Monday, December 20, 2010

Last day of Fall 2010

It seems like an eternity since I have ridden my mighty V-strom. Often I cannot ride to work as I worry about frost and ice on the roads when I leave home before 7AM. I have to travel up and down the hills of New Westminster on my way to Coquitlam and often there is ice along the way. Our Company does not allow for carry over of Vacation time so I was eagerly encouraged to take it right away, so today I have all day to do my errands


My appointed task today is to locate an image of that Superbird character "The King" from that Disney Pixar movie "Cars". Of course I head to that large store which carries all kinds of toys and get a headache walking about and fighting with other shoppers looking for Christmas gifts. And for my effort I left empty handed. It seems that our Grandson has an affection for an image of that character and I was going to put a likeness of that image onto a T-shirt transfer as a gift. A couple of years ago I made a transfer of Thomas the Train and he wore that T-shirt until it was just a ball of tattered threads.

Where to go, what to do on a weekday. I am on my way to nowhere when I notice a head stuck to the ground and made a U-turn for a photo opp


I maneuver past cement barracades and park next to the head. There is another statue on the top



I head South but then I divert north onto River Road, as I make my way to nowhere particular


There is a picnic area along this section of the river which is just across from YVR, the Vancouver International Airport


There are not many people here today; a lone jogger, and two couples walking on the Dike . Very shortly I get to the end of the road


Walkers only past this point. Richmond is a city surrounded by Dikes which protects the lowlands from flooding. Most dikes, like this one, have a road on top .


After another photo, I hop onto my V-strom and again head southward. By now the rain has arrived and the weather forecast is for rain turning to snow flurries with a small accummulation of perhaps 2cm


Soon I arrive in Steveston and head for the Government Dock


Often I ride down here during the summer for sunset pictures


Today it is deserted. There are no problems to find a place to park


All is serene and quiet with all the fishing boats at dock waiting for next year's fishing season


That is the Gulf of Georgia Cannery which has now been fully restored and is now a National Historic Site

Oh look what I see on that yonder dock over there


It's my V-strom, happy to be out touring the country side on this last day of Fall. Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the start of a new season .

Not much traffic today. I am not accustomed to exploring on a weekday and I think a lot of people are in the malls preparing for the Christmas season . I can stop nearly anywhere without a car in sight


In order to slow down the traffic, the City of Richmond has installed speed bumps, but my Strom barely notices them


The water levels at Finn Slough are very high


As I aim for home I stop to visit EMS, where I service my Strom


Ted is moving his shop to another double unit on the opposite side of the same complex. Most of his equipment has been dismantled in anticipation of his move. As I prepare to leave he asks me to take one last photo of himself in front of the shop. This may be his last photo in front. January 1st will find him in his new location

(My 'Strom with TED)


  1. Looks like you had a fine ride to acknowledge the end of fall and the onset of winter. I just love the landscape of your part of the world.

    Someday I hope to explore it.

    It's much the same here in regard to traffic and malls. Stay away from the malls and commercial strips and the world is quiet and serene.

    Merry Christmas!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  2. Well done my friend. Thanks for all the miles and smiles and good advice in 2010. Wishing happy holidays to you, Yvonne and family.


  3. It looks like there's a pair of pink Crocs frozen in ice. Am I right?

    Scootin' Old Skool

  4. That's what I like to see, nice empty roads. Guess I'm not fond of sharing. Nice pics from a nice ride. I'm glad you had a chance to get out and ride!

    I'm celebrating the return to days getting longer! :)

  5. Now you've done it Bob - you've stirred my curiosity and you'll have to take another day off to find out the history of those statues!

    The large head is clearly Lenin and it looks like Chairman Mao on top. Reckon it's an allegory for Mao walking the tightrope of communism?(And no, I haven't been drinking or taking illegal substances, haha!)

    Take care and have a wonderful Xmas. Not sure whether to wish you a white one or not, given the state Europe is in. It's been around 30 deg C here today and I got dehydrated mowing and tidying the garden ready for the deluge of rellies. (That's Family in Down Under talk!)

