabriolet

      Where I work I can't have a 49cc. Our work driveway exits on a busy road and it would be too dangerous to commute. I would need at least a 150cc and I don't need another $700 insurance premium, but I do like those low-rider ruckii

  3. Hi Bob,

    Personally I'd love to get hold of one of those old bikes and give it all my TLC. It does look like it was a full weekend!

    Hope the weather continues to improve for you and you get many more lovely fun packed days like this one. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Brenda:

      I was thinking of a motorcycle project to keep me busy but I don't have anywhere to work on it. I would have to keep it outside and have to pack up my tools and parts every night

  4. What a great used car shop. Unfortunately I think spousal permission may be required, along with a relinquishing of all credit cards, before entering.

    1. Canajun:

      If you like old cars there are some vendors (in the USA) who only carry cars from the '60s and '70s. Sometimes I like to stop and look at them. There are many more old cars down there than here in BC

      Do you also have to surrender your credit card when you visit a MC dealer or swap meet?

  5. Hobby Lobby rocks! A pig popper is better than a Pig Pooper - In a weird twist of fate, Auburn is where we were LAST weekend. That's where I got my mega half-order breakfast. Our paths will cross this summer. :-) That meal looks delicious.

    1. Kathy:

      I was thinking of you when i went into the Hobby Lobby. You are so creative and they have lots of stuff in there. New stuff that looks old.

      As soon as I read your blog today and I noticed Auburn, my heart sank. you were so close but "no cigar" but your trip was for family time. Perhaps later in the year when it is warmer

      That meal was delicious, and the dessert was very tasty too

  6. Looks like a fun day out with some neat cars.

    You didn't miss much at the show. Wasn't really worth going this year, think because it was the last one of the tour no one was really there, but the bike displays. The old bike display was the best part.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Good or bad I would have gone to the show just to meet up but we were with a group and I didn't have to drive so I was not in control of our time. I was wondering if you went or not. Weather was not so great on the way home. Lots of rain.

      Our next big event is the Motorcycle swap meet on April 27th. It signals the start of riding season

  7. Did you hear about the sink hole at the corvette museum?! Oh my!!! They all went down in it.
    Here's the link if you didn't. I would have freaked! Again, great pics of your fun :)

  8. Looks like quite an eclectic show ... and a fun day. But what does one do with a pig popper?