Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IMS: International MC show random photos

This is a continuation of the previous post which included no 2-wheeled photos which is going to be remedied now. From the various chitter chatter on our local bike forums, it would appear that our Vancouver show, scheduled for late January 2011 is at least double the size of this Seattle show. Also we will be honoured with the presence of BMW & Triumph which were AWOL in Seattle .

(Honda CBR250R)

This is a very nice looking bike and it is priced at US$3,999. with ABS available as an option . Here is a view of the cockpit


Note that even on this entry model a tachometer is supplied as standard equipment

(Harley Davidson, scrambler)

I don't know much about old bikes


but perhaps some retired Kiwi from Coromandel could chime in with further details


There were lots of vintage bikes on display




Here is a view of the floor


I think the show was smaller than last year. Unlike the Vancouver show it was easier to climb onto virtually any bike of your choice, with less lines




I can't help it, I often find myself staring at the lovely jugs of an "R" bike


Here's Trobairitz posing on a