Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vstar*Lady: My summer of 2013 Riding Buddy - Part ONE

I have thanked all of my hosts but now it's time to thank the one who made my trip possible.   During our iMBC2012 meeting in Hell's Canyon Oregon.   (some info here) ,  Vstar*lady mentioned that she wanted to ride to the Atlantic ocean during the summer of 2013 so we hatched the plan to ride across the country to Portland, ME to meet a few bloggers and then head north through New Brunswick and end up on PEI: Prince Edward Island

    My riding buddy:   Vstar*Lady, on her *Star                                                      August, 2013

I was just tagging along and she was leading the way.  I can't thank her enough for showing me the way and putting up with me.   I was finally on my way home and we had one more free day to show me around.  I had expressed interest to ride into Prince Edward County which I had seen on Motorcycle Experience.

                                                                                                      August, 2013

We managed to ride to the end of Hwy 33 where we had to wait for the ferry to take us across

Did I mention that the ferry ride was FREE

On the ferry somehow we managed to get the best seats on board, right in front

There was even time to fill our stomachs at  Lake on the Mountain

Notice that this is bike heaven.   Lots of bikes, more bikes than cars on this day.  Here is where we went

It was a hot day and we had to stop to get our bearings

When we got back to home base Vstar*Lady gave me a whirlwind tour of Kingston

Here is a short video,  Part one

To My Riding Buddy,  Vstar*Lady   Thank you.   I am forever in your gratitude and I can only hope that one day we can do this again . . .


  1. Such a wonderful riding buddy. Good thing she is even still talking to you after her "Flatlandia" scare at the IMBC. I only wish we could have had more time to visit with her and Erik after they rode so far to get there. Time was limited though.

    You guys did have fun on your trip last summer. All those memories............

    1. Trobairitz:

      After being back East and riding their roads I can now understand what they must be feeling when then get to Oregon, or even Colorado, or even Montana. I don't like they way use use concrete slabs and much of the roads I traveled on were not well maintained with lots of broken and patched pavement and also lack of a wider shoulder to pull over for photos. Many roads only have a small patch and then you hit the grass.

      I agree, the next iMBC whenever that may be, we should add another day or so "non-riding" days, or just days to explore locally and generally just enjoy where we are instead of putting on the miles. Flatlandia isn't so bad. I got a big taste of Flatlandia in Indiana . . .

      Yes, lots of memories and my longest trip so far away from home. That's why it was nice to see some familiar faces

  2. I second the comment about wishing that there was more time to visit. Nice video, part I of XII?

    1. Richard:

      I wished I could have stayed another day or so. There is lots to see in the 1000 Islands region and Gananoque . . . They have lots of secondary roads in her area, not much here in BC due to the mountains

  3. You two are in perfect sync. Its a good thing you were in line too... according to the sign in the thrid pic. Also, I like your Go Pro set up. Seems like you do too.

    1. Kathy:

      I like my GoPro mount as I can rotate it 360° for those rear shots and I can turn if on and off easily, even though I have the remote control I don't use it because then you camera has to have it's WiFi on all the time which drains the battery. Too bad you couldn't use power from the bike.

      After a few days riding together you get into a groove and can anticipate the coffee stops

  4. Two of my good friends in one of my very favorite places.

    This one felt very good Bob.

  5. OMG Bob ... bare roads, blue skies, sunshine, grass, open water, country roads and motorcycle riding ... I'd almost forgotten! Thanks for the memories.
    So where is the next IMBC? (PS - I love Montana, now there's some wide open flat roads ....)