Monday, June 7, 2010

Not normal yet

I'm waiting for things to get back to normal. In the meantime, I've been out of commission. I'm not one to get sick. I can't remember the last time time that I have actually taken a sick day from work. You know that if I cannot make it to work then something would be seriously wrong with me. I was just getting better from my severe bout of hay fever which has flu like symptoms. I dislike medication and would only take it as a last resort so when my cough got unbearable, I started to take sinus and hayfever pills, cough syrup with codeine, anything that I though would help and it did. Just when things seemed to get better, last Friday I woke as normal to get ready for work and found that I could not walk.


Actually things were progressing downhill from Thursday when I noticed some swelling on my right foot. Things didn't feel right but I managed to hobble around and make it through the day. Obviously, things got worse for the next morning, the swelling had increased and I could not put any pressure on it. It was like walking on broken glass. It's not easy for me to visit my Doctor for her office is in the middle of Chinatown, where there is limited parking, not that I could walk that far anyway. Luckily I had some Celebrex on hand and after an hour or so I could manage some small steps and headed to her office.


I was lucky to get a parking spot on the street with no meter (No time limit) and made my way past all the grocery, fish & meat stores, bakeries, clothing stores. I don't come down here all that often and it was my desire to snap a few photos, but as I took out my camera I was told "no photos", but I snapped a few anyway.


She is running behind. Although I arrived early, I had to wait another 20 minutes before I was led into the examination room


While I am waiting I amuse myself by looking at all the charts and other doctor accessories. Soon the doctor arrives and starts asking questions.

She asks to see my foot and it is swollen and hot to the touch. The consensus is to continue to take anti-imflamatory until the swelling subsides.


I was referred to another clinic for more tests


I am a chicken when it comes to tests but I forced myself to go and was very relieved when they told me that I had to come back after I had not eaten anything for the previous 10 hours. On my way back to the car I passed this shrine for Jimi Hendrix


This has not been a good week for me. Everything is breaking or broken. My lawnmower burnt itself out and it was only 2-3 years old. The blade jammed on a piece of wood and I think wreaked the piston and rings. I unjammed the blade and started the engine but it immediately began to burn oil, then it stopped and wouldn't restart.

Here is my new Toro lawnmower with RWD



On Saturday while munching on a chunk of 72% dark belgium chocolate, I munched down and heard a "crunch" was was soon spitting out bits of fillings and teeth. It looks like I had a cavitated filling which failed and now I may be looking at a new crown. I will know more after I go to the dentist tomorrow.

Saturday was also our 41st wedding anniversary so we ended up at a classy place for a special meal

(steak and lobster dinner)

Mrs Skoot had the chocolate mousse dessert, while I went for the carmelized apple pie with ice cream


I'm waiting for things to get back to normal, hoping it will be soon. In the meantime, I'm falling apart


  1. Now how do you expect us to feel sorry and sympathize with you if you're going to post pics of steak, lobster and ice cream in the same post?
    And what are you doing posting pics of your foot without your pink crocs...wait, that's it, you're allergic to pink crocs!
    Be thankful for Canadian healthcare, I sure miss it and here's to you getting well soon friend.

  2. Not a good week for you indeed.
    Happy anniversary, and please be better soon.

    PS: Wow, only 20 min wait? Last time I went to my physician I had to wait over an hour (and yes I had an appointment).
    PPS: I miss my riding buddy...

  3. Eeeekk!! Where is my "old" Vancouver Island riding partner??? Sucks to mature, eh? Sorry to hear your predicament, Bob. Can't be much fun, I know. FWIW, I went for a longish bike ride a few years ago and woke up the next morning with an arm looking like a well cooked plump sausage. Diagnosis was Effort Vein Thrombosis ... found myself in the hospital less than 24 hours later experiencing an angioplasty procedure to unblock the vein. Yes, it is tough growing into maturity.

    Hope you get it together soon, friend.

    Best regards to your long-suffering spouse, and congratulations on #41. I think we celebrate #42 this coming October -:)

    Chuck (a.k.a. Vespaboy)

  4. Congratulations on 41 years. You must be doing someone right!

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad week. I hope you get better soon and things get back to normal.

  5. 人生最可憐的是半途而廢,最可悲的是喪失信心,最遺憾的是浪費時間,最可怕的是沒有恆心。 ....................................................

