Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crocs love Squamish, BC

I wasn't sure whether I could, or couldn't ride. I can still hardly walk but the weather was so nice that a ride was arranged on short notice. I thought that a route somewhere with less stop lights and great scenery was what the doctor ordered.


My Pink crocs got in touch with some friendly Yellow Crocs and soon they were together chatting away like old friends


The master of the Yellow Crocs finally made it to the rendezvous point in North Vancouver. After a quick tire pressure check and fill, we were off

After a quick sprint northward on the Sea-to-sky highway we stopped to stretch our legs at Britannia Beach and looked at all the trinkets for sale


We are not consumers so we mounted our steeds and were soon parked on the Cleveland Avenue, the main Street of Squamish, BC. This is a small town about half way to Whistler. You can tell it's a small town for lack of parking meters.


We quickly remove our riding attire and change into something more casual for walking about the farmers market, which is held every Saturday from 10a - 3p for the summer


Soon we found ourselves sitting in a local restaurant for some fish & chips. No we were not really hungry but it is tradition to get something to eat while midstream into an afternoons ride . It was an excellent white fish from Australia which name we cannot remember. I am sure Geoff James has had many of these during his travels


Geoff is very serious with his fish and you will often find him sporting his favourite Red Shorts whenever he orders fish & chips, and also whilst fishing.

Before we head back to town, we mosey over to the local marina


Before we part our ways, we have one last break to enjoy the warm sunny day at Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver, BC. This is a favourite spot for scuba divers


The island is accessible during low tides by walking over on the rock causeway.


Sunday we decide to take the 'Vette out for a relaxing drive for brunch, then head over to Horseshoe Bay. It is nice to be able to enjoy the wind in your hair and be able to enjoy the day without all that riding attire.


We arrive at Horseshoe Bay and find a shortage of parking spots. It seems that everyone from Vancouver is here


So I decide to go to my favourite place to sit on the rocks and enjoy the water passing by. It is an excellent location with a panoramic view of the Vancouver skyline.


You are able to see West Vancouver (on the left), the Lion's Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and the tall buildings of the Downtown Area

There is also a private beach and cove


it was such a nice day that we decided to grab a cheap dinner down at the Yaohan Centre, Richmond, BC and bring it home


I mean, where else can you spend $20. and have enough food for two days. Or conversely feed 4 people for $5. each. This was less expensive than our brunch


I hope I didn't overdue it. Now my foot hurts and it didn't hurt yesterday .



  1. FABULOUS!! im so glad to see that you are out and about bob. and luv the vette. i have a certain penchant for that lipstick red, its lovely.

  2. White puffy clouds and almost blue water. Paint on a tan and you'd look sub tropical.

  3. Glad to see you up and about again. It looks like you had wonderful weather for both trips. I'm really looking forward go our trip next month. We end up spending more time in B.C. than any other province but, unfortunately, not make it to the coast very often. The pictures really shout SUMMER!

    I hope the riding didn't aggravate things too much and the foot pain goes away. My wife had that concern for me last week when I went on a ride with a small group from church of about 200 miles.

  4. How fun. I just finished Sonja's post on your ride, and now I get to see your version. Looks like a great ride. Beautiful weather and warm enough for the crocs to go for a dip. I hope you didn't over do it, but it's good to see you out and about on two wheels again.

  5. Great to see you out and about again Bob. Can't help you with the fish as I only eat what I catch, not several days old Aussie stuff :-). Friday looks a good day for fishing weather-wise.

    I'm envious of your lovely weather. Cold and showery here which means all the wet weather gear goes on when I ride 160 km to Hamilton tomorrow to have new tyres fitted.

    Take good care....

  6. Bob – I am really pleased to see that you are well enough to get out – even if you are not yet back to firing on all cylinders. It must have done you good to get out on two sunny days!

    It was nice to see the Crocs getting acquainted. Another nice ride for the two of you and no doubt this is serving you well for your long trip, which I hope you will be better in time for. Look after that foot.

    Nice looking car! I am sure that you must enjoy going for a drive in that. Very cool. Your favourite spot on the rocks by the sea looks very inviting.

  7. Breath taking views! I've never been to Canada, but you sure are convincing me I need a trip north. Glad to hear you are getting out.

  8. I've been MIA for a week with my visit to the Gulf and I've missed this foot episode! I hope things are improving and I am curious about the diagnosis.

    Happy anniversary, by the way!

