Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kona sunshine

Someone mentioned they wanted sunshine photos instead of looking at all that snow in Winterpeg. It's been a very busy day. We were on the road this morning at 7am and returned around 10pm. I am tired but here are a few photos of some Hawaiian scenery

(view from our Lanai)

The waves are pounding upon the shore making it difficult to sleep. The roar of the ocean is very powerful


A secluded beach reached by a 10 mile windy road where kayakers launch their kayaks. I can't remember the name of this beach but that white thing 2-1/2 miles on the other side is the Captain Cook Monument.


A view of the coastline just East of South Point, on the southern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii


Here's a closer view

(Having a wonderful time, wished you were here with us)


  1. Hi Bob & Mrs.Bob,

    Cant help but notice, your clothes /outfits cordinate exactly, with just one exception....Mrs. Bob where's your pink Crocs????

    If you really wished we were all there Bob you should have posted us all a Ticket lol!!



  2. Dear Bobskoot:

    In blowing up the picture, the camera has caught your wife, glancing down at your footgear in absolute horror.

    Bob, in your travels through the South Pacific, see if you can find a thermometer where every gradient is marked 88 degrees. Someone we both know needs it very badly. He has been crying over his crop of frozen iguanas since you left.

    Have a great time! Rent a scooter!

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  3. I can't see the crocs for the shining white knees. You forgot to mention that small corner of a foreign field is forever England in Kealakekua Bay. The message is don't mess with the locals and TIP. American serfs don't expect to get paid for an honest day's labo(u)r like proud Canadians and they live off tips. Remember you are in the Third World now and it's polite to follow local customs no matter how bizarre they seem to visitors. Pay medical bills out of your retirement funds and get really mad at any sign of "disrespect." Good luck.

  4. The sky and the ocean look great; thanks for sharing. I have to agree with Dave, your wife needs pink crocs too.

    More photos please.

  5. Bob

    Are you sure that you are in Hawaii? It looks like the SE coast of Ireland to me. There's a nice tea room at the Hook lighthouse - highly recommended.

    Keep smiling, kind regards to you both and keep pink croccing


  6. Yes, tickets would have been nice... as well as lodging and meals. A real friend would have forgone bringing pink crocs thereby making luggage room for the rest of us to vacation on the beach with you.

  7. Hi to Mrs. Bobskoot!

    Hope you get to relax and that Bobskoot doesn't tire you out with everything he must see.

    BTW - great pictures Bob!

  8. When is the Kilahuea caldera tour? Sunny beaches are nice but it's -48F up here so beach views are a little depressing ;-)