Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nearly Spring

Well, it's been nearly a month since we left Winter behind and it was now time to switch over to my summer tires.  I usually change over to Winter tires every Thanksgiving and remove them during Easter.

I have both sets mounted on their own rims which makes things easier for me

Last year I bought an impact wrench to makes things easier.   I decided to get one with a cord as it is much simpler than keeping the rechargeable batteries, charged .   I also like to hand torque the nuts by hand

I have my own air compressor which makes things more convenient

and the wheels make for a good chair as I take a short break to gather my strength.  Soon enough I am finished and nearly jumping for joy . . .

As long as I have my compressor set up I also check the tires on my Vstrom

This was on Friday, which was a Stat Holiday and a long weekend for us

On Saturday, our local BMW dealer had a "garage" sale, to clear out items that either didn't sell, or they had too many of . . .

The had a radio station DJ there and some clearance items, under the tents.  I got there a bit after 10am and the BBQ was just being set up, not that I needed to have anything to eat as I had just come from breakfast, with the guys

This dealer also sell Triumph so they had some Triumph branded gear at a healthy discount.

I noticed some Olympia Hi-Viz but most of them were XL or XXL which is too large for me.

Finally I find my size in this light coloured Olympia which I rather quite liked.  I was checking it out and seeing how all the pockets worked and fastened

I also checked out the other sections but kept coming back to the first jacket .   So I tried it on

Most of my other riding jackets were black and I thought this would be better to wear in the summer where it would reflect the heat more, but somehow the front pockets didn't feel deep nor secure enough.  I went inside to see what else they had.

Not that I needed another jacket but I came home with this

Rev'it!  riding jacket

I've never had a Rev'it! before but I must say that this jacket has a lot of useable pockets.   I am not planning any big rides this year so for now I'll just hang it up with the other jackets I'm not using.   I bought a Joe Rocket Alter Ego 5.0 a couple of years ago and it is still serviceable.  It has removeable panels and converts to a full mesh jacket but last year, even in 100°F heat, I did not use the mesh feature.

So here I am at home modeling my new Rev'it! riding jacket.  See, the tags are still attached

About 5 years ago I bought an Olympia AST  Hi-Viz fluorescent orange riding jacket.  It is very hard on your eyes if you wear it in bright sunshine, Thus the reason I don't use it much.

I really wanted the Hi-Viz yellow at the time, but they were selling the Hi-Viz orange ones for $100. less.  This AST jacket has a waterproof membrane bonded to the outer layer but on a trip to Vancouver Island during August 2009 it leaked in the elbow area, even with the rainproof liner installed

Somewhere around 2007,  I bought a jacket which is mainly leather but has removeable fabric panels and converts to a full mesh jacket.  I wore this jacket on my first Maxi Scoot ride to Oregon back in August 2008.  It is just like new

and as you notice, still fits.   I've been watching my figure and during the past couple of weeks I have lost a few more pounds.   I actually held 180 lbs for a couple of days but that was before I started to have hamburgers again

anyway, back to the dealership

I saw one rider testing a few different Triumph models.   The BBQ was very tempting but . . .

I had just eaten breakfast and another meal so close was out of the question if I was to maintain my beauty figure.  I did however break down and had a Coke.   It looked like they had home-made pork patties, squarish and served on a hot dog style bun

The radio station DJ had their turntables spinning.   I was surprised to see records and not merely MP3's

I also took the chance to see some of the new models

and imagining that I was riding to some exotic destination

Maybe I should buy a few more lotto tickets . . .


  1. Those "open houses" could be dangerous to go to especially if you can't resist the prices. But I see you managed to resist the new bikes. Now if it was a Suzuki dealer and they had the new V-Strom, maybe not?

    1. Richard:

      I generally go to all of these open houses, or when they have clearance sales. Most of the time you can get deals on XXL, or larger sizes as they order too many. The fast moving M or L sizes are usually "gone" but once in a while they put a couple in the rack and I liked the quality of the Rev'it ! and there were a lot of pockets and I liked the way they worked. Wasn't a great deal but over $120. discount for a jacket I won't be wearing until next year. No rides planned for this year except perhaps a week somewhere close.

