Thursday, April 17, 2014

September, 2013: Last camping weekend, finale

This is a continuation of my last camping weekend post  here,  from September 2013

After a leisurely breakfast in Lillooet BC I started my trek home.  I took the Bridge of the 23 Camels to the other side of the Fraser River and headed south on Hwy 12

Traffic was non-existant on this Friday morning and I had the road all to myself

There is supposed to be longhorn sheep on this section so I just meandered on my way hoping to catch a glimpse of them but I only saw two little deer on the side of the road

The road followed the Fraser River for a few miles and then headed inland over rolling hills and farmland .  There was really no where to stop, so I just kept rolling and after an hour or so I had arrived in Lytton

This place has the reputation of being the hottest place in BC during the summer and is often the hottest spot in Canada

Even though we were here in mid September it was a fairly warm day and I had to get out of my riding gear as I walked around town

As I walked past the Town Hall I noticed the Farmer's Market sign.  What luck to be here on a Friday morning around 10:30am

I wasn't sure what they would be selling

so I walked about looking around as they were setting up their tables

Most were local artisans displaying their crafts.

And others were selling fresh rabbits

or fresh chicken.  I mean, how much fresher can they be ?

The visitor's centre is just right of the Church.   The View caught my eye, so I stopped

It appears to be a restaurant at one time but long abandoned.  I walked around the side on the rotting walkway and this is what you see

That elevated section of roadway must be new as it wasn't here the last time I visited .  It is time to get rolling

and I take the Fraser Canyon down to Hope and decided to divert to Lougheed Highway where I ended up at Harrison Hot Springs to grab a snack

but first I ride down to the main beach area

In the background you notice the famous Harrison Hot Springs Resort Hotel

and to the North you see Harrison Lake which is cold because it is glacier fed

I am getting better at having meals by myself.  I haven't had Mulligatawny soup for a while so that is what I ordered

Here was my soup and sandwich special.   Because I live in the heart of the City it took me about 3 hours to get home taking the slow route.

I lucked out with the weather.  It was to be the last warm summer-like weekend of the Season


  1. Those mountains look quite plain without snow covering them.....I bet that photo just after "the view" photo would be better in winter? You could do a compare and contrast.... :)

    1. Dom:

      there's probably snow on those mountains right now. The Coquihalla highway had a big dump just a few days ago and you need to carry chains. Just about every area outside of the Fraser Valley had snow. Even snowed in Whistler which is only 1-1/2 hours away

  2. So you didn't feel inclined t pick up some fresh chicken? It would've made a great photo sitting in the top box.

    It looks like a nice end to the summer and that area of BC is one of my favorites. Though I generally don't stop very often in the towns themselves preferring food and fuel stops closer to the edge of towns when possible. The curry soup looked pretty good, I may make some when I get home. Did they use coconut milk or cows milk in the version you had?

    1. Richard:

      I lucked out with summer-like weather. It was the last real heat of the season and it was very warm in Lytton. I have traveled most of those roads when we had our Jeep or Pickup truck. In some areas fuel is far between and you have to fill up when you can

      The mulligatawny soup was good but they could have put a bit more curry in it. It was more like a chicken with rice, no coconut milk

  3. I don't think I've ever been throughout hat area of BC, but it seems very beautiful, like the rest.

    1. Trobairitz:

      The landscape is a bit different as you go to different regions. Keremeos is in the Okanagan, I was in the Chilcotin area (cowboy country). If I had more time I would have gone to Cache Creek and Ashcroft but I wanted to have a relaxing weekend and not have to ride for hours

  4. What beautiful country! And, yes, meat doesn't get much fresher. That pic of you and Sasquatch is priceless. I want to go there just so I can get a pic like that of me. :-) The View seems like it would be a fabulous restaurant location. I wonder why it didn't succeed.

    1. Kathy:

      Our highways into our interior are more like roads into the wilderness. There are not many services and you have to keep track of your fuel levels. Also there is not cell coverage except in populated areas. The Harrison area is known for Sasquatches but I've never seen one.

      Lytton is not a tourist destination It is merely a blip off the highway so I am not sure how many locals would eat out that often. It is a great location with a very nice view but the building is beyond repair. Most of the wood on the deck is rotten and I put my foot through the wood. There is a danger sign to keep off