Thursday, May 20, 2010

BCSB: Bike Night #1 2010

I frequent a local bike forum here in Vancouver, (BCSB for short) and it gives you a chance to mix and mingle with familiar faces .


It is not intended to be a money making event but our sponsor 5th Gear in Richmond is our host and they set up a BBQ for hamburgers, hot dogs. For a suggested $5. donation you are welcome to a 'burger, beverage and a bag of chips. It is here where I recently purchased my GoProHD video cam


Every 2nd Wednesday all through the summer between 7 - 9pm until the weather turns cool in the fall, usually to late September as it starts to get dark earlier in the fall.


This is usually held every 2 weeks during the summer subject to good weather . Riders come and go and the place is a bee hive of activity for a couple of hours


We are in an industrial area and bikes are lined up in all directions as the other business' are closed in the evening


I can't help myself, for some reason I am attracted to this PINK machine which is owned by PINK CHICK (forum nom-de plume)


After all, I have the matching PINK crocs


I heard that there were upwards of 60+ bikes there tonight. Sometimes there is more than just chatting and having a quick meal and tonight was no exception . We were given the opportunity to witness these large Honda Goldwings doing "follow the leader" on some tight maneuvers. The are from the Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy, instructional M/C school. Their niche is to train experienced riders to higher competancy, they do not do basic MSF training. Their specialty is slow speed handling


Their routine is on the last half of the video . I wished that I could be so competant


  1. Bob,
    Regarding your GoPro camera, they're just advertising it in NZhere:
    at C$391 for the high definition model or C$284 for the standard definition model. Are we bieing ripped off?

  2. Geoff:

    I purchased mine locally for Cdn$279. + 12% tax. this is for the GoProHD (not the Std Def) Motosports Kit with the extra mounts, not bare camera

    the GoPro forum is based in Australia. there is an interesting article from the founder and how he started it

    I could purchase one for you and strap it to that BMW cafe racer you wanted me to buy for you and leave it at Cowichan Bay, waiting for your arrival. I mean, what are friends for ? You won't even have to repay me

    If you go back to last month I have posted a photo of a Yamaha SR500 for sale around Cdn$2,500. at the Delta Swap Meet

  3. Looks like an interesting group. Enjoyed the video, gives me some techniques to aspire to. You are pretty good with that zoom, too.
    I wouldn't ride it, but I like that pink bike.

    Premeditated Scootin'

  4. bobskoot--Thanks! Very cool video! Loved it. Impressive slow riding--that to me is the mark of an excellent rider, that is, being to effectively manage skills/drills at slow speeds. Just upgraded to the GoPro too.

  5. Wow, great video of the Goldwing demo. Slow riding skills continue to be a challenge.

    Was that video made with the GoProHD camera?

  6. cpa3485:

    actually I would like to ride that Pink bike. It would make a Man of you very quickly. It would also match your thumb warmer


    Have fun with the GoProHD. with the wide angle all you have to do is aim in the general direction and it will turn out just fine. You also get lots of free technical support from our group. Once you get the hang of editing your video, you can cut out all those "conk" the engine moments.

    Those riders were amazing, No way I could do that without my 10 legs sticking like out-riggers.


    For some reason NO GoProHD for a few videos as I am in the lead. The GoProHD is a fixed lens, no zooming. I purchased a full HD 1980x1080p videocam with 41x intelligent zoom. If your connection can handle the speed then click on 1080p

    I think my parking protest video has mixed video from the GoProHD and my Panasonic HDC-TM55

    I think you have to ride a Goldwing to be able to ride like that. Big bike but low COG helps

  7. Nice post Bob. This looks like a fun event with the ability to see a lot of bikes. That video is really neat! Thank you!

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    There is nothing quite as exciting as a line of bikes and riders, who each have a story to tell. Everyone is different, yet bound together in this amazing common interest.

    Our group — the Mac Pac — also has a "Pink Rider." Her name is Kimi and her bike is the legendary "Tuff Cookie." She looks and rides like a real firecracker.

    I liked this video very much, and your skills as a cinematographer have dramatically improved as segment 5:50 of this little production clearly indicates.

    The Honda demonstration was pretty cool... Do they have skid plates on those thing or do they just replace stuff every couple of months? I confess I cannot ride my bike with that degree of proficiency.

    I found myself with an extra $333 this week... And guess what I bought? I have been reading about your GoPro camera for so long, that as soon as I had this extra money, I ran out and bought a.... Fuel pump for 1995 BMW K75. This is the first major repair I have had for this machine, though technically, it hasn't broken down yet.

    I just cannot stand the noise this unit is making and a new pump will be that much less to worry about. I have no intention of rolling to stop on the side of the road, on the hottest day of the year.

    As I said on Key West Dairy, I have just passed my peak season for work and have had damn little time for riding or for writing anything that was not revenue related. I have not been reading your blog as often as I have liked (nor working on my own), but tha will change this weekend.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. H Bob,
    That's a pretty neat get together, and a lot of bikes to check out. As you've probably guessed, I like the pink bike. (Green is still my favorite color though.) It looks like more than 60 bikes there.

    I've started to play with the G's movie mode. I haven't got much more than a rain shower in the back yard and my goofy bird climbing around his cage, but it's a start. I need reread those posts on mounting systems.

    Great post! Now I got to go back and watch your video. Have a good weekend!

  10. nice capture of the slow goldwings. Which camera did you get with such a high zoom?

  11. That is a great gathering. They don't seem too loud or too fast. One of the larger gatherings here are fast and loud and stupid. I don't go there very often. ;)

    Wonderful video of the Goldwings. Reminds me of watching the 90lb stick girl throwing the Harley around at the "Ride Like a Pro" demo at one of the MC shows. I would love to learn and practice that...on someone else's bike. LOL. -Lori