Sunday, May 11, 2014

A relaxing Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the females out there

Instead of going to a more upscale place we decided to go where we usually go most every Sunday where the food is reasonable and lots of free parking.    Since this was a special day,  I decide to go for the

upscale Salmon Eggs Benedict

We were here with a few of our friends and after our meal it was decided to go to Lindell Beach to visit another friend and give our cars a nice run on the highway

Lindell Beach is just south of Chilliwack and very close to the Cdn/USA border, just under 2 hours east of Vancouver depending on traffic.   Don't believe what google maps suggest as it takes me about half an hour to reach the freeway

Lindell Beach is just past Cultus Lake which is a desirable summer destination for the locals  (info here)

We have to drive around the lake to reach the southern shore of the Lake.   We have to pass through

Yarrow BC which is about a couple of blocks long and there is also a gas station here

There is not much traffic today but the roads are clogged during the summer.   Eventually we arrive at the

south end of Cultus Lake =  Lindell Beach, BC.   Not much is happening today but next week signals the start of our summer season with our first long holiday weekend of the year,  Victoria Day (info here2),  which is to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday

Lindell Beach is a resort community with many lakefront homes, along with numerous campgrounds, trailer parks and a few provincial parks (info here3)

Today I have the float all to myself.  The owners have not yet put their boats into the water

I remember coming here during the summer and when it's hot it feels nice to dangle your feet in the water,  just like I'm doing now

Our friend has a cabin here at the lake and it was a nice day to come out here to visit


Medical Update:

No, I'm not better yet.  My foot is still swollen a bit but it's getting better by the day.  No, I don't have gout.  You only have to google the symptons to realize that I don't have swollen toes or swollen joints.  I tried to see my Doctor a week ago but she is on vacation until May 20th so I decided to tough it out and just utilize the small supply of Celebrex and Tylenol.   Last week my right Ankle was swollen.  Hard to see but it was

about 20% larger than normal and my shoes fit a bit tight so I had to wear sandals & clogs at work.  My ankle is barely swollen now but somehow the swelling moved to my heel

It hurt to wear confining shoes as it was rubbing when I walked.  I could not wear my closed heel sandal

I had to resort to the one with the heel strap

so wearing these were a bit less painful.  So while I like to walk like this . . .

and drive like this

the "bump" (swollen heel) hit the floor and was uncomfortable as I had to pivot my foot to use the gas pedal and brake

so I had to wear my Chacos, and notice that they have good arch support.   No, I haven't attempted to ride my bike yet.  I'm not quite ready but I hope to be soon and up until today, driving has been a challenge.  I have no idea why this issue is recurring but it may just be a sign that things are wearing out


  1. Bob, so sorry you are still having foot problems. Hope this clears up this month.

    Again, thanks for the advice on my upcoming trip.

    Dianne and I looked after Emma on Mother's Day as Suzanne was away on business. Nice day and I did some steaks on the BBQ. Got her off for a school camping trip this morning. Grade 8 grad trip.

    You said you were not going to insure the BMW this year ... I thought the BC insurance plan allowed for short term, even 1 day coverage. Was this the case ever? Did it change?

    1. Ed:

      It gets a bit better every day. I am wishing to be back to normal very soon. Sorry, I was busy this weekend so I didn't have a chance to call you. You are all over the place with your routing. I would be avoiding some of your roads.

      I have secondary insurance for my Beemer, so it is technically insured for collision and other stuff all year, but I also need ICBC portion of basic which includes the insurance tags. I can buy insurance for 1 day at a time if I wish but I feel that $35. per day is excessive and I could also purchase 3 months at a time but my riding season this year is very short due to other vacation plans. I also received a recall letter but this means I would have to bring it in for inspection and then bring it back a second time when the parts are in, to have them installed. This means 2 day passes so I would rather wait until later in the Fall, or next Spring.

