Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Night Market, Richmond BC

After a long day of riding to Harrison Hot Springs with SonjaM
I returned home with a dirty chain


It's a never ending battle of cleaning and lubing so I got out my rag and brushed some of the grime off the chain and sprocket. With the V-strom on the centre stand I re-lubricated the chain with Motul Chain lube. It is always preferable to do this while the chain is warm and left to sit overnight. Soon Mrs Skoot arrived home from work and we headed down to the Richmond Night Market for dinner. They are noted for having a multitude of food vendors and surely there is something for every palate.

The Night Market is modeled after those in Asia and is held every weekend; Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights (plus holidays) in the evenings after 7pm . We have two night markets in Vancouver with the smaller one in Vancouver's historic chinatown area. More information can be obtained here

By the time we arrive and get to the main food area we are confronted with crowds of people with the same idea.


Our normal procedure is to do a circle and scan the vendors to see what looks interesting. As I am hungry I usually grab some tidbit to tide me over until I find what I want. I came to this booth and noticed the Butter Chicken & Tandori Chicken


I just love Butter Chicken so I plunked down my Cdn$5. for this bowl with the sauce and chicken over rice. It is more filling than it looks but it was sooooooo good that I went back for seconds


Gunnar was the owner of this booth and he was explaining the recipe and how he made it. We go to the Night Market often during the summer and I look forward to having another bowl the next time. Just looking at this photo makes me salivate.


  1. Mouthwatering! I so love butter chicken. It's one of my most favorite dishes. Hungry now!

  2. Now I have to find out how to make butter chicken. Haven't heard of it before but it does look very tasty. Then again, just about anything saucy over rice seems to look really good.

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  4. That is not fair!

    I have just eaten a boring bowl of fruit salad for breakfast and then watch this wonderful video of all types of delicious looking food.

    I am hungry again now and I want some of that market food!!

    As ever Bob - a great video.

  5. Bob

    I feel for you about the chores of owning a chain drive - have you ever considered going shaft?

    Have a good weekend, N

  6. I have one word for you: Loobman. 38,000 miles and the chain still has a few miles to go.
    Butter chicken and rice three of the necessary food groups, but where are the corn dogs dude?

  7. The market looks so much fun! I love open-air markets, and one at night would be so interesting!

    Butter chicken and tandoori chicken are both favorites of mine, too....not too spicy, though, I don't like to sweat that much when I eat. :)

  8. Chain cleaning! Awk! The things I still need to learn about owning a motorcycle. Food I get ... motorcycle maintainence is new.

  9. Can't say that I have ever had butter chicken, but looks good. You can't go wrong with meat on a stick either, and it looks like there is a bit of that. Is it always that crowded? or just because opening night?

  10. SonjaM:

    the used to have butter chicken rides every Wednesday on the forum, but they changed it to bubble tea instead


    Yummy, BT is delicious. don't you have any East Indian Restaurants up there ? You need a baseline for comparison


    thank you and appreciate your visit


    If I had a choice between a boring bowl of fruit salad or butter chicken, I would slip the fruit salad over to your side, when you weren't looking


    it's not so bad really. Just a dob of lubricant every 1,000 kms. cheaper than a spline lube every 15K miles.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    sorry, no corn dogs in Canada. they only serve the good stuff


    Open air night markets have been around for a while now, direct Asian influence. We are known as Hongcouver. People go mainly for the food


    Chain maintenance isn't hard to do, just put your bike on the centre stand, clean the chain with kerosene, and lube with some sort of chain lube while spinning the wheel.


    the market is very crowded. Usually by 9pm you can't even walk down the aisles being so packed. And it gets worse in the warmer weather.

    Ms M:

    I don't know is SF has any night markets. You will have to check it out and report back. If not then you should aim BOB north. It's only 5 inches on the map, shouldn't take you long at all

  11. By "good stuff" do you mean poutine?

    I agree, anything saucy over rice is lip-smackin' good to me. Once I get moved to the 'Ham, we'll have to meet at the Richmond Night Market. I'd never heard of Butter Chicken...

    Scootin' Old Skool

  12. Dear Bobskoot:

    I have based a lifetime on eating ethnic food from various stands. According to the experts, my body contains an enzyme that converts rice and sauce of any kind to slab fat, which then becomes a permanernt part of my ass.

    East Goshen, Pa is surrounded by some of the best Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Hindi, Italian and US steakhouse you will find anyplace. It is one of the reasons I look the way I do. Oddly enough, there isn't a decent neighborhood bar within 50 miles.

    BMW dealers scare the hell out of riders with their horror stories of lubing the rear drive splines. I watched my friend Brian Curry do it in 20 minutes. The back tire was off for replacing. Curry removed 5 bolts, and the entire final drive came off in his hands. He showed me that there was no rust on the shaft, and no metal shavings in the mechanism. He dabbed it with Honda Moly and put it back together again pronto. It was harder to mount the tire as the rear brake had to be adjusted. It didn't take 20 minutes.

    I am thinking to get a bike lift for the garage, as this will make changing the oil and lubing the rear splines an absolute cinch.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  13. Hewy Bob:

    Do you ever get pissed at people who leave messages sayig they liked your blog, and then instantly plug one of their own — which has nothing to do with motorcycles? Then suddenly, it becomes apparent that they have never even read yours?

    Just wondering.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads