Sunday, May 16, 2010

SonjaM: 1st day with her "new to her" F650GS

It's been a long week in anticipation of physically seeing SonjaM's "new to her" GS. I am sure also a week of anticipation of waiting for her as well as the plan was to pick it up the previous Saturday . The previous owner didn't surrender it in time for it to be detailed, refuelled and new front tire to be installed. I asked permission to offer her moral support and perhaps a short ride somewhere to get used to the new wheels. As it happened Mrs SonjM (Roland, for short) was on hand

(Left: SonjaM Right: Mrs SonjaM (Roland, for short)

I know all of you like to see photos of our meals, esp Gary France (Mr H-D from the UK) as was recently requested via one of his recent comments. Many of you already know that rides always begin or end with food, and often we stop during rides for food.


Amazingly, both SonjaM & myself devoured our meals to the last crumb, but Mrs SonjaM (aka: Roland) couldn't finish his meal.

After the salesman finished with describing all the controls, how to start the bike, and how to balance, SonjaM was finally ready to go "solo" . She mounted her GS and we were off for the day.


It was a strange feeling asking Mrs SonjaM (aka: Roland) to go home and wait for us to return but I think I did ask for his permission to take SonjaM out for the day.

We left the dealership around 11am and not to put SonjaM under too much stress by taking the freeway, we navigated the urban mess of Vancouver on slower routes so that she could get used to shifting & balancing in our heavy traffic (I am led to believe that our traffic is much worse than Chicago)

We finally make our way to Surrey where we board a small ferry which crosses the Fraser River. The ferry has a steel deck, impregnated with layers of slippery oil and it was a challenge to turn the bikes around. This ferry only has one ramp and cars have to either drive on and back off, or back on and drive off. Bikes have to load first and turn around to ready for unloading.


You probably didn't notice how close our bikes are. I think they are growing an attachment to each other

There is only one road on Barnston Island which circumnavigates the island, and a smaller road half way around which cuts the island in half. I think the main road is only around 8km long, so we stop for a photo & rest break.

(Golden Ears toll bridge)

This island which is a speck in the middle of the Fraser River is a popular place for bicyclists as there are few cars and no facilities for non-residents. There is no charge for using the ferry

SonjaM was reluctant to take the lead but I told her that as there was only ONE road on the island she shouldn't worry about getting lost. The road would eventually wind its way back to the ferry dock and we could just meet there. As I was in the rear and noticed a flock of cows, I just had to stop and see if I could locate "108" (<-- link) . I stopped and SonjaM kept pushing on and soon she was out of view. I couldn't help but notice this sad cow staring at me


It was soon time to head back to the mainland and reboard the ferry


This particular ferry is like a barge with a moveable ramp and propelled by a boat tied to the side. Not unlike a 1 wheel drive pusher wheel on a Hack (aka: bike with sidecar)

From Ft Langley we try to stay away from congested areas and take secondary roads through farmlands all the way to Tsawwassen where we head to Boundary Bay for some sand and beach action. It's a hot day (not KW hot, but Cdn Hot) so we rid ourselves of our riding boots and frolic around barefoot in the sand, when I suddenly notice SonjaM lustfully eyeing my cherished PINK crocs


She mentioned how she wants to purchase either a pair of PINK ones, or YELLOW to match the colour of her "new to her" GS

Today (the day after our ride, which was yesterday), I happened to be downtown on Robson Street and entered the official CROC store and noticed


Yes, CROCS in all colours. Pink, Orange, Mauve, Red, Green and also Yellow

We head down to the First Nations Land over some slightly gravel roads


We are running out of day and we decide to part our ways at Queensboro Landing, which is about half way between us


Riding is thirsty business so we decide to have "one for the road"


Coke for SonjaM, and Root beer for me, in ice-cold frosted mugs. It was a great day, riding, enjoying the scenery & stopping to smell the roses. I hope that Mrs SonjaM (aka: Roland) had a good day too.


  1. No snow drifts mean it must be a hot Canadian day.
    You must varnish your crocs they look brand new. Mine are still bright fuchsia in color but the soles are wearing out unnatrually fast. I am going back to nothingz as soon as I can find them at the flea market.

