Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overcast Sunday and a meal or two

I've been so busy and I'm getting behind. I have lots of raw video to edit and grass to cut but that will have to wait for another day. Today is Family Day Sunday and we have to decide where to have brunch. Yesterday was a fun filled day riding around urban Vancouver which you can read about here

Today is about a bit of relaxation, running more errands and enjoying a meal out. First stop was to the swap meet to purchase a cable, 2.5 mm female stereo to 3.5 mm male stereo adapter. I had an idea that I could make my headphone speakers work with the FRS/GMRS radio cable, and it did. I could now route radio through my headset. Also I wanted to purchase two USB power supplies, one for 110ac, another for 12V to connect to the Wee for our trip to Oregon in a mere 2+ weeks. I also purchased another 12V cigarette adapter and changed the input to a standard 2 pin SAE plug to mate with the plug for my battery tender quick disconnect which I use for my Heated Vest.

But first things first, we were getting hungry and ended up here


Main Street is becoming quite upscale, sort of like what Robson Street was 20 years ago, or more or less a budding Commercial Drive. There are many restaurants all the way from 7th Avenue up to nearly 33rd avenue and one of our missions is to work our way down the street as best we can. We have sampled many eateries along this 2 mile strip and find that there are many unique places to discover.


It was not a very large place, sort of very cozy and busy. We managed to get a table right away but very soon there was a line-up.

Yes, I did snap a photo of our meal but you don't get to see it this time, after all I can't always be posting photos of our meals. People would think that we are obsessed with always eating. I had a Newfie Meal, perhaps one day I can let you in on the story of our trip to Newfoundland and the types of food available in the restaurants there.

Later we decided to walk across the street to see the menu at Nirvana and the Foundation, both very popular places which are packed every night

(Interesting street scene, and this was not a restaurant display)

I wanted to go to Mountain Equipment Co-op (renamed Atmosphere) to buy some other stuff to have on our trip. They are a very large local outfitter where you can purchase equipment for your trek to Tibet or Antarctica. If you go mountain climbing, repel down canyon walls, or just wish to camp in Alaska, then this is your place to stock up

(these caught my eye: Imagine Pink at the top and bottom)

of course if I had Green Ninja Crocs, then I would have to look for Ninja Green glasses

We currently have the Jazz Festival down in Gastown and the roads were closed making it very difficult to navigate so we took the underground


I never even realized that this road was here. I believe that these areas were originally exposed to the elements, but then they built another layer of roads on top

After a series of ramps, twists and turns we found our way back up to civilization


Time flies, soon it was nearly 6pm and time for dinner. We were trying to decide whether to have dinner at home or eat out, so we headed down to Davie street and found that a place where we have been before had a very large line up

(Stephos, greek Restaurant, Davie Street, Vancouver, BC)

I can't remember a time where we haven't had to wait at least half an hour, or more. this line looks like over an hour. It is a very popular place for the locals and famous for their roast lamb at a very, very, very, reasonable price

We parked around the corner and went to their competion and got a table right away.


This place is only a few doors East of the one with the long wait and judging by the reviews on the local food forum, this was reputed to have better quality food. We had wanted to try this place for a while and today was the day


We got seated at a small table by the window and spent out time people and car watching while our food got cooked.

I always order the Roast Lamb and it was good. Mrs Skoot ordered the Mousaka and here it is


The nice thing about summer is the later sunsets. On our way home we drove around English Bay


It was a pleasant short sleeve day and many others had the same idea while visiting the Inukshuk and enjoying a walk along the sea wall


I wanted to be able to charge my camera batteries on my Wee whilst riding. I purchased another 12V outlet and had to adapt the plug to fit my SAE 2 pin connector. I snipped off the two alligator clips, added some wire and soldered it all together using my VOM to insure that the polarity was correct. When ever I extend two wires I stagger the solder joints so they cannot touch


I am trying to travel light but ensure that I am able to charge all my batteries while on the road. These are the two USB adapters I purchased

(One 12V and One 110 AC)

My Lenmar Universal charger with moveable pins is pictured here


Here is the Wee shown connected to my battery tender


I plan to use this same connector to charge my batteries and connected my Lenmar to ensure that it all works


so far so good. I put in some AA batteries and all seems right. While riding, it is my plan to put all this stuff into my tank bag

Spotted at the parking lot of our grocery store on the way home

(Honda cafe racer)

and a view of the instrument panel with two important gauges

(Speedomter & Tachometer)

Hope you had a good day and a meal or two, too


  1. A very nice post. I, for one, don't mind the photos of meals as I'm am always looking for new dishes. Earlier this month, I was working on adding some additional wiring on my bike to power my portable Garmin and phone. I changed the battery charger to use the Powerlet connection and then ran the SAE connection used previously into the tankbag. All of the accessory power connections are made in the tankbag.

    How well did the radios work?

  2. Nice photos of the Honda,Bob. Made me come over all misty-eyed as I had identical Ace bars on my 500 Triumph a century or two ago.

    The pink specs are perfect. Now for a pink paint job.

  3. I love food, post those photos.

  4. See you in Oregon. Poof Tour 2010 has had to be called off by management so we are going West on Saturday. I am not buying any additions for the Fusion. We are broke south of the 49th Parallel. Enjoy your Canadian bubble, I remember them well. I never thought Vancouver would be more expensive than Key West.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day - Nice photo series. I like the third photo of the little table and chairs. What a cute setting.

    Nice try, but I'm not getting green ninja glasses. :)

  6. I really like those sunglasses. Will your readers be seeing more of them? It gives you the look of a Suzuki Samurai warrior.
    We almost always meet up with our kids on Sundays for a meal. Jayna cooked some really nice fish burritos. I made the home made salsa.

  7. i wish we could meet up for a meal sometime soon... :) another fun day/post bob! hope all is well!

  8. Nice post on the charging solution.

    I also liked that photo of you in the pink glasses so much I made it my google contact pic for you :)