Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Granville Street, Vancouver, BC in photos

As a supplement to my previous post, here are more photos taken during my walk (in no particular order)

    Young people hanging out

    A display in Pacific Centre Mall

    Butt Bin

That's the Hudson's Bay Company in the background

    Lots of traffic heading downtown

    North end of the Granville Street Bridge

    Granville at Georgia Streets

Also known as ground Zero of our Stanley Cup Riot during June 2011   (info  here1,  here2  or  more here3)

    Old and new

    Georgia Street, looking West

                            Cathedral Place  (one of our tallest buildings)

    A skywalk over Dunsmuir Street

    TD tower building   (testing out my 18mm UWA lens)

    Distorted view of Georgia Street (18mm lens tilted upwards)

    Granville at Robson Street

    There are many eateries with outside seating

That's it until next time . . .


  1. There sure are some bright colors mixed in with the grey concrete jungle of town.

    Nice to see.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Most of our nightlife is not in this area. It may be more colourful on Denman, Robson or Davie Streets. This is more for retail and there are many office buildings here.

      I used to come down here all the time but now it all seems foreign to me

  2. Nice walk. Instead of butt bins the city should maybe also provide bum bins... the disposed "goods" could also be recycled... into valuable members of society, maybe? ;-)

    1. Sonja:

      It wasn't the best day and it started to rain near the end. In the summer when the weather is warmer it gets worse. Then you see many more bums living in the alleyways. They mostly come from other parts of the country and stress our welfare system

  3. Nice mix of ....well City life .
    Part of me likes the tower building and a part of me does not.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Len:

      I lived in a building in the West end for many years but farther down Robson Street. I am not sure I wish to live in a tower anymore and have to use an elevator.

      I used to be a city person but now I'm an Urban person and even though I used to live downtown I am not sure I want to anymore

  4. Not sure my butt would fit into one of those bins ... could they really recycle it? All kidding aside you should put out a challenge to show off your home town. Everybody has special places around them.

    1. Karen:

      We can't let you judge your own appearance, that's our job. I am trying my best to build up my walking legs. You just never know when it may come in handy one day for exploring Lakes or Creeks.... or one day, ponds

    2. I walk at the track on the way home from work. It's rubber so it's much more pleasant to walk on and being a track I don't have to worry about getting hit. I did 82 miles in Mar and it's really making a difference. I used to be a fat blob. Now I'm a fit fat blob!!!!

    3. David:

      I know I should walk/exercise more but it's hard to do when you have bikes or cars.

      I like your words but you've got it all wrong. I'm the fat Bob, and trying to be a more fit bob

  5. No you can't stay a virgin forever, at least I couldn't. I know it's a radio ad, but every time I see something new, I want to try it (chicken feet). Scooterchick is just as adventurous foodwise anyway.

    1. Chris:

      You can have the chicken feet. I'm not that adventurous but I've had Frogs legs and alligator. Smoked shark is very nice too but I didn't know it was shark until later. Other than that I think I'll stick to regular stuff

  6. I recently shifted to the place and faced roofing problem in my new home. I am glad that I found Vancouver Roofers to help me out.

  7. You have such a great photographic eye. And I love that you capture stuff, like the virgin sign, just because it makes you smile. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kathy:

      Many times I see something when in my car but I just can't turn around all the time. It is easier on a bike except for finding a safe place to stop. Whilst walking, it is easy to stop and notice things. You notice a lot of things too, esp since you bought your telephoto lens