Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meet Kedgi, and other stuff

You may have noticed a new blog on my sidebar   Kedgi's Ride Report  (click here)

Here we are in Shediac, New Brunswick where he calls home

and here's Vstar* Lady.  Kedgi  (ie Dwight) was kind enough to host us for a night and let us dry out our camping gear

He is currently on a ride to Mexico to see the dentist on his new KTM  990 Adventure

Last summer we were lucky to see his new bike in the flesh

He is new to the blogging world and would love to hear from you.   It gets lonely on the road and makes a difference when you know that people are following along.

I am single-handedly keeping the world afloat.  A few weeks ago I received another package in the mail

I recently woke up my dormant Printer and was going to use non OEM inks from Precision Colors  (click here)     I've done a lot of research into refilling your own ink cartridges and these are basically the same formula as the factory ones.   I ordered a refill kit a couple of years ago  .  .   .

but forgot to get the kit which included the syringes.  You need one for each colour to avoid ink contamination.    I should have bought  THIS ONE  which included the syringes, but I bought this one by mistake.

I also received another package from China a few days ago

  It was freight prepaid but somehow the vendor shipped it via DHL Express and now I had to pay their service charges, instead of shipping by Express Mail  (regular courier)

The item came in its own aluminum protective case

which was also dented on two sides

My item was neatly resting in it's own cut-out, surrounded by dense foam, luckily not damaged so the case did its job

This is a special panoramic bracket which will enable me to take VR  360° spherical stitched images

I mounted my camera to try and figure it out.  Of course there are no instructions but now I have to figure out the Nodal Point for my lens.   It is critical to eliminate parallex when taking sphericals in rooms, not so critical for scenics where you are focusing at longer distances, generally as in over 50 ft

You cannot use the tripod mount on most cameras if you want smooth stitching, especially at close distances, like in a normal room.    You can read about Nodal Point   click here   

Last week I snapped the following photo which caught my interest

    Under the Cambie Street Bridge

I know, bland symmetry . . .   what else to do on a Winter's day when it's cold but not snowing


  1. Bob - thanks for the link to Dwight's new blog. Glad he made it Mexico ... but you, I just can't keep up with the gadgetry - you need a second blog, "Mr. Gadget." Enjoy the toy ... whatever it is ;oD

    1. Karen:

      I am a hobbyist. It costs money to learn. I like the challenge of trying to figure things out but I am not a computer nerd so it takes more time. Photography has been my hobby since high school but I was late to digital. In the analogue days I also bought lots of chemicals and equipment to learn how to enlarge and develop my own photos so I am self taught and learnt by "doing" and reading. To do a proper VR 360° spherical image you need this head to eliminate parallex

      Dwight rode to Mexico a year ago down to Peru/Argentina and back on his KLR. He also has ride reports from the TLH: Trans Labradour Highway, he has ridden it several times and may put us in contact with his buddies in NL, when we are ready

  2. I LIKE that photo under the bridge! I think that's awesome! :)

    Some guys love gadgets, huh?

    I just love clothes, shoes, handbags and jewels. :) Easy kinda Chick stuff! LOL!


    1. Tina:

      I like gadgets, I guess we all do. I'm not really into clothes and shoes but I like computers and anything photographic

      I like those bridge supports too. Don't know why but I stare at those supports every time I go down there

  3. Thanks for the link to Dwight's blog. I've added it to the list.

    You do love your gadgets. I wonder where you find the time to learn how to use them all. No way could I keep up.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Dwight used to live in Vancouver, but I didn't know him then. I met him on If you ever go to Shediac I am sure he would be happy to host you too and show you around. I am going to visit him again on my next trip

      I have always been interested in Panorama and QTVR images and I had been eyeing one of these brackets for a while now. It's my hobby and soon I may have lots of time to play with them. You never stop learning and there is lots of info on the Web

  4. I noticed people using these for their cameras in Yosemite. I would like to see how this all turns out for you!

    1. Kathy:

      I wished I had this accessory when I was in Zion NP or Bryce Canyon, or even Arches NP. You can come up with large panoramas capable of being printed very LARGE as the megapixels are cumulative. I also have 4x5 equipment and I saw a few of these when we were in Zion NP a few years ago. I suppose only serious photographers buy these things