Monday, January 11, 2010

Postcard from Kona, Hawaii

You will be interested to know that the world's supply of Pink Crocs can be found on this little Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

(Beach at Old Kona Airport)

It feels like a reunion with old friends


The local Croc store had a sign which caught my attention. They had pink crocs mounted on their sign, so I just had to stop for a comparison. It was very hot, well, warmer than I am used to so I was looking for a T-shirt without sleeves so I could stop sweating. I noticed a nice T-shirt, but is was not in a colour that I favour so I asked the salesperson if he had other colours. He glanced at my Pink Crocs and mumbled something like "for a person who wears pink crocs I wouldn't think you would be too fussy about the colour" .


Yes, cpa3485, they do have your size in stock. Walls were covered with every model imaginable


Actually, Pink is such a popular colour over here that other companies are making replicas for the little folk

While I have only been here for a day, I am already used to driving the Hawaiian way and it is much cooler not to have to wear driving shoes all the time, esp when you are on vacation


Lots of stories to tell, but too hard to type on this small netbook keyboard. I think we are headed to the Kileaua Volcano tomorrow. The lava flow has breeched the road and the main access is cut off south of Hilo. We may not be able to drive there.

In the meantime, Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.



  1. Hi Bob,

    Some also drive here in bare feet...but you need to practice holding a mobile phone in one hand, a ciggie in the other and steering with your knees lol.

    Surly that orange thong would match your pink crocs!!!



  2. I submit that the salesperson got it just right, sir.

    Happy vacationing. Keep your crocs safe -:)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! Hope you are having the time of your life!! Don't let a little lava stop you, there has to be another way!!LOL!! There is me, not taking no for an answer, get's me in trouble all of the time!! You know, you guys are beginning to get to me with those crocs! I would only get away with them for a few weeks here, the snow wouldn't feel so good coming through the holes! LOL!! Might make a good gardening shoe though! Have fun, stay safe, awaiting more pictures!!

  4. I got news for you! Wearing a shirt without sleeves will not stop you from sweating. It will just make the odor less apparent to you and moreso to others.
    Great to know you took your pink crocs along with you. Mini Max went for his first ride yesterday, a brief ride to warm the scooter up a bit and make sure the battery was still functioning. Max did great and Mini Max and I enjoyed a brief and cold ride!
    Hope you have lots of fun out there in Hawaii!

  5. bobskoot, you may want to find some more "robust" shoes for crossing that pesky lava flow.....

  6. Dear Bob:

    Remember to take the crocs off before wading into fresh lava. Find a place with a thatched hut on the beach, that makes the best Planter's Punch in the South Pacific. Take a picture of the drink and the hand of the beautiful woman handing it to you. Then take the rest of the day off.

    Or, why not rent a pink Vespa to go with your crocs, and ride to the top of a mountain, to meet the Hawaian Sun God. Order a Planter's Punch from him too.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. Aaah! I was hoping to read something that would help me to stay warm out here in Winnipeg. Enjoy your stay!

  8. Bob, you have competition on the subject of pink crocs.....

    You have obviously started a new craze - I am going to buy some tomorrow.