  6. Sorry to hear you have been going through all the health stuff. And then the mechanical stuff too?! Well, if everything goes at once, then you will have it done and behind you with a long stretch of happy boredom before anything else goes wrong! You know, trying to be all, "the glass is half full". Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. B, glad you went out for a great meal! It's our 25th this year, seems like time has flown. Hope you feel better, and all that mechanical stuff starts behaving soon!

  7. Congratulations on the 41 years.

    I don't feel so bad about my collar bone, at least I know whats wrong and when it will get better. Hang in there.

  8. Bob,
    I hope you get better soon. Congratulations on 41 years. We just celebrated 39.

    Hang in there and stay away from that new mower until things settle down!

  9. Get well soon Bob - -we need to see those crocs(tm) out and about again!


  10. Bob:
    Sincere congratulations on your wedding anniversary, that's one heck of an achievement. Should I be offering commiserations to your lovely wife for putting up with you?

    You've had one heck of a week and may it improve from here. Hope your swelling isn't gout. I've had it twice due to dehydration and never want it again! Prednisone fixed it double quick.

    BTW, love the mower. With 7 hp, you can mow tree stumps too :-).

    Take good care of yourself...

  11. Oh my! I hope things turn around soon for you! And Happy 41st Anniversary to you and your wife!

  12. Happy Anniversary and hope you're feeling better soon. At least you're eating well!

  13. Uh, what's happening to your foot sounds an awful lot like what happened to mine. Except, you'll still have toes on it because you live in Canada and were able to see a doctor as soon as you noticed something wrong...

    Scootin' Old Skool

  14. It's your turn to suffer horribly- no lawn mowing, a restricted diet obviously and vast medical bills. Bugger.

  15. bobskoot,

    BTW, the link you put in on comments doesn't work. It looks like it's pointing to a secure site i.e. https instead of http.

    Hope you are feeling better...

  16. Here is the link pointed to...


  17. group reply:

    thank you for your kind wishes. I'm still hobbling about, can't ride yet. It's even a struggle to shift gears on my Honda Civic commuter car. My foot still hurts a bit so I can't shift gears on the bike yet, hopefully soon

    Wet Coast Scootin

  18. Bob – You must be the only person I know (okay, sort of know) that takes a camera when you go see a doctor!

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles – you certainly seem to have got more than your fair share this week. Looking at the first picture on this posting (which I take to be a self portrait) no wonder you cannot walk properly – having to pull all of those trolleys!

    Nice to have got to 41 years. Congratulations!

    Get well soon my friend.


  19. oh no :( get better soon!!! and happy anniversary! that dinner looked wonderful...

  20. Bob – Something has just occurred to me. I should have thought of it earlier, but my mind must have been elsewhere.

    The title of your posting is “Not Normal Yet”. This makes one of two assumptions. (1) You were normal before but you are yet to return to normal. Or, (2) you were not normal before, but you now expect to be so in the near future.

    I am left to wonder which applies in your case?

    I hope you are feeling better!

  21. Dear Bobscoot:

    I was scanning your laundry list of ailments, and came to the part where your doctor's office is in Chinatown, one of the few parts of Vancouver where the local police are waiting for the US military to restore order (by shooting every fifth person).

    Then I noticed your doctor sells fish apparently too, but is iffy about it being documented. None of this caused me to raise an eyebrow until I got to the picture of the fuzzy little animals on the doctor's scale. Bob, there are limits to "cute" — even in Canada.

    Don't screw around with the foot swelling. Swelling and hot to the touch are also symptoms of blood poisoning. Was there any evidence of an insect bite (even like a mosquito bite) around the swelling? Did it itch? If so, get the damn test and get an antibiotic instead of an anti-inflammatory.

    Since all this stuff is close to free in your neck of the woods, go from office to office, skipping in your pink crocs, sending the bill to Winnipeg.

    Since you are saving 100% on the cost of health care, dropping a few bucks on a taxi will guarantee parking wherever you need it.

    It's no fun being sick... Worse is being sick when you have options. If they offer you Celebrex, tell them you need 7 a day, for six months. Then come and see me.

    Get well soon.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  22. your knee looks a lot like my friends foot when he got Lyme disease. :( hope you feel better soon!!

  23. Hey Bob, I hope you're feeling better soon.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!