Monday, June 21, 2010

Ride to Work: June 21st & DPS parking

ride to work 2

Not really much to report as I would normally ride to work anyway, except for those days where I was recently unable due to my aged foot. I seem to be getting a few percent better everyday but taking shorter steps and resting more. Last week my foot had swelled to the point where I could not put on my riding boots and had to resort to my running shoes with laces nearly untied, otherwise I would not have been able to get my bike home from the dentist. Shifting was painful and I struggled to take routes where I didn't have to stop so often. My dentist is in the congested West End of Vancouver where parking is severely limited. Most of the parking is reserved for residents who have to display their specially issued "decal" on the windshield. My broken tooth has undergone 3 procedures and the crown will be in place later this week, all because I bit into a piece of chocolate and shattered my tooth at the gum line.

ride to work

and finally the photo of my bike at work on Ride to Work day



Diamond Parking Limited: DPS

Imagine my surprise when I opened up an unidentified envelope last April to find this parking violation notice.

dps ticket

I am very careful to make sure that I always have enough money in the meters and purchase tickets at the dispensor on any parking lot, and I seldom pay for parking preferring to walk a further distance. At first I thought that the ticket was a mistake and perhaps that they had written down the incorrect license plate number. I did a google map search of the address and found that it was the parking lot at Wendy`s (hamburger fast food joint).

I seldom have meals at fast food places but I was racking my brain to try to figure out when I was there and I remembered that I had to go to a meeting and decided to just grab a burger on my way. The next morning on my way to work I passed by the Wendy`s to grab a photo of the signs


this sign had fallen down and was on the ground leaning against the cement wall. There was another sign on a pole


I think I have abided by the terms of the Wendy`s sign. I parked, went inside had a burger and left. There was NO ticket on the windshield, there are no meters or any ticket dispensers on the lot and no way that anyone could confirm whether you were there for 30 minutes or 32 minutes. I did not leave the lot at any time to go elsewhere as I was also accussed of doing.

When I received this ticket I immediately phoned the Wendy`s Manager who identified himself as DAN. He seemed helpful at first but was really of no help. I sent a fax to Wendy`s head office in Ontario and have never received any reply from them. I also wrote two letters to DPS and have never received any official reply from them either. I was getting upset and was thinking of calling ace in the hole, Geoff James but it was too great of an expense to fly him to Vancouver but he does work for boxes of Chocolate.

Dan, the Wendy`s manager asked if I had a receipt for my meal but who keeps a receipt from a fast food restaurant. I did not pay by credit or debit card, preferring cash so I had no way to prove that I actually ate there. Dan said he would go through his cash register tapes and try to find my order. Although this is what he told me, later he said they don`t keep their tapes this long. I asked if he would just cancel the ticket as I was their customer and abided by their rules as indicated on their sign. He told me that he was not in control of the parking lot and it was being supervised by DPS.

I had a window table while I devoured my hamburger and could see my car below. No one approached the car. I did not notice anyone coming by nor recording any license plate numbers. It is not right to send you a notice for over a hundred dollars over a month later.

I eventually resorted to issuing a formal complaint through the Better business Bureau and finally got the ticket cancelled without so much as an apology. Do a google and you will see lots of problems with this company doing the same thing in Seattle. They utilize predatory tactics and I don`t understand why our local motor vehicle department would be willing to devulge the names and address of the registered owners. DPS tickets are un-enforceable but they say they have the right to have your car towed away if found on one of their lots and you never know which lots they are supervising.

dps bbb reply

I shudder when I think that you are presumed guilty without any burden of proof from this Company. Thank goodness my ticket was eventually cancelled.


  1. No 'ride to work' for me. Last Friday it was 'sail to work' and today 'fly to work'.
    Cheers from Tronna

  2. I rode to work today but even though it was a beautiful sunny day, only three other bikes joined me in the moto parking area.

    Glad to hear that you are healing though slower than you'd like.

  3. Sorry to hear that your foot is taking time to heal - not good, especially now it's summer and time to be outside.

    Followed your parking adventure with interest and pleased to hear of the outcome. Sadly, NZ's parking companies also have a reputation for poor customer relations. Perhaps it's endemic.

    Take care of that foot....