  9. Dear Bobskoot:

    I'm delighted to see that your various maladies haven't yet proved fatal. The best fish and chips I ever had were served in London. The fish was cod, fresher than all get out, and fried to perfection. I am thinking of having a fish and chips night here at home... Getting ther cod from a local monger... Doing up the batter myself... Frying it, and freshly sliced chips, in a turkey fryer I happen to own.

    It's nice to see that Sonja's Crocs at least match her bike. I am amazed at how much dignity she extends to your rides. I have been to Squamish four or five times and find it has a much stronger appeal than Whistler. It is a real place while Whistler comes off as more of a Hollywood set.

    As I recall, there is a mining museum just outside of Squamish and an excursion train. On that same road to Whistler, there is also a great waterfall. Despite the fact that it is easily jammed with traffic, the road between Vancouver and Whistler is smply beautiful.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  10. I've been both to and through Squamish a few times. Great eagle watching during the winter, too.

    Hoping 100% is just around the corner for you, Bob.

  11. Bob, I see that you had another great day. I love your corvette, especially the one in front of the big boad (uhm ship). I looks very 'high society'. Do you have matching crocs in red to go with the car?
    I believe that the Aussie cod that had been served in the Parkside was Barramundi. Cheers, SonjaM

  12. So happy to see you're out and about - and seeing the crocs socialize, it just warms my heart.

    Nice vette, BTW. Do you find it hard to choose some days between 2 and 4 wheels?

  13. Enjoy my burrito, and have Mrs Scoot check out the sex city comment.

  14. Ms M:

    it was nice to get out of the city for an afternoon. It was a great summerlike day

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I'm not one to sit out in the sun, would rather be doing something productive


    I'm hoping that I can ride next month too. Things were great on Saturday, but on Monday my foot was hurting again. I had to ride to the dentist as parking is scarce, so I took the bike. I could hardly shift. Also when I went home I couldn't put on my riding boots, swoolen foot, had to ride in running shoes with loose laces


    It's hard to keep up with Sonja. She is prolific in her search for scenic places. It seems that everywhere I suggest, she has been there already


    that's the problem when you live in an upside down world. You get cold while we get warm. You will get your revenge when our winter arrives. In the meantime we will flood you with pictures of sunshine


    that Cobra you used was one of my favourites. Too bad I don't know anything about building one.

    I mentioned this special spot to Sonja but we just ran out of time. I am sure with her detective skills, she will find it without me.

    and I didn't know you had tubes in your tires. You had better be careful not to get a "blowout"

    Heels / Pam:

    Yes, when the sun is shining all looks nice, but we get a lot of rain here

    Ms S/Freshly Squeezed:

    I enjoyed your reporting of the Gulf Oil spill. Get Mr B to snap more photos of you in your White Mini shorts.

    Jack "r":

    We did stop at Britannia Beach. I once took the mining tour, where they take you down deep inside the mountain.

    I now know what it's like to have Jack "rIEPE Syndrome" for a swollen foot. It sure gets in the way of riding. You never know from day to day whether you are able to ride or not. Makes it frustrating to make plans.

    I also like Squamish better than Whistler.


    riding the Sea-to-sky Highway (S2S) is different than on 4 wheels. SonjaM was overwhelmed by the scenery


    you have such a photographic memory. I couldn't remember the name of that fish. I actually have another pair of Crocs, but in Black.


    thanks, but I think I overdid it on the weekend. By Monday my foot was throbbing, I barely made it home on the bike and had to elevate my leg for the evening.


    I don't use the 'Vette much at all. It just sits there while I go out on the bike. It's just that my other car is a 5-speed (clutch) and I am having a hard time pushing down on the clutch pedal. The 'Vette is automatic so I can drive as normal


    I think you have me confused with "Twisted Roads", Jackie "r" . You will find his blog on my sidebar

  15. Mr Conchscooter:

    I am most disappointed that I have to eat both burritos myself, or shall I mail one to the outer banks ?

  16. Bobskoot,
    I have lived in Washington State for a long time and have been around the USA to most of the states. When I see pictures of places that are close to home and realize what a lucky bunch we are to have this beuaty basically at our fingertips I really feel good. I love seeing your pictures of where you live and enjoy the ride reports. Thank You!

  17. Hi bobskoot!!
    I'm on my daughter's computer and finally get to load your pictures to read your blog! I finally get to see the infamous pink crocs!!! Sorry to hear about your foot hope it is getting better now. LOVE the Vett! I want to race you with my WRX! hahahaha! Enjoy your day!!!