Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vstar*Lady: My summer of 2013 Riding Buddy - Part TWO

This is a continuation of part ONE    here

I had a great time riding on new roads, and being able to experience new sights just following my tour guide.  We saddled up after breakfast and headed south

I had no sense of direction as I had never been to Prince Edward County before.   We turned left, we turned right, I had no idea where we were but I was in most capable hands, following an experienced rider who knew where to go.   

 We traveled through a few small towns and I was struggling to find their names but we didn`t stop so I have no idea where this photo (above) was taken

After our whirlwind tour of Kingston we managed to head back to the Creekhouse in Battersea for our meal.

    Battersea,  General Store

While we were waiting for our meal I went outside to snap a few more photos

    Marina,  Battersea, Ontario

    Covered boat houses

    Creekside Bar & Grill    (info)

The sun was setting fast but it was warm and we opted for an outside table on the patio

I had a great time with my welcoming committee as we talked and dined the night away.   Sorry for the harsh setting sun

I`m a sucker for Sheperd`s Pie with Garlic Toast.   It was the perfect end to a warm summer day after nearly a full day of riding and I got to meet her neighbours too

Here is part Two,  continuation of the video in the previous post

I`m  NOT  lost.   I'm exploring . . .        (thanks Sonja) 


  1. Sigh makes me wish summer would hurry up & get here!

    1. Dar:

      I have seem a few bikes out already BUT snow and below freezing temps forecast for THIS coming weekend. On the bright side, Spring is only 3 weeks away

  2. Bob, you should better say: I'm not lost... I'm exploring ;-) Way more impressive. Love your recaps.

    1. Sonja:

      For you, I changed it already. I am running out of video to recap. Getting to the bottom of the barrel . . .

      When you are on the road WiFi is hard to get and you don't have the same resources like you do at home so you only do a quick post. Now I have more time to look at my photos and detail more information. Many hotels I could get a WiFi signal but could not actually connect to the Internet. This happened in many places and don't know why.

      Even though McDonalds has WiFi in most locations, I found a few which didn't because they didn't want people hanging around. I also found some McD's which BLOCKED Youtube and Blogger

    2. Sonja - I'm lovin' that expression.

  3. Nice recap, though I don't remember reading of any town called Battersea before. Nice ferry ride, don't you love the metal grates?

    1. Richard ... the town (aka hamlet) of Battersea is a well kept secret, the Creekside Bar and Grill a scant 3k walk from my house, although I don't recall Bob walking there with me!

    2. Richard:

      I could have walked 3 kms in my younger days. She tried to kill me when we walked to the lake. I was huffing and puffing and nearly couldn't make it home, but she slowed down to wait for me. She made me feel really bad when she said something like " I've never walked this slow in my life " as I was trying hard to catch my breath

  4. Bob, you are scraping the bottom now (chuckle). By the by, we only headed south for a scant nano second then it was all west ... the town, after the ferry - Picton (heart of 'The County.') Can't help wondering if the snow along the route will ever melt.

    1. Karen:

      Picton, that's it, that's the name of that place where we stopped. I looked at the map and you're right. We were heading West towards the Ferry. I didn't have to think, all I had to do was follow

  5. LANE SPLITTING!?!? Whaaaaaatt!

    That's just for you Bob, I didn't want to disappoint. You wouldn't want to witness some of my commutes. Would you really want to line up behind thirty or forty cages stalled in traffic when there is a perfectly fine Vespa lane begging to be whizzed along?

    As usual, I love the care and attention you bring to your video editing.

    I've only been through there once, a long, long time ago, on the way to Toronto, when we had time and the inclination to wander and explore.

    1. David:

      thank you for coming through . . . I can still remember those gazing eyes when you pulled that trick in the other lane, and that same gaze when I got into the wrong lane and had to turn left from the right turn lane. I still remember your devious laugh . . .

      Ah memories, we had fun didn't we ?

    2. By the way David, those cars were turning left and we went around on the right. Passing left turning vehicles on the right, provided you have pavement, is legal!!! I can assure you there was no attempt to beat forward moving traffic through the light by this motorcyclist.:-D