Saturday, August 30, 2014

Historic Diamond Caverns, Park City, Kentucky

I like Kentucky,  It's green with lots of rolling hills.  We spent hours today riding around the secondary roads and it sort of reminds me of home in British Columbia.  In this area the Corvette is King.  It's America's Sports Car as the Corvette Assembly plant is just a few miles alway in Bowling Green.   There are Corvettes everywhere and as you drive through the small towns,  everyone waves at you.   We even had riders of Harleys wave to us, as that is America's Premier Motorcyle

We had one day left to sightsee and one spot we ended up was the Historic Diamond Caverns  (info here)

today there will be more photos than words

There are several caves in this area and we found that most recommended the Diamond Caverns over the massive Mammoth Caverns which has over 400 miles of tunnels

It is very dark down there.  I was shooting at 3200 ISO wide open with a slow shutter so hopefully things won't be too blury.    You are not allowed to bring tripods, monopods, movie cameras, hiking sticks, purses, backpacks, so it was a challenge

It was a moderate 58F down there.

Narrow stairways and steep steps

You are not allowed to wander aimlessly, you must be with a guide

A larger lung capacity would have come in handy as it was a strenuous walk back up

Can you notice the steep angle of the stairs ?

Tomorrow we head to Tennessee.   I am thinking that I will be internet challenged for the next day or so as while there is Internet Available, it  doesn't mention free and you know what that means.   We thought that we got a good rate for the Hotel, but then they didn't tell us about charging $35. to park for the night.


  1. Great photos of the underground caverns!

    I grew up touring the caves, though mostly Mammoth Cave, as everyone who came to visit our family in those days got a run down to the caves from the Ft Knox area, my childhood home town.

    Looking at it now I realize that I could never go in them again due to my severe claustrophobia, so I enjoyed touring them via your camera lens!

  2. Very interesting caverns ... good for you for going down.

  3. Just think of all the yummy food you can eat now with all that exercise from the caverns.

    It looks like a great place to wander and spend an hour or two, especially on a hot day.

  4. Bob, almost everywhere a person visits has an uphill to it. The older I get the more I dislike the uphill parts. I think my Pop tried to teach me that with the stories about walking to school uphill both ways.

  5. Wow, $35 to park at the hotel? Highway Robbery.

    Good job shooting under such low light conditions.

  6. Looks like fun! Are you heading through Colorado? When? We leave Wed from Denver making a few stops between here & Phoenix.

  7. Thanks for the cave photos. I have always enjoyed looking around caves. Try to hit Carlsbad Caverns later on in your trip if you are in the area. At least it would be all downhill followed by an elevator ride up at the end.

    1. Now that makes it a lot easier. Like the elevator on the Amalfi cost that takes you down to the green grotto. Certainly scorned by hikers but appreciated by tourists.

  8. Haven't been to the caves yet, but passed a few on the way to Oregon. So pretty, but I think I would have to plan a longer trip to go and enjoy! Pics are great for me to live vicariously through you though!

  9. Great pics, especially considering your lighting challenges. Would you really want to be allowed to wander aimlessly in a cave? I bet those temps felt nice in this recent heat wave. :-)

  10. As for hidden hotel fees... most hotels in cities charge for parking. And most of the "nicer" hotels charge for Internet use. I honestly think it's because they cater to business travelers, who need Internet access, and thus will pay, no matter the cost. It always seems ironic that normal folks like cheaper hotels because of the perks like free parking and Internet.

  11. I had a cave/mine tour near Johannesborg in2008, about a month after finishing radiation therapy. Climbing back up the stairs nearly did me in. Tripods and stuff could trip others down in the cave. Safer to not allow them.

    In the assembly plants, employee privacy and industrial espionage are likely reasons to ban cameras. Lots of places have such restrictions. In some places, use of a tripod means you are a professional and subject to big fees...

  12. Photos look more than fine to me Bob. Never knew about the Diamond Cave, visited Mammoth twice years ago during a Blue Ridge Parkway ride.

    Popular places (and hotels) seem to charge for parking but what gets me more than that is valet parking.....what a nuisance.

  13. Amazing pictures of the cave, Bob.

  14. It must be a challenge for the really fat folks on those stairs. When I visited Leman's caves off Hwy 50 in Nevada back in the 80's the Park guide seemed surprised that I was Canadian. I try not to sound like Bob and Doug McKenzie:)

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  16. Farewell my friend. Thank you for all of your help, your kindness and enthusiasm for life.

  17. Safe travels Bob. I couldn't ride yesterday, it wouldn't have been wise. Today I rode. I remembered seeing you in my mirrors, the perennial sweep. Thanks for having my six.

  18. :( til we meet again bob... ride with angels my friend.
    sending love and light to you, yvonne, family, and all the friends you've touched along the way.

  19. You shared interesting information about Historic Diamond Caverns. It is a gorgeous natural festooned cave. I have visited this Cave after my us west coast bus tours with my family. It is really most beautiful. Its construction is awesome. You have also shared superior images of this Cave. Everyone visits this cave during these hours 10:00am to 5:00pm. I want to again visit this cave.

  20. Bob,

    You were one of a kind and the world is sadder without you in it. Miss you my friend, I hope you've talked all the angels into wearing pink crocs. You are dearly missed. Yvonne and family you are in my thoughts.

  21. I'm having trouble believing you're gone. I'm so sorry we didn't meet. Just 5 more days. . .
    I hope you welcome the other side as much as you have other adventures. You know that love you talked about missing? It's here, in the hearts of all of your friends and readers. We all miss you so!
    Smooches and Smooches Sweetie. Oh how I wish I could have given you just one squeeze!

  22. Riding with you and your spirit of joy and adventure every time I go out on the roads.

    What an adventure you are having now my friend!

    Will get to meet one day...