      I don't do demo rides unless I am looking for a specific model, or I am looking for another bike. I'm not decided yet about a new one or put more $$ into my R1200R. I'm thinking I will take my R again next year, either that or buy the new Vstrom but I am getting used to not having to do chain maintenance. I will decide this winter. Maybe I'll trade both in . . . for one new bike.

  2. I tend to keep away from these events... it always seems to draw money out of my pocket, and I can barely resist the temptation for a third jacket, or another pair of gloves, or a new helmet... dangerous...

    1. Sonja;

      I tend to buy something. Last year I bought a Rain Jacket with the intent of never having to use it, but I did. I buy a new helmet every two years. That way I get a clean liner and new face shield and I give the old ones away to a newbie . . . I give them to EMS and let him (Ted) decide

  3. Bob, I'm soon getting some Rev'it pants. But it's because my Tourmasters are basically finished. The inner liner is literally falling apart, a seam popped at the knee, and the left waistband is shredding.

    So I feel that they don't owe me anything.

    I think you should sell the 'new' jackets you don't wear and pit the money to good use. Maybe a nice pair of matching leather jackets for this summer's road trip for the two of you!

    1. David:

      I like the Tourmaster, but then again I haven't seen a pair of Rev'it!. My pants may last for one more long ride next year. I also need an evaporative vest for the hot weather. I wanted to buy one last year but I forgot to check Kissell when we were there and then we never went to any large centre to look for one

      I already have Corvette attire and club jackets so we are set. You must be getting excited. Only one more month to go before you are speaking Italian

  4. Bob-
    You are the KING of jackets! One for each day of the week, eh? Enjoy!

    Me? I could not resist barbeque in any way shape or form!

    Looks like a fun day!

    1. Deb:

      I am really watching my food intake. I wanted a BBQ but I shouldn't have even had the pop but I was thirsty. Should have had water instead and not taken the large chocolate chip cookie

      I know I should probably give away one jacket but they are all like new and it hurts when you realize how much you paid for it

  5. Bobskoot...that's a lot of riding jackets, I like the orange one best of course. I must admit, my current riding jacket and pants show signs of wear and use but still haven't found (haven't really been looking either) a suitable replacement. I most likely will buy the same stuff again. I've had it since the Spring of 2008 and it's saved my butt a couple of times.

    I must find time for the local tailor to replace my velcro on the pants....they're worn past the ability to hold tightly the flaps that hide the zippers.....

    1. Dom:

      There is a story behind why I don't like to wear that Orange Hi-Viz. I was cruising along, minding my own business and not paying attention to my surroundings, nor speed when I made a quick lane change, without signalling as the traffic ahead was slowing down and the left lane had no traffic in it.

      The motorcycle cop going the other way gave me a stare, then he put on his LIGHTS and tried to make a quick U-turn. But, the traffic was heavy and there was a cement divider separating the lanes so he could maneuver fast enough and I made a right turn and zigged and zagged down a few lanes. I parked my bike between a few cars and took off my jacket and just started to walk down the street like I was just a pedestrian minding my own business. A little later I went back to my bike and rode the long way around and then back home.

      A day later I saw the same COP, I think going down the same street and he gave me a big stare as I went by but this time I had my black jacket on. So he couldn't be sure it was me. I mean, how many black Vstroms have a rider wearing a fluorescent Orange riding jacket on. Most riders here wear the Hi-Viz Yellow. I have never seen another Orange Hi-Viz around here.

      Orange is only a colour to be worn if you obey all speed limits and rules of the road.

  6. I like the fashion show. :) Can't have too many jackets. I have several and am still looking for the perfect one!

    1. Kari:

      For you, a fashion show anytime. There is no perfect jacket. I don't like the idea of the rain liner being zipped inside, under the jacket. So now I don't bring my liner and instead put on my rain jacket over my riding jacket. That way my jacket doesn't become waterlogged.

