Saturday, January 2, 2010

We made it: 2010 - A New Start

I truly hope that all of you had a great holiday season. As I reflect on the things I have done during the past year I must say that it was great, but our summer season is too short. There was not enough time to do everything . Like squirrels scampering during this slower time of year as we wait for warmer weather we must plan for the fun times ahead, plan for meeting new friends, plan for rides on new roads, plan, plan and plan. Things don't just happen. You have to make things happen. I have been very busy acquainting myself with my new equipment. I purchased two new cameras, to make like easier. I am learning to travel light. You may not have noticed but since the post about Granville Street I have been using my new hybrid camera. It is capable of taking superb still photos and doubles as a Hi definition 720p video cam. It doesn't look like a camcorder which gives it a stealth mode. In order to produce HD720p I also had to upgrade my laptop which was 3 years old. My new Toshiba is nearly operational. I have set it up to do AVCHD video editing. It's amazing that of the 5 video cams I own, all of them require a different work flow in order to produce something that can be posted on YouTube with acceptable quality.

Welcoming in the new year is a time to start anew, whether with your immediate family, or with friends. A time to start a new slate. We are looking forward to new adventures with new found friends from our blogging neighbourhood whom we hope to meet soon.

Happy New Year and see you down the road

(be sure to click the HD button)


I also want you to meet my friend, Robert, we call him "Robert, The Reverend" for short. About 3 years ago I told Robert that I wanted to start a Blog. I tried but at that time I didn't understand Blogger and I tried to set it up and it failed. A few months passed and finally Robert set up his blog and included me as a joint contributor. He made one post and the idea was that we would take turns posting content. I gave it one last attempt and managed to get things progressing so Robert's blog has been sitting unused. I learned a little about HTML coding and have managed quite nicely up till now. A few months ago, Robert told me that he wanted to activate his blog and start posting. He set a target date for the beginning of the year, so here is his first blog entry.

I hope you can find some time to give him some encouragement. He has let me remain as a co-contributor so I may take the opportunity to enter a post (over there) from time to time

To answer a few questions that you may be wondering. YES, he is a Reverend. NO, he does not wear a white collar. He doesn't force spirituality upon me. We are friends and both of us are senior members of our local scootering community. ( of which he is a forum moderator. He leads many group rides and I usually take up the rear. We give him a bad time for getting us lost, which adds to the ambience of any ride. He is a good cook and baker. I know from first hand experience.


A little known fact which is similar in scope to the Conch Republic where residents of that southern most community on the end of the Florida panhandle whom advocate forming their own country divorced from the mainland of the United States of America, we have PISS. Pitt Independent Separist Society who would like to secede from the mainland of British Columbia, many residents who reside on reclaimed lands in an area known as Pitt Meadows which is below sea level and protected from flooding by a large system of dikes. It has become an annual practice to host their private (invitation only) Polar Bear swim and turn their backs to the "mainland" and "MOON". I have been attending for several years as their official photographer, and Mrs Skoot has been entering the frigid waters for over 10 years. They have a national anthem with words which syncs along to the tune of "This Land is Our Land . . ." You can listen along to the words if you turn up the volume.

Standard definition video as it was pouring rain I had to use my waterproof camcorder.


  1. Wow. Wild Canadians. Naked arms and all. Phew.

  2. Nice title pic again Bob. Yeah, you Canadians know how to party! I hope everyone didn't drive home in their Vettes right after that.

  3. Bob, out partying again, I see -:) Wild bunch you hang with!

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Holy cow, they were into the water faster than what I can do in summer! They didn't even look like they were in a hurry to get out!

    Great vid!

    Happy New Year!

  5. OMG never seen so much white flesh outside of a butchers window....You dont get much sun in Canada do you!!

    Very brave every one of them!! the sea temperature here drops to about 20c after October and you wont catch me anywhere near it then lol.

    Had a look Roberts blog, but the comments section has not been fully enabled yet Bob, you will have to sort it out for him.

  6. Mr Conchscooter:

    Yes, sometimes we are very WILD


    we are very responsible, not many drinkers up here. It's nice to be able to get together with friends who have the same interests


    the "girls" are the party animals, the guys just sit around talking about cars


    The guys were former Life Guards. There have been problems in previous years with the cold water so this year they had the safety of the Kayak and a couple of swimmers were in distress


    This year it was too hot to be in the sun, we had unusually hot weather thus, more white flesh. The air temp was about 4C which was warmer than last year

    As for Robert's blog, he changed some settings so comments can now be posted.

  7. Dear Bob Skoot:

    I missed this episode as I spent the bulk of New Year's weekend listing a number of resolutions. Thank you for providing us wih an ongoing persepective of British Columbia and Vancouver in 2009. Your insight on riding and your expertise in photography has entertained and enriched all of us for the past 12 months.

    Speaking for myself, I look forward to joinging you on your rides through vision and mist in 2010. And am sure our paths will cross in that great tropical paradise — Orlando.

    Happy New Year!

    Jack • reep • Toad

  8. Jack "r":

    Jack, I also wish you and Leslie a very Happy New Year. I was hoping that I would 'bump' into you in Redmond, OR next May. I was looking forward to sharing a wall with you, otherwise Orlando it is. I appreciate your stopping by, it adds credibility to my meager talents as opposed to your symphony of words. Just get Leslie to snap a few more photos to go with them.

  9. Bob, I see the Polar Bear clubs here do the same in Lake Michigan. I hurts my brain to even watch it! I'd rather run back to back marathons. But I applaud those hearty lungs and souls for kicking off the new year with such gusto! Give Mrs. Skoot my regards!

    BTW, I know every single word to "It's my party" because I was a Lesley Gore fan. I sang right along with your folks.