Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Open House & a few Beemers

I am not actually a member of the SOCna: Suzuki Owner's Club but on their forum they posted an early morning breakfast then the group would ride over to Motorcycle World in Surrey, BC for their open house. They had demo rides, BBQ and special pricing on all their products for ONE day only. I was actually in the market for another pair of riding boots. Saturday I usually meet the guys in Kitsilano but they bailed so I was on my own. It takes nearly an hour to ride to Langley so I left the garage just before 8am and headed towards the freeway


I arrive a little early and park next to Bob who rides a cruiser. Soon more cruisers arrive and I am surrounded


Soon another rider comes in on his V-strom and more cruisers arrive


This nice two tone one belongs to Lynda


Here is Bill, the President of the BC chapter, arriving on his cruiser


That's Greg in the background with his tripod attempting to take a group photo. Thank goodness he came on his V-strom, so now we have 3 stroms and the rest cruisers. Today we are outnumbered. Of course cruiser people are trying to persude us to come over to the "other" side so I reluctantly accepted an offer to sit on one


I like the low seat height and I would imagine it is easy to ride because of the higher low speed torque but I would need new sunglasses to shield my eyes from the glare of the chrome and ear plugs to muffle the loud pipes. I would need to trade in my riding gear for leather chaps, grow a beard, get a new supply of T-shirts, purchase a beanie and walk around talking like, "hey man . . .' I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to go to the "other side", but I don't know if I could handle the forward controls, running board and toe and heel shifter.


After I left the Open House I thought that I would try to find SonjaM as I was guessing that she was over at JV to pick up her "new to her" F650GS . I didn't notice her around, nor her yellow GS so I went inside to peer at the bikes and prices


The 1200 GS's looked like monsters so I stayed away from them. At the end of the row was this nice looking F800ST, the same bike that Sharon has . I sat on it and it felt very comfy. I think I could manage to ride this great distances. I didn't like the price as I am sure that it is much less expensive across the border.


Here is a view of the instrument cluster showing the tachometer among other things. If I purchased this bike I would certainly install a larger windscreen. As Jack rIEPE has mentioned on several occassions that tachs come standard on every model that BMW produce.


I also liked the new F800GS but it did seem a little high for my short legs


It was soon time to stop daydreaming and hit the road. I moseyed back to my mighty V-strom and headed home. I will try to meet up with SonjaM next Saturday when she picks up her "new to her" GS and perhaps guide her on a short ride, if she wants to.


Motorcycle World, King George Hwy, Surrey, BC OPEN HOUSE, selling only Suzuki products


  1. Bob,

    (or if you are contemplating a cruiser, Bob Bro - howzit hangin'?).

    Cruisers in NZ seem to be parked up outside pubs more than other bikes so I presume it's thirsty work hauling them through bends in the road.

    Jennie's days on the back of a sports bike with footpegs barely below seat level are at an end. She has intimated that pillioning may well recommence when I get a cruiser. I'm not sure how she will like me with a beard and tattoos though.



  2. Bob,
    You forgot the pony-tail; it's mandatory with a cruiser. The 800ST looks nice. It sounds like you really want to come over to the Beemer side! The first phase is looking at them. I'll warn you though, don't test ride one unless you're serious. Steve Williams did and it mess with his mind. :)

  3. You looked like a natural on the cruiser! It sounds like you already have all of the personality changes documented. I was originally looking at a Sportster at the local Harley/Honda/BMW dealer when I spotted the Beemer in the used bike section. Back then, I wasn't sure what I was looking for.

    It looks like you had a beautiful day for riding.

  4. Were you under-fed as a child? I know why you went on the ride to Motorcycle World – because it started with a breakfast and ended with hot dogs! I think it must be true that you include more about food in your posts than anyone else!! Just kidding.

    In your preparations t go to “the other side” you forgot some other things. You would need to say “bad ass” a lot and wear a leather waistcoat with lots of patches on. I really don’t understand the patches thing and especially the leather chaps. People do the first over here in the UK but almost nobody wears chaps – way too much like a Village People video!

