Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lobster Fest 2014

It was hard work getting all the meat out but someone had to do it

The shell was so hard I cut my fingers but I guess the Lobster got the worst of it

This was not a kind weekend when it comes to food and the inability to ration one's portion(s).  It started on Friday with AYCE:  All You Can Eat   Sushi when our friend invited us to his birthday dinner.  After a few plates of too much food we ended up at his home for another round of desserts and didn't leave for home until 11pm

Saturday found us at a Lobster feast where lobsters are flown in from  NB: New Brunswick or PEI: Prince Edward Island

We heard about this last year but all the tickets were sold out so we reserved our spot for this event a year ago and had been looking forward for a long time

It is put on as a fundraiser for the Soroptimist Club of Langley for their community projects.

They have a silent auction

and I bought a handful of raffle tickets.  Here is the raffle prize table.  There is a container for each item where you place your ticket for the item you desire

We were lucky to come home with two prizes

This chalk board is up for grabs

as well as this sport bike time piece.  I nearly lost my camera sock case but someone must have found it and

put it over this chair.   It keeps your camera from rubbing in your pocket.   Ever since I came up with this idea years ago, many of my friends also use camera sock cases.    Oh, notice those cows on the table ?   Whilst this is a Lobster event, some would prefer to have prime rib or beef steaks so for those they put the cow on their plate so a lobster will not be delivered by the volunteer staff

Being from the West Coast of Canada, lobsters are very expensive here so I was able to have my first lobster dinner in Bar Harbor, ME last summer as my belated birthday treat

    Bar Harbor, Maine               My first messy Lobster Dinner                  July 2013

Now, here in Langley BC on a Saturday night in May 2014 I get to admire my 2 lb Lobster

    Langley, BC                              2lb Atlantic Lobster

It's too large for my plate

It was a messy affair but I dug right in and did what I needed to do

It also came with; melted butter, lemon wedges, bread rolls, two types of salad, plus a nice potato salad and a small selection of desserts and then coffee or tea

After dinner there were some games, awarding of the prizes and dancing to a DJ

Most of the video was taken with my iPhone.   I am hoping the the copywrite police don't shut my audio down, that's why I only used short clips


  1. What a great idea for a fund raiser! I've never had a full lobster, I'm sure I wouldn't know where to start.

    That first game looks a bit of a worry ...

    Love the blackboard you won, I recently made two of those out of an old window frame I got at a junk shop, they look great, I gave one away as a secret santa present and have one in our kitchen.

    Looks like you had a great night Bob, but I dont think I saw you dancing?

    1. Brenda:

      Actually a naked Lobster Roll is better because it has already been shelled. Also I had a Lobster Bisque Soup last year in Portland, Maine and it had lots of lobster in the soup. Shelling a lobster is messy and the shells were very hard to break.

      We were lucky to win two raffle prizes. Usually we are the "donators" and win nothing.

      Yes we were dancing a bit but I had to be a bit careful with my bad foot. It was my kind of music

  2. Looks like a great event Bob, I take it there were no cameras up for silent auction? ;)

    1. Dom:

      We had been waiting a year for this event as last year it was sold out. I knew it was for fundraising so I usually buy a few tickets. My nut cracker broke the first time I used it. We had to bring our own Lobster tools but we brought 3 crackers so it was okay. Some people brought hammers and tin snips.

  3. Looks REALLY good Bob! Never having had one of the intimidating things before my Maritime trip, I did my very best to make up for it once on the Atlantic Coast. I will once again have a lot of making up to do.

    You'll be fine; after a Lobster weekend a lot of non-Lobster is bound to follow.

    1. Coop:

      Next year why don't we go and have some Lobsters. I'll swing by and we can take off for a few weeks. There is the new ferry from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, NS

      After my first Lobster dinner I decided it was easier to have Lobster Rolls or Bisque as the meat was already removed. I think I can do without until next year.

  4. A 2# lobster is pretty large, generaly enough for a couple of people. But it looks like you may have survived the challenge. You could put the clock up in your office especially if it makes motorcycle sounds on the hour...

    1. Richard:

      We had one 2# Lobster each. Lots of meat, dipped in melted butter and drizzled with lemon wedges. It was a bit messy but we will be more prepared next year (bringing more tools). I like crabs too, I suppose you have lots of crabs in AK

    2. Yes, but it's still pretty pricey. Maybe once a year we'll get some that is being sold as part of a fund raising drive, usually in the beginning of winter. I still prefer lobster.

    3. Richard:

      Crabs are pricey here too. In Campbell River we bought 4 at the Government Dock at Crabby Bob's and they cost around $50. (for 4). These Lobsters were $55. (x2 one each) but it was a fundraiser so price was no object. I haven't checked prices at the market so I don't know how much they really are.

  5. I like eating it, but don't enjoy looking at them. Strange eh?

    Looks like YOU did, however!

    Fun times!


    1. Deb:

      These Lobsters had a very hard shell. I cut my fingers trying to crack it. I notice someone brought a hammer, and our friends brought a Tin-snip cutter. We don't have lobsters that often as they are pricey here too. But we managed to finish them off

  6. I never learned to eat a lobster, for me it was always a pretty messy affair. I guess you must have done well after all, as I did not spot any lobster meat on your clothing (I suppose) ;-)

    1. Sonja:

      We wore those plastic Lobster Bibs but my camera was not wide angled enough to snap a selfie. No lobster got on our clothes but we were told to just wear jeans so everyone was there eating a luxurious dinner in very casual clothes, which suited me just fine as I don't like to dress up. The more casual the better

  7. Hmmmm lobster... All you can eat???? Amazing. I would have been there all night and bankrupted the charity.

    1. David:

      It was NOT all you could eat. That lobster cost $55. (each x2). They had a couple of "spares" they were selling for $30. as two didn't show up. It will be on again next year so you have to plan around their dates for your next visit.

      Our crabs on the west coast are Orangey. You have blue crabs in the east and much smaller and I've never had one (hint for next summer 2015)

  8. What a great looking event and I would LOVE to eat a lobster like that! Lots of fun, wish I was there, I would certainly just have been at the table eating lobsters and not bothering about anything else!

    1. I'm not sure if you have Lobsters in SA. I thought they required a more cold environment to live, perhaps you fly them in from the Atlantic coast (at great cost). I am sure this is a volunteer event and the funds they raise go back into the community. It was a large Lobster and there was lots of meat inside. You can fly over next year