  2. It looks like you both had a great day. I must admit that I really like the way that F650GS looks.

    You must have stock in Crocs...

  3. Very nice post, Bob! After reading Sonja's then yours I feel like I was with you both. That's really great that you were there and you both were able to ride together on her maiden "voyage". And that flock (herd) of cows looks amazingly like our Tillamook version. Are you sure that one staring at you wasn't Miss 108C (C for Canadian)? Watch out for the ones that stare at motorcyclists. Thanks for the plug!

  4. I think this is really cool. I read both Bob's and Sonja's posts about collecting Sonja's new bike - a little like watching the same story on two different news channels! Both make really interesting reading.

    That was very good of you Bob to accompany Sonja on her first ride. The food looked good too!

  5. Bob,

    You are a gentleman and a scholar for looking after Sonja but I fear that you are leading her into bad ways. On the dining table, there looks to be enough cholesterol to kill an elephant :-)

    Your concerned friend,


  6. An excellent post as usual Bob...Was that Centennial Beach you were at?
    It was so good of you to help Sonja out on her first ride....great pics too...that was a lot of food you two conssumed

  7. That really sounds like a fun ride there. Take good care of Sonja!

  8. Good job helping Sonja get to know her GS.

  9. Mr Conchie:

    they don't sell Nothingz here. Crocs are like tires, soft for traction on rocks, hard for durabilty but less adhesion ability. Can't put a value on safety


    The F650GS shape grows on you. You know Yellow is the fastest colour. I found the F800GS too tall. they also have fur lined Crocs for use in Alaska


    I couldn't help myself. As soon as SonjaM took the lead, I noticed this flock so had to stop. That's when I noticed "108's" Canadian relative with the sad face.

    I often turn around to take photos, but better to go slower and stop without overshooting. Often I "miss" photo ops and when I get home I wished that I had taken it, so now I just take the photo anyway, 'cause the next time the light may not be right, or the cows won't be there.


    When I read SonjaM's account you're right, it was like looking at another channel. she is more detailed with informational links.


    you know, you have to be daring once in a while. You also have to have junque food too. If you always ate pure food then what would happen if you got a germ by accident ? we have to keep the immune system working. Same with bottled water and air conditioning, we mostly do without. Grease tempers the stomach


    Yes, that was Centennial Beach, withing the Boundary Bay Regional Park, with White Rock in the background. The tide was far out, would have been good to walk out there on a warm summers day.


    I notice you also have a V-strom in the family. I liked your F800GS too but I sat on one and I am too short. The F650GS feels perfect. As compared to Calgary I think Sonja has to get more familiar with our dense traffic, I thought I would try to get her out of the mess for a few hours to get used to Nella


    I know what you are thinking, we could be together if only we had a Ural.

    Another good thing, another Croc convert

  10. Bobskoot.....the light is never the same or probably right as when you ripped past some sight you thought worth shooting....I am learning to stop, there and then as opposed to "I'll shoot it when I get back this way"

  11. Hi Bob,

    That food looked fantastic, I could have eaten every ones if I was there and asked for seconds..I miss the Western life, I also noticed the tantalizing glimpse of a cheeky bottle of HP brown sauce.

    Nice pics as always sir!!

    How does outofocus work and how would my fridge magnets interfere with it, I'm intrigued know??



  12. Bob, thanks for the nice pics, and this wonderful riding report. I had lots of fun indeed. Thanks for making the time, my friend. And yellow becomes you, too!

  13. Dear Bob:

    Nice story and pictures, Bob. Sonja looks happy on her BMW. It was nice of you to follow her around on the maiden voyage.

    I read this ride report waiting for a call-back from Sharon. She works within a feww minutes of my hotel here in Chicago, and I hope to have lunch with her tomorrow.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  14. love your bikes! I'm new to your blog-is there a post where you review them?

  15. oh, i see, that was Sonja's first day---duh! :) glad it was a nice ride.

  16. I like your kind of rides. Food to start, food in the middle, and ending with root beer. Silly me, I take water and granola bars and keep riding.

    If crocs enable you to date another man's wife then maybe I should get some! Joking, of course. No disrespect meant to you or Sonja.

  17. good ride report, but I have to agree (again) with irondad. You should have that topcase full of food!