Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I was craving a Hamburger

Now, doesn't this make you hungry ?

I always order the same old, same  old.  This is a bacon, cheese burger with tomato, lettuce and carmelized onions.   This is my standard order and I don't usually deviate.  I'm not that adventurous.

This is part of my series of showing you around Vancouver and having a burger was just an excuse to snap a few photos of our premier shopping, down on Robson Street.   (more info here)    We used to come down here for dinner every Friday, until the Stanley Cup riots a few years ago   (info here1)    We are referring to the FIRST riot back in 1994,   not the SECOND recent riot in 2011   (info here2)    So embarrasing to have two recent riots.   There are always trouble makers who come to the city to make trouble.   I mean, who comes to a hockey game with baseball bats in their backpack, or molotov cocktails . . .  and who wear balaclavas or masks to hide their faces . . .

We haven't been down here in "years" and I notice that we have a lot of vacant stores.  This is the street with our highest retail rental rates.    Appears that our local economy isn't as vibrant as I thought, or it could be that these stores cater mainly to tourists and tourists are not traveling to Vancouver.   Or perhaps our visitors aren't spending any money

We also have private vendors selling Art on the sidewalk, in front of closed stores.  I'm thinking what our visitors must be thinking about their impression of our city.   When our economy was vibrant, pre 2008

You would be hard pressed to find parking on Robson Street.   This night there is lots of room . . . even for an H-D  Motorcycle.   Robson Street is in a designated tourist district so the stores are allowed to open extended hours.  If you were to visit Vancouver you would surely come to Robson & Thurlow Streets

This is it.   Ground Zero of our premier shopping area,  Robson Street  (in the evening)

and here is how it appears "peeking around the corner"

Oh, back to my burger . . .  We like to go to the Red Burger place and we were lucky to "jump" the line

by grabbing a couple of seats on the Counter, rather than having to wait half an hour or more for a more intimate table.   Mrs Skoot is able to take larger bites so this is what she ordered

They also provide "unlimited" fries but we didn't order any extra and were content to only have what was served.   In order to keep the calories down, I only had a glass of ice water, instead of the bottomless coke, which is what I would normal ordered

It is hard to capture a decent sunset in the City, but this is what we saw a couple of weeks ago

Hard to compete with wires and telephone poles


  1. It's hard to believe that Vancouver actually had riots. I had pictured a wild, excited crowd not groups with baseball bats. I didn't think that was allowed in Canada...

    What camera is in the background?

    1. Richard:

      It was the troublemakers whom came from the outskirts and had intent to do damage and steal from the stores. It changed our impression of the city and we seldom go downtown since this happened.

      I generally carry two cameras. I was using my Sony RX100M2, and I brought my Canon T2i with the Sigma 10-20mm as that is a great lens My new to me camera, I left at home. Oh, forgot . . . I also carry my iPhone 4, but I seldom use it as a camera. It is more like a pocket communicator. All of my emails and text messages I can grab from anywhere

  2. That sure does look like a TASTY burger. Is that a big Kahoona burger, they sure are TASTY burgers.

    1. Steve:

      Red Robin used to be my favourite place, until we had cold burgers 3x in a row. We haven't been there for a couple of years now but then gave them another chance. These ones were very tasty. Many burger places on Robson Street charge nearly $20 for a burger. For that much you could have a real meal. The Kahoona burger would be too large for my mouth, unless I had hinged jaws

    2. Chiller tek: Ah!…..A 'Pulp Fiction' fan. My favourite movie of all time. I do like a tasty burger. LOL

    3. Haha you got me. Love those lines in Pulp Fiction.

    4. Steve:

      I used to like violent shows, but not much anymore. Samuel L Jackson in real life is a kind and gentle person, not like in the movies

  3. I can't even remember when I had my last burger... but if you gotta craving you better satisfy it, otherwise it will bug you for days.
    I remember the last riots and the officials not being able to deal with it properly. Has anyone ever gotten punished for this?

    1. Sonja:

      OH, how can you have forgotten ! Think back to iMBC2010 where WE stayed at that place on the cliff in Lincoln City. You were not Vegan yet, we walked to the main street and on the corner we had burgers in that place, name of which I can't remember. At least, I had a burger. You may have had a sandwich but I think you had a burger. I was just looking at those photos yesterday. Too bad my images are missing from my prev posts. Perhaps I should do another "Flashback".

      Our Courts are too lenient. They are just getting around to sentencing those people now, after nearly 3 years . . . Looters stole nearly $1M from London Drugs and they have to sue them to get repaid and riots are not covered by insurance

  4. Yes, yes that DOES make me hungry. From the looks of things Bob, you're thrown caution to the wind and are eating the definition of adventure!

    I always enjoy the city shots you share and am sure I'd love to visit your hometown though I'm glad it's your home rather than mine.

    1. Coop:

      I like to have a good Burger. I love the taste of Beef (actually Pork too), I am picky, I like my bacon crispy and onions have to be carmelized

      I am rare. I have always lived here, most residents come from somewhere else. Because of our high real estate it is rare to also live near where you grew up. My elementary school is only about half a mile away