Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Loss of Power

"I am NOT sick"

Every year my allergies flare up, my coughing gets more violent and I seem to have a loss of energy . I am not one to take medication and I would prefer not to unless it were the last alternative not that we have any medications on hand anyway. Last Friday I barely made it through the day but I stayed at work until the end. I had a general lack of energy, chills and conversly hot spells (or do I mean hot flashes). The weekend was a lost cause. I had no appetite and diet consisted of bland food, not to trigger more irregularity with my stomach. Things remained stable for a few days and after a day or two of Tylenol, cough syrup with codeine and differing brands of sinus I am nearly back to normal. Not quite, but starting today I started to eat as normal.

"I am NOT sick"

As I use the computer a lot at work, I didn't wish to stress my eyes by turning on my laptop at home, until tonight. I found it interesting to watch CNN news about the BP oil disaster while sitting on the couch wrapped in a large comforter. With all the detailed reporting of all the events which went wrong and what BP had to say about their problems, I am of the belief that you cannot trust any words that come out of the mouths of BP. They say all the right words but fail to follow through in action. BP has also hired many of the cleanup workers who had to sign a non disclosure agreement to not speak about the spill or risk losing prospects of compensation.

"I am NOT sick"

One thing I mentioned a while back was about the local Ukelele group where Mrs Skoot spends some time on the 3rd Tuesday of every month

I do attend once in a while and join in the sing-a-long, take a few videos and here is one that I recorded during the last May meeting. Daphne is a great singer and I hope you like her rendition of "Crazy"


I even managed to put in a photo of my former bike


Oh . . . and "I am NOT sick"


  1. Take the dog for a walk you'll feel better. I hope your copays...oh never mind, you medical socialist, you.

  2. I hope your allergies don't keep you down too much longer! No appetite? Bland food? I think maybe you really are sick...

  3. Bob:

    Whilst both I and every other male fully understand how sick you are and heroically struggle on, you will note that there are no comments as yet from female bloggers.

    That's because they're rolling their eyes and muttering "Man Flu".

    Women, and wives in particular simply don't understand how tough it is to be a guy. when we get sick, we REALLY get sick.

    Now you go and have a nice lie down and ask the head of the household for a nice medicinal single malt :-)

    No need to thank me....

  4. Bobskoot,
    So sorry you're feeling poorly! (I didn't say sick.) Don't listen to the BP fiasco. That will make you sick. Maybe this will help you feel a little better. I've been looking at ram mounts (and as recommended by the local shop boy, tech mounts) for the camera. Perhaps I will be set up for pics and vids this summer if the rain ever decides to go away.

    Rest and feel better!!

  5. In spite of what others say, I think you must be sick.... in a number of ways.
    Get to feeling better!

  6. I empathize! I've been "sicker" in Florida than I ever was in California. I never had pollen issues before, but I do now. Dem sinus headaches have got me down quite a few times.

    Even if this is merely an episode of "Man Flu" that you have, I hope you are not acting like a man with flu. This would be a terrible injustice to the female of the species.

  7. I am sorry to hear that you are (not) sick. Good to hear that you are on the mend though. Take all the sympathy that comes your way!

    Get well soon my friend.

  8. Your comforter and the prescribed single malt should do the trick. Perhaps a fine cigar, too? At that rate you'll either be completely cured or dead ... either way you'll be out of your misery. -:)

    Hope you get back to your normal soon, Sir!

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  10. yup, man flu... ;) get better bob

  11. Bob,
    You're taking those canyon roads too slow, you've got to zip through them and pass with authority. This will clear those sinuses and relieve the blockage. Or... maybe not. :)

    Get well soon, Bob!

  12. So, I had my reasons to be worried, my friend. I hope you will be back in the saddle soon! Take care!

  13. 來幫推 你個blog影d相真係好靚,係我至愛~ .........................

  14. I hope you get better quick Bob. One of the great things about your country is cough syrup with codeine over the counter!

  15. Dear Bobskoot:

    I responded to this post earlier, but my answer seems to have evaporated. I suggest you venture round to one of the neighborhood clinics and off-track betting parlours that dot Canada, and get some of the coedine-flavored aspirin or penicillin-laced they dispense up there.

    Feel better soon.

    Fondest rgards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  16. Hey Uncle Bob,

    Sorry to hear your not, not well, summer allergies, hay fever can be a pain at times...Chicken soup cures everything Bob!!