Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Packing: Suzuki DL650abs V-Strom

Lately there has been discussion on what to pack whilst on a riding tour. Here is what GAW/Gordon of Scoot'n Art (<--- link) carries with him. It appears to be a long list of must have items. I'm still trying to figure out how to pack all that stuff. I just have to leave room for the "kitchen" sink on top and fasten with bungie cords .

I have Kappa side cases secured by Givi racks. Sides cases are 40 Litres x 2, and the topcase is 44 Litres. There is also some storage under the seat. I also made a Tool Tube to carry my tripod


  1. Nice video, Bob. I must confess to getting a bit dizzy as you unpacked the contents from under the seat, however. -:) I'm guessing you were wearing the camera?

    Ziploc bags are wonderful inventions!

    And yes, we're in that same age club. LOL!!

  2. Hi bob,

    You sure are organized...Under my seat is a basic factory tool kit, an emergency packet of fags and a dirty rag!!

    Nice video again Bob, I think I should have let the PIP run a little on mine.

    Your very inventive with that trı-pod tube!!!



  3. Bobskoot,

    In my own defense(?) my fix and repair list was mostly for a cross country trip, my every day fix and repair list would not be quite so extensive. But then again it was only the fix and repair list, I didn't even touch on personal survival(water, food, etc), clothing, riding gear (rain gloves etc) and the biggie photo / electronics (camera's, computers, etc). I'm just getting tired thinking about all of it.

    I must also say I'm very envious of your under seat storage, you have the equivalent of a station wagon under your seat. I on the other hand have a gas tank under my seat and can barely get the 4X6 owners manual in there.

    Shameless Plug I'm nearly in post production of a video for my slow to post blog ScootnArt I have one more segment to film this weekend.


  4. you have to be one of the most organized people I know. Afraid to admit that I may be becoming more like you. Appreciate the info in your video. If you keep posting, I'll keep learning. Where are the crocs stored?

  5. Dear Sir:

    Congratulations on producig a pretty thorough — and very interesting — VLOG. I am amazed at the amount of stuff you carry on a day-to-day basis.

    I watched this VLOG three times, stopping it once, to go back over a part dealing with your tool tube. My side bags are virtually empty on local riding, as most of my mechanical "fix it" gear, fits under the seat.

    I carry the standard BMW tool kit, plus extra fuses, crush washers, a handful of other tools in a separate pouch, a flashlight, a first aid kit, the manual, the BMW MOA Anonymous Book, bike jumper cables, a complete Progressive plug kit, including three extra large CO2 cartridges, a dispenser for the same, plus a compressor — all under the seat.

    Gloves, my cane, and a step (plus a small vaccum bottle) go in my top case.

    It would appear we carry a lot of the same stuff.

    Good post. Good Video.

    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. How well organized are you Bob, another great vid, you sound so cool, where I on the other hand sound like a crazy woman, great tube for your tri-pod.

  7. Bob, we seem to have a lot of the same stuff. I think you should consider a headmount of some sort for vlogs like this, so you can have both hands free.

  8. Very nice Bob! You weren't kidding about the kitchen sink. That's about the only thing left that you might need. I echo what others have said, you are very organized. Thanks for the reminder about the all purpose socket... that is handy.

  9. Bravo Bob, a very good Vlog. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, I went to Pacific BMW again today, and booked an F and a G650 for a test ride on their Riding Day event in April ;-)

  10. Chuck:

    Sorry about that, I wanted to show the contents being thrown on the ground instead of just fixing the camera to a tripod. I need a video assistant, who could also act as a remote control

    Uncle Dave:

    You last video was your best so far. I shall take hints from you


    Under the seat isn't really that large, it's just that I squeezed it all in and re-arranged a few things. I was lucky to get a compressor to fit in there


    The Pink Crocs are in the left saddle bag which I did not open. In the hot summer heat I still wear my riding boots, but as soon as I stop, I change to sandals or crocs. I don't carry shoes with me


    Most of my emergency stuff is under the seat which I don't have to access. The right saddle bag has other tools and extra layers. It occupies around 2/3rds of the volume and I also put my chargers and other electronic stuff and cameras in there. The left side is reserved for clothes and crocs.

    The top case is for my helmet, gloves and netbook and other things I want to secure while away from the bike. I could still get a waterproof storage pack to straddle across the rear seat if necessary but it would only contain non valuable stuff such as clothes, snack food or beverages


    do they only have crazy women in Turkey ? I can now hear you speak in the video


    You should try a video blog. It's not easy trying to aim the camera backwards and hope you are in the frame. I managed to turn the LCD screen around but my camera is not wide angle which doesn't help


    Mr Murphy is a smart dude. The thing you need is the thing you didn't bring.
    That socket is neat. It has spring loaded pins and you just cover the hex of the bolt and it "fits" .


    you mean a F650GS or the one with the 800cc engine. Did you book the orange one ? As Jack said, it starts with sitting on one, then you get the "bug" . You even have me looking at Craigslist and I found a couple for sale on, one that was lowered, and another that was purchased back East and ridden across Canada, then parked for the past 2 or 3 years with 5,000. kms and still on warranty

  11. Late to the party...trying to catch up on my, video watching...
    I love the tripod tube...I want one!
    I wrap everything in bags too. Even if I have waterproof storage...still the bags go along. It's always fun to see how someone organizes their goodies, and what all they take along. Thanks for the vid!