      I think I am set, I won't need any more jackets until I wear all these out, or until I can't do up the zippers anymore. I have a routine where I have to hold in my breath while I fasten the zip

    2. I've always had zip in liners on the moto jacket and don't like it either. Have to take off the jacket to add the liner and the jacket gets soaked anyway. Doesn't seem like the best idea. Last year I bought a rain jacket (clearence sale-woot!) that fits over my jacket. Of course due to current circumstances, I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. But it seems best to have the rain jacket cover everything else.

    3. Kari:

      Great minds think alike. I also bought a rain jacket for my trip last year. I wear it over my riding jacket and it has a lot of Hi-Viz yellow strips on it. I think it is much better to not have a waterlogged and wet jacket

  7. Nice Rev'it Jacket. Out of all the jackets I've tried I would be hard pressed to buy anything else.

    Not only do they fit well and I've never had an issue with breakage or waterproof failure, but the adjustable collar I can't do without. And the sleeves are long enough, bonus!!

    I am sure it will last you for years to come, that is, once you start wearing it.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I would not have bought any Jacket except that it was the Rev'it. It seemed much nicer than the Olympia and I liked the way the pockets functioned. I also noticed the rail on the collar but I don't know how that works. I knew you had one and that is what made me look at it more closely. I noticed that the liners zip in a bit differently than the other jackets. They zip from the top and only go about a third of the way. Seems like an easier method and less bulky. Did I mention that I liked all the pockets and how deep they were ? Much better than the Olympia. The fabric also has the open perf design for good airflow in the summer.

      The plan is to wear this jacket next year, so until then the tags will remain

  8. I like the new jacket and it looks good for the warmer weather. Pockets are a must for me too :)

    1. Kathy:

      I really wanted a non-black jacket but it has some white on the shoulder area. I really like the pockets and how many there are. When touring I like to keep certain things in each pocket so I can find them easily. There are also pockets inside the jacket

  9. At first I was going to make a comment in the number of jackets until I looked in my own closet. Denim jacket, leather jacket, textile jacket and pants, mesh jacket and pants, one piece rain suit plus the Roadcrafter. Ouch, how did that happen?

    1. Richard:

      You've got more jackets than me. I am going to give my Power-Trip jacket away. I bought it one size too small. I can still wear it but I have to hold in my breath and not breathe. I've worn it to Oregon twice but it is just like new. This converts to a full mesh jacket with removeable panels. I also have several pairs of new gloves, still have their tags on.

      buying motorcycle gear is irrational. If the price is right somehow it follows you home

  10. I like your new jacket Bob, it looks good. Its a lot better on the eye than the orange one. What were you thinking. Ah probably the same as me and my colour co-ordination.

    1. Steve:

      The fluorescent Orange Hi-Viz Olympia AST does not use a rain liner. It has a waterproof membrane bonded to the outer layer which makes it less bulky. There is only the insulated vest. This makes for a less bulky jacket and I intended to wear this in the rain, except that it leaked on my first multi-day ride. We were in a group of three to Vancouver Island. One of the other riders also had an Olympia riding pants, and it leaked too

      That's the only reason I don't wear it. I thought that Orange would be more visible in poor weather conditions

  11. Hi Bob hope all is well ....that's a lot of gear mate... Your well covered ...where do you keep them all...I see you as a t-shirt , shorts and sandals man!
    Take care mate....always nice to drop by here!

  12. My Joe Rocket is so old it was actually made in Canada. I have a newer Olympia that I hardly ever wear because it's not nearly as well designed and useful in terms of pockets, snaps and velcro. I usually wind up going to the BMW or HD dealers to find gear big enough. My BMW rain suit is 3XL and it is just big enough to fit over my normal riding gear. I like it because it is blindingly yellow and absolutely waterproof. So far I haven't had any comments about my BMW suit from the mouth breathers when I'm out on my scooter. Not that I care.