    I don’t think I could ever convince myself to buy a Suzuki cruiser, but I did like the look of the two tone red bike. It does seem however that you are thinking about a new bike. Walking around BMW dealers taking photos and comparing prices??

  5. Hi Bob,
    On my cruiser I never felt the need for ear plugs, but I just had stock pipes. Maybe that's why she was so quiet. That looks like a C50 that you're sitting on. That's the bike I had. I loved her, but I don't miss her.

  6. Looks like you do a good job of maintaining staggers on that ride. Wish I could get some of our local scooter club riders to do a little better job of doing that.
    Do biker dudes say "Dude"?
    Fun looking day and nice video.

  7. Dear Bob:

    I would never even attempt to sit on anything from BMW that "GS" in the title. I'd never get my leg over the seat.

    I want a BMW K1300GT. Or, I'd be delighted to own a 2004 BMW K1200GT, which I think was the most beautiful bike BMW ever made.

    Bob, you should take a short ride on a cruiser. You will be amazed at how much more effort it takes to turn them. The forward controls will seem very comfortable, for a while. Then you will start to feel all stretched out.

    But by all means take a cruiser for a 20-mile ride. And stay off the BMWs. No good can come from it.

    Fondest Regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  8. Geoff:

    I'm not sure if I am the cruiser type but the SOC are more cruiser oriented and they try to get you to switch, in fun of course. I would like to see your tatoos, perhaps that's why you wear red shorts, to hide them


    I think I always wanted to try one out but the maintenance worries me. Your garage is too far away


    I think you are right with older technology, at least you can work on it yourself. with the newer models with all their electronics they are more prone to fail. sometimes simple is best


    didn't you know the rule ? All rides either end or start with food. and stops between are also food breaks. I keep thinking about a certain RED custom bike with forward controls. one day I will find out how to work them.

    not really looking for a bike right now as mine is basically still new, but I was always interested in a Beemer so I had to sit on them. I went there to find SonjaM, but she is picking up her new "to her" bike tomorrow. We have a breakfast date and a short ride planned


    Yes, that was a C50, you really know your bikes. It did feel comfy and low seat height too. I don't know how hard it is to carve the corners


    riders who are used to group riding ride in staggered formation. I usually take up the rear and will change from lane position 1 or 3 depending upon traffic flow or the aggressiveness of the cars around me. I have to act as a blocker to protect the group.
    I'm not sure if real bikers say "dude" or "Hey, man", or "How's it hanging Bro' "


    those large 1200 GS' are huge monsters, I think too tall for me. Even the F800GS was a stretch, but the F800ST felt just right

    I'm not sure what a K1200GT looks like. I'll keep my eyes open . . .
    You just never know if I find one at the right price.

  9. lol - I really don't know bikes, it's just that the C50 has a little E.T. (as in E.T. phone home) face on the side.

    I'm sure the right rider would have better luck, but little old ladies in Oldsmobiles could corner better than me and the C. It was kind of a beast to steer, and just wanted to go straight. A subtle touch on the handle bar didn't elicit much response from the bike.

  10. I am amazed how socialism has ruined Canada. All those shiny expensive motorcycles. Looks like Cuba up there. And here we are pawning our tachs to pay our medical bills.

  11. Yo Bro,

    You know you will go over to the ''Other side'' one day, we all do, its middle age Bob, swinging a leg and an ever larger belly over a tall bike gets harder each year your over 40 lol

    Go for the cruiser mate, your belly and hips will thank you!!



  12. floorboards, forward controls or heel/toe, try it bob, i bet you like it :-D

  13. BlueKat:

    that was a C50 with forward controls. I liked the lower seat height, but your Ninja is faster and more maneuverable

    Mr Conchie:

    you're just jealous


    I'll bet it's a struggle to ride spiritedly in twisties having to pull over the low centre of gravity

    Ms M:

    Yes, heel or toes, it's all good