Monday, May 24, 2010

Shake-down ride #1: Harrison Hot Springs

Now it was time to get down to serious business. The business of having an early breakfast somewhere in Coquitlam for an early ride into the depths of the Fraser Valley. We decided to meet early, if you consider 9am early. I left home just after 8am for the 45 minute ride to our rendezvous point. As I arrived I noticed Jeff already waiting there with his GSXR600R. Right behind me was SonjaM on her "new to her" BMW F650GS being shadowed by Mr SonjaM (aka: Roland) in the cage.


How would I know that this Pub/restaurant would not be open yet? We headed across the street to another eating establishment. We had to have substenance before our journey Eastward

(Jeff, Ms SonjaM (aka: Roland) & SonjaM, author invisible behind the camera)

I managed to divert Mr SonjaM's (aka: Roland) attention to the menu long enough to snap this cozy photo


soon our orders arrived and we were filling our stomachs with; oatmeal, eggs benedicts, sausage & eggs and a healthy fruit bowl


after all, what is a ride without food ?


photos often don't tell the correct story. I noticed that SonjaM was walking precariously close to the shore with a drop off so was attempting to drag her back to safe ground. Unfortunately it looks otherwise.

(Stave Lake)

SonjaM is trying out the GSXR for size


A day riding is more than just the riding. It is about friendships, scenery, taking photos and enjoying the day with others of the same mind

(group photo: Dewdney, BC)

While it is spring, Mother nature conspired to throw everything our way. Dark thunderclouds, rain, showers, torential rains and even hail but what can I say, we live on the Wet Coast

(Hailing in Historic Kilby, BC)

Soon we arrived in Harrison Hot Springs, BC for our next meal stop at a nice, clean Japanese Restaurant overlooking the lake

(My bento Box)

While on our way out of town I noticed these wood carvings and the hazelnut sign reminiscent of Freshly Squeezed Florida
and Barberville Produce. The carved wood figures attracted my attention and I just had to stop for a few photos for Ms Suzanne .

We don't have many roadside attactions around here and the owner was a character, offering us Strawberries and morcels of sweet Chilliwack Corn


Our bikes were parked in front of his roadside stand and I captured another photo of our bikes


To my dismay I turned around and found SonjaM trying to devour a large corn on the cob while seated in a carved out wooden log chair. Although we had just eaten she was taking on the corn without shucking it first


Lots of dustcatchers were available for the asking


Harrison Hot Springs is a very friendly place. As we were about to depart we were approached by these gals with the friendly smiles.


As it turns out, they were here for a staggette for Belinda (in the PINK). I am somehow attracted to Pink attire so we hit it off instantly

and I have this photo to prove it.


BACK OFF, I saw her first (esp Jackie "r") Nothing beats a day of riding with friends


Addendum: I suppose that I didn't elaborate about the title, Shake Down ride. Our epic ride to Redmond, Oregon in July will an epic ride in terms of mileage for SonjaM who has to build up her endurance. We are basically undertaking half of an IronButt to be able to make it from Vancouver to Redmond within 12 hours. This was her first ride with square side cases which are not very aerodynamic, and our route will take us down NF25 which will eat up valuable time. Plus factor in our numerous photo stops which will include the Windy Ridge viewpoint overlooking the back side of Mt St Helens. We are trying to determine what other accessories she will need, esp a throttle lock of some sort


  1. Too bad that the crocs didn't come out for the last pic. Also, it would have been interesting to see either Jeff or you in that bikini top ;-)
    Thanks so much for the ride.

  2. Once again, awesome ride report and pics! Leave it to you to always find something pink on the ride. Quit posting the food pics I have to go get something to eat. :)

  3. Nice ride report! It looks like you all had a great time in spite of the weather. Are the hot springs worth visiting?

  4. Looks like a great day. Good looking food, women, cycling and friends. Well, maybe the weather could have been better, but sounds like the experience was worth it all. I read something the other day about experiences being worth more than all the money in the world.

  5. Hail. I miss hail. Ha ha. Iron Butts should really take into account where they are ridden. 1,000 miles (1600 kms) up and down the Florida Turnpike is the equivalent of 15 minutes under Canadian hail.

