Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lu'au Sounds from Kona, Hawaii

It has been a very busy week, exploring the unknown and driving new roads in the warm Hawaiian sun. T-shirt and shorts weather, and leave your shoes at home is the Hawaiian way. I have lots of memories to share as soon as I gather my thoughts and figure out how best to present them. This time I have taken less still images and gone for more video. For that reason I purchased a new camera to take with me on this trip. I call it my Hawaiian camera. It has survived a 2+ foot drop onto the hard asphalt when it fell out of my case. It also survived two other drops onto a carpeted area, and two further drops while on the plane. The metal body is my friend. It is barely 1 month old and it has battle scars of honour.

We have had little sleep since Saturday morning as we had to check out of our ocean view condo by 12 noon and were left without a home base until we arrived at the airport around 9pm to allow enough time for security. They were very thorough and everyone had to walk around in bare feet until we went through the metal detectors. It took nearly 2 hours to make it into the waiting area to find out our plane was rescheduled for a 12:20am takeoff. When we got home there was a note in both of our luggage that it was opened by Security (Transporation Security Administration, Notice of Baggage Inspection) to check the contents and repacked. We arrived home at 9:30am Sunday, took a short nap and went out at 3pm to purchase provisions. It will be another day or so before we don't look like walking zombies.

I have put together a short video of some live action taken at the Lu'au we enjoyed on our first day in Kona. It is HIGH DEFinition so be sure to click the HD button.


  1. Welcome home! Now, get some sleep.

  2. Welcome back. Looks like you had a great time. Beautiful pictures as usual. Airport security is a nightmare - necessary evil tho' I suppose - back to the cold now...........

  3. Hi Bob & Mrs. Bob,

    Welcome back to you both....I look forward to a week of Hawian videos.



  4. Dear Bob:

    Welcome home. I hope you had a nice trip.

    One thing that I never hesitate to do on my last day anyplace -- especially when I have a late departure -- is to call the front desk to ask for a late checkout. Hawaii is having a hard time filling hotel rooms these days and you probably could have bought yourself another 6-8 hours for $50 American.

    Long waits at airports are no longer in my future.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisred Roads

  5. Hi Bob, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be keeping an eye on your comings and goings.

    You've outlined many of the reasons I prefer the train although it's not a very realistic option for getting to Hawaii.

  6. Chuck:

    No time for resting, have to sort out the photos


    Better to have security than suffer the alternative. We are having a heat wave here. Today it reached 12c, nearly Key West weather


    Thanks for your best wishes. FYI: the plane tickets didn't arrive yet. I understand that Turkey weather is sort of like Hawaii weather. You are so lucky

    Jack "r":

    I did try to arrange for late checkout, BUT the whole place was completely booked so they had to clean up our mess before the next occupants arrive.

    They told us they would store our bags and let us use all the facilites on the grounds but we had to GET OUT of the UNIT and park our car in another Guest spot


    thank you for visiting too. It's always nice to meet up with another local blogger. You mentioned getting off at KE station, I am just up the hill near Oakridge. I also visited Chuck when I was down in Seattle during December. I am sure our paths will cross sometime as I am known in photographic circles around town