      My Vstrom has been insured since March but I'm not able to ride just yet

  2. What a beautiful area for a casual drive along the ocean! I hope you and Mrs Scoot had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    I did not know your foot was still acting up. That explains the lack of "riding" posts! Now would be a good time to have a little scooter with a floorboard available to use to toot about and get that riding gremlin fed, no?

    Anyway, hope you are healed real soon!

    Now I'm hungry...gotta go get some breakfast!

    1. Deb:

      I generally don't ride on Sundays. It is family day and we go out for brunch or meet up with friends. It is a non-riding day unless something special comes up and it was preplanned. I remember that I used to have a Kymco X500Ri maxi scoot and when my foot acted up I could still ride if I was careful. It it weren't for our high insurance rates I would probably have a 250cc scooter. As it is our insurance costs are too high and I am trying to get them lower.

  3. That lake looks like a great place to spend the day. May 20th is still a ways away plus the almost inevitable referral to a specialist…

    1. Richard:

      I am hoping that by May 20th I should be back to normal. This has been a recurring problem since back to 2007 and I have had tests before and they couldn't figure it out. Cultus Lake is very active during the summer. If the weather is good, next weekend will be a madhouse with lots of people going there to camp

  4. Bob, those photos of Lindell beach look fantastic - must be a great place to be in summer.
    Sorry to see your foot is still playing-up - get well soon!

    1. El D:

      A lot of motorcyclists were out today on those roads. From here you are not that far away from Harrison Hot Springs. It makes for a nice loop back to the City on pleasant backroads through farmland, or you could just sit in the sun and stare at the lake with your feet in the water

  5. A beautiful day for a drive to the lake. Much nicer before all the campers get there.

    1. Trobaritz:

      The turnoff for Cultus Lake is farther than the Tradex, which is in Abbotsford. We are farther East closer to Chilliwack. There is a new road which just opened up which makes it much faster to get there from Home called the NFPR: North Fraser Perimeter Road

      As you realize, Sunday is a non-riding day so we generally go for a ride in the car in good weather. It's refreshing to not have to wear: ATGATT, helmets, boots, riding pants, gloves. I just wear shorts and sandals and feel the wind blow through my thinning hair

  6. Bob, I have been wearing flat slippers and flat shoes for 2 days. My feet are cramping, I have some hamstring cramping too. Just have to wear supporting shoes. I suspect you are having similar problems.

    1. Ed:

      I had to wear shoes to work this morning and it nearly killed me as the heel (of the shoe) was rubbing on the back. I have to wear Clogs or shoes with no back until the swelling goes down. Even socks add a bit of discomfort, right now as the elastic is too tight. I have no cramping and it only hurts because I have to put weight on the heel that is swollen. I have no arch problem. I still think this problem goes back to my accident where I stressed my achilles tendon. I may have stressed it without knowing. I do not have any swollen joints and I do not have gout

  7. Bob hope the foot heals ... otherwise Mrs. Skoot may have to drive the Vet all the way to Nashville. Enjoy spring - it finally, officially happened here; the Star came home today!

    1. Karen:

      I hope I heal too. I keep remembering how much you like to walk so I started to walk on Saturdays . . . so that next time I can keep up with you. I can drive if I wear my driving sandals.

      so glad your *Star came home. She was lonely and wants to go out for a ride, so it's now officially Spring where you are.

  8. Lindell Beach looks like my kind of beach town. :-)

    I'm so sorry you are still having foot troubles. That looks painful. It sucks that you're having such a hard time getting the trouble diagnosed. Hopefully you'll get it figured out soon.

    1. Kathy:

      As you get older you tend to appreciate the slower pace. It was nice to just sit in the sun and enjoy the view. It took nearly 2 hours to get home from here

      I hope to be back to nearly normal soon. I just have to take it easy and remember that I'm not as virile as I once was many years ago. By the time my Doctor returns from her vacation I am hoping I won't need to see her, except to refill my dwindling supply of medication