  6. FS25 and Windy Ridge are spectacular for riding. Last year we went up Windy Ridge and back down on I think it was FS99. It brings you back toward Randle from Windy Ridge. FS99 was my favorite part of the ride.

  7. Bob,
    You sure look like you have fun and enjoy life wherever you are! Nice ride report - keep em coming they're fun to read and to see your pictures!

  8. Dear Bob Skoot:

    I read this post with intense interest. First of all, there was the title: "The Shakedown Cruise..." Yet in every other picture the only thing you are shaking down is poor Sonja, who is beginning to acquire the look of a deer caught in the headlights.

    I suspect you are going to find out just how fast her Beemer is, and how bright its tailight can get, on your run to Redmond this summer.

    You are getting a lot more riding in than I am. I had tha big assignment in Chicago this month, and I always find myself thinking, "What would happen if you crashed tha damn bike during your busiest season?" Plus, my K75 has developed a mechanical anomaly and will pass under the mechanic's knife today. (I cannot stand it when everything is not up to factory spec.)

    This looked like a really good ride you guys went on, and I'm sorry I couldn't join you. I have a sreong suspician that you are a lot closer to nicer scenery than I am. While I can get to the Amish country in less than an hour, or down to Maryland's Eastern Shore in about the same time, the traffic would choke a horse.

    As usual, nice pictures, Bob. But you should be advised that if I had had my pick of the babettes in the final shots, I would have gone for the one in the center.

    I must say, Grasshopper, that you are doing well to incorporate female bypassers in your adventures. Now I am sure you aware of step two.

    Fondest regardsa,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. Can't wait to get out on an adventure too! Love the pictures.

  10. Bob, way to be an ambassador of the sport. Bravo!

  11. LOVE the crab sign, which would only be improved if it had read:


    I also enjoyed seeing the clouds (weather photography being another hobby of mine) and the bento box (ibid).

  12. You'll never make it to Redmond in 12 hours if you have to stop for food all the time. Or stopping every time you see something pink. On the plus side, Rob Muzzy, of racing fame, has a shop near Redmond. He can beef up your suspensions for you for the return trip.

  13. Nice post. Reminds me of one of our club's mottos:
    Live to Ride
    Ride to Eat


  14. You always seem to get the girls Bob....Whats your secret??



  15. SonjaM:

    better Jeff than me. I was afraid of being plastered all over the internet


    for some reason, I am attracted to Pink. I like your jacket too


    In a word, NO. better to go to Ainsworth Hot Springs, or Fairmont Hot Springs, or even Nakusp. I like the idea of outside pools, esp when raining


    the weather didn't seem so bad at the time, but it did hail for a bit. I'm more worried about the slippery roads

    Mr Conchscooter:

    what can I say, we aren't exactly out of winter's grip just yet


    FS99 is the branch which heads west off FS25. When I was there the road was still washed out but it has since been repaired and open


    life is a journey and you can't let opportunities pass you by. I suppose I have a non-threatening demeaner

    Jack "r":

    Hope you get your K75 up and running for Memorial Weekend. Sonja is a real sport, I don't think I would have pushed her in, or would I ?

    It takes about an hour to get to the country through heavy traffic


    an epic journey begins with little steps, practice and gain some road experience and confidence. It won't be long before you will be riding all over the country. You'll have to purchase another bike soon


    If I am the supervisor (of the day) then it is my responsibility to ensure the rider's safety. This includes enough rest breaks, choice of route(s) and what food to eat

    Ms S / Freshly Squeezed:

    It would have been unbelievable if the sign said "Don't be a CRAd" I mean, what would be the chances of that ?


    why didn't I think of that ? that's what I need, stronger shocks, especially after a long ride


    you didn't get to eat much during your Epic ride, just some granola bars and some fast food. Congrats on your achievement . Your Buddy took a beating and keeps on ticking

    Uncle Davie:

    well, you are the James Bond of Turkey, I am learning from you. soon you will have a harem there. When is Bev bring the chocolates, and when will my PINK scooter cover be made ?