Saturday, April 19, 2014

F3 Serie Oro

How did I know at the time, that this was a limited edition MV Agusta F3 675 "Serie Oro" ?   Info  HERE

I should have at least "touched it"

Man, she has big pipes . . .

and here is a view of the cockpit

I also happened to notice this Triumph with a checkered tank decal.   Sort of reminded me of someone special,  sort of similar but not quite the same

and of course this Pink Beemer also caught my eye

I mean, are you man enough to ride one of these ?


  1. The pink Beemer must be very tempting for you ;-)

    1. Sonja:

      Can't explain it. I am attracted to yellow or pink. I like both. I may have seen that GS before, I think it belongs to a female rider who works at Pacific BMW

  2. Sorry bob i'm not man enough to ride that beemer, i'll stick to my girly little R1 thanks.

    Like the MV though it looks horn....

    1. Steve:

      So far I have never had the opportunity to choose the colour of my bike. If used, then it is what it is. I bought my Vstrom new BUT it was the last one and black was not really my colour but I have grown used to it The MV would be good for running around town

  3. That MV is a sleek looking beast.

    Your Crocs would match the Beemer. I think Brad would rock it as he was looking at a pale pink Stella the other day.

    I like the checkers on the Triumph, hmm wonder why I'd be attracted to those. FYI - I think you're special too.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Instead of the Stella he should really buy a matching XL250 or KLX250 for you to keep him Company, otherwise you would need two Stellas so that he would have something to ride.

      Your insurance is much less than ours up here, otherwise I would be tempted to have a scooter for running around town. Whenever I notice checkers, I think of my special friends too

  4. The MV Agusta look kinda cool but very uncomfortable but that's just means I'm old…

    Did you notice what looks like an auxiliary fuel tank on the right rear where the cat normally is...

  5. The Beemer isn't pink; it's a manly shade of fuchsia. But that MV on the other hand - wow!