Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuna in Old Kainaliu Town + more postcards

Yesterday was a long day on the road. We decided that today we would hang around town to do our errands. Errands in our case is to check out some of the music stores in the area with an instrument purchase in mind. One of the stores was in Old Kainaliu Town which is just south of Kona. We were heading south to visit a coffee plantation that we passed on Monday that was not yet open.

As we were leaving town we noticed this


We had never purchased fresh AHI tuna before. In Vancouver it is usually found frozen. Most of the fish boats flash freeze their catch and sell them off the docks. Naturally we had to stomp on the brakes to see how much they cost


On the back of the pickup truck he was also selling corn. We asked how much the Tuna was and he said: $2./lb and they weighed around 10-13 lbs. We left with 6 corn and a $20. whole AHI tuna.

Now our plans for the day had abruptly changed. We had to take the tuna back to our condo and place it in our fridge until dinner.


Here is a view of our tuna from the deck of our Lanai (patio). Notice our ocean view. Eventually the food made it to our plates and into our stomachs. It should last for 2 meals. Imagine, 2 meals for just over $20. Our lunch today at a waterfront eatery was double this amount



More Post cards from Kona, Hawaii. I have stories to tell but this netbook keyboard is cramped. Also I have taken more video than usual to supplement the still photos and I cannot edit on this machine. So I have decided that until I can organize my visual presentation to my liking, I will continue to post Snapshots to keep you all happy.

(Vigilant Palm Trees)

(No Parking: Hawaiian Style)

(Volcanoes National Park)


We met a local scooterist and spoke to her for a while.


She told us that insurance and tags were not required for 49cc mopeds. You only needed a registration decal.


This morning the waves were pounding on the shores outside our condo so we spent some time watching the wave action


We also went to a Lu'au for a Hawaiian buffet dinner and show at one of the hotels


Another warm and sunny day in Paradise.


  1. Ah-ha, ahi! Definitely to my liking. And you, Mr. Bobskoot, are definitely an opportunist! Good job!

  2. Finally a bike pic! I was getting sick of all the beautiful ocean shots. :)

  3. Nice pictures, especially the palm trees. Did you lose one of your crocs?

  4. Nice hat. Glad to see standards are slipping, you expressed no feelings about riding in ordinary clothes. Very tropical of you.

  5. The trouble with your posts is that the photos are so enjoyable that I don't feel the need to go there in person. Why don't you just stay a while longer and keep posting?