  4. I rode today as well and it looks like I may be able to all week.
    I am glad to hear the foot is getting better its aggravating as hell when something takes a long time to heal. It must be very frustrating to have to change riding or driving habits.
    But that ticket thing would almost make me explode with anger. You might consider a letter to the editor of the newspaper. Companies like that hate publicity.
    I yelled and cussed at a lady on the phone the other day who was customer service for a phone company. I felt bad but the situation was so stupid as to defy all common reason. She agreed with everything I said, but her department couldn't fix the problem. It was at that point I went ballistic.
    I am glad you didn't murder anyone over that ticket. Your pink crocs might have been traceable.

  5. Bob

    It's quite outrageous this stasi parking nonsense - how can you possibly wait in line, order and consume a Wendy's meal with good digestion in 30 minutes with all the screaming kids etc etc?. In England we have had a lot of press coverage on aggressive rogue clampers and I believe that laws may be passed to outlaw them.
    Do you think that your feet may be allergic to pink plastic? Just a thought from Dr Nikos.

  6. Dear Bob:

    I would have had had to be eaten by wild dogs before I would have considered paying that outrageous amount for a parking ticket. And before that, I would have found the dope who wrote the ticket, ripped off his arm, and beaten him to death with the bloody stump.

    The image of you, fighting that ticket before the Canadian authorities in your pink crocs, is most inspiring. But now they have your name and are aware of your seditious-like behavior. Bob, I fear you are now on the list of potential ingredients for Canadian Soylent Green.

    Regarding your foot... What is the medical verdict, and why is it still swollen, pulsating, and hot to the touch? I am compelled t ask, where you transported up to an alien space ship recently, and did they plant the eggs of a creature in your foot?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. I rode to work yesterday as well, but didn't realize I was part of the "ride to work" day -:) Just another day for me in my attempt to avoid paying garage fees at the Market.

    Toe bitten by a pink croc? Knew they were dangerous!

  8. Bob,
    Sorry to hear your foot is still troubling you. I hope you get some relief soon.

    I had a parking ticket issue in Portland once that was unfair like yours. Glad you got it resolved but too bad you had to go through so much hassle.

    Another day of riding to work for me yesterday too. Hey, for next years ride to work day someone ought to lobby to have bikes get free parking all day!

  9. I didn't work on Ride to Work Day, but I rode today, and will again tomorrow. I thought there were more bikes out today, even on my backroad commute I saw more - Yay! Sending more foot-healing-mojo your way! Hope you're better soon. What a hassle on the ticket!

  10. A private corporation issuing a ticket for using another corporation's customer parking? Suddenly I hate Canada. I'm with riepe.Damned nanny state socialists. Sacre blue! Ces salauds! Je m'en merde.
    Hope the medical bills for your foot don't drive you to bankruptcy.

  11. SonjaM:

    You lucky duck. You get to travel all over the country and Nella is getting lonely


    So far I have ridden all week. The problem with the first rain is the oil that seeps out of the road which makes for a slippery surface.


    Writing to parking companies is like talking to a brick wall. The end result is the same. there is no courtesy of any relies.


    whenever I feel picked upon I go into attack mode. I try to get my way diplomatically, shouting gets you nowhere, where reasonablness does


    You may be right. It took a long time that evening to get my order. there was a long line and I ate slowly but I was a customer and I abided by the rules. also the lot was nearly deserted.

    and NO, I am not allergic to PINK plastic


    the problem is that company also handles the parking area at the place where we purchase our groceries and I was afraid they would target my car with a tow truck, then I would have no choice but to pay the towing as well as that overdue ticket to get my vehicle back. Their tickets are not enforceable but these happen on private property.

    I was prepared to get a change of licence plates as a last alternative


    I know you are just jealous, don't they sell these pink things at the Market ? or don't they have a size small enough ?


    If I can be normal by mid July, I would be happy.

    I don't think there would be a chance to get free parking up here. The city is short of funds and are money hungry


    at least you got to ride your bike some of the time, so it's okay

    Mr Conchscooter:

    Imagine my surprise when I confronted Wendy's, on the phone, and the Manager said he couldn't do anything as they do not control the lot.
    I also expressed my concern to the Wendy's head office, but they never replied either.

    I had to have 4 dental appointments to fix my shattered tooth which cost over $3K to fix. I don't know if I am going to be charged anything or not. Still waiting for insurance approval, but my dentist said to wait and see for now

  12. Was it the 'Vette? Maybe somebody had red car envy!

  13. Just read your post about the trip to Squampton. Sorry we missed it. We live here and know some nice scooterin' in the area.