  6. What a great looking day! Cloudy, but I think the empty roads make up for the lack of sun. And it just encourages all those shoppers to stay indoors and out of your way. Glad you had the day off and enjoyed it! Good luck on "the King" image. -Lori

  7. I hope you can find that special gift for your grandson. Shopping like that frustrates me. This year I have already finished my shopping and am looking forward to a little relaxation. That looks like a wonderful ride you had. My riding has lessened, but just a bit, and riding anywhere near the shopping centers is a big mistake right now and will be for a few more days.
    Here's wishes for a wonderful holiday season for you and your family. It sounds like the grandkids are in charge a bit, and after all, isn't a lot of it for the kids? I think so.


  8. so, a large bust of Lenin's head....what's up with that?


  9. EDIT:

    Link to info regarding LENIN and Ms Mao now revised on post

  10. Bob, you're a gem!

    Thanks from your inquisitive friend!

  11. So what is in all the bags? Cold weather gear no doubt.And don't forget to reveal the contents of the tank bag too...When is the snow due back?

  12. Like Geoff, I would like to know the story of the statues.

    I really like the picture of the V-Strom over yonder on the dock.

    Bob, may you have a great Holiday time and delight in the returning of the light.


  13. Can you search Google images for Disney Pixar Cars King to get you the image you need of the blue #43 Superbird driven by Richard Petty?
    I guess that would be too easy and not require a motorcycle ride...I get, nevermind.
    Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays to you and Yvonne.

  14. Interesting pictures and wonderfully deserted streets. I am allowed to carry leave into the next year but only 6 weeks. So I'm taking some time off as well. Unfortunately, no riding (need to look into that sidecar thing some more).

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Steve:

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I am envious of your PA landscapes. Want to trade ? I have a collection of cameras to keep you busy

    Merry Christmas to your family too


    2011 planning already in the thinking stage and feelers sent out . Happy holidays to you and Mrs Sonja too .


    Sorry, no bananas today. it was my 'Strom windshield with my Red LED light in the background


    On weekends there is usually a lot of traffic. It is rare for me to take a day off and stay around town. It was nice to be able to stop everywhere and not worry about cars


    It's part of the Millenium Art project. There are statues scattered all around Vancouver and surrounding area. Perhaps I should gather a list and photograph all of them. I already posted the laughing monks at English Bay. They will be there for another year before they are dismantled. Merry Christmas to you and the CEO too. You can keep the snow

  16. BeemerGirl/Lori:

    Yes, it was very nice to have the roads to myself. I managed to get "The King" image today after work and have already printed the transfer "reversed mirror image"


    I dislike shopping. I only buy with a purpose and not necessarily when it is on sale. Have a very Merry Wichita Christmas


    I edited the post with a reference. It seems very controversial. There are more statues scattered around the area from different artists. I'll find out more

    Mr Conchscooter:

    Right Sidecase: tools, 1/4" drive socket set, Wet bag, toilet tissue, electric vest, extra gloves, socks and thermal top. Left side, empty, just in case I purchase something. Top case for helmet, radio, and place to put GPS, camera and neckwarmer. Tank bag, earphones, gas receipts, pen, paper maps, bungie cords and sidestand puck. Under the seat storage for; air compressor, tire plug kit(s), both types, screwdriver, open end wrenches, allen keys, registration and Suzuki warranty booklet


    I liked that one on the dock too. I had to park then walk around to the roadway . You have a great Holiday time too, and perhaps get a ride or two in


    I managed to get my image tonight on the way home, from Walmart. I had to PS it and have already printed the Transfer ready to iron onto a T-shirt. Web images do not have enough resolution


    you are lucky to get so much vacation time, plus you travel a lot. With a sidecar you will be invincible. Merry Christmas

  17. bob, is the shiny Lenin head anywhere near the giant sparrows in the Olympic Village?

    Scootin' Old Skool

  18. Orin:

    NO. The Lenin statue is in Richmond, south about 10 miles away

  19. You went to my favourite place - nowhere particular. Great post, empty roads, bikes, gifts, places.... I wish the snow here would go away, so I could get out and ride.

  20. So that's where my head went! I was sort of wondering. Thank you for finding it for me. Of course, it figures that when somebody found my head somebody else would be standing on it.

  21. Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Skoot, and the family Bob. Hope it's not too wet up there!

  22. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Your very brave Bob, I dont even like to take the car out when its below 20c.

    The very best of wishes to you and Mrs.scoot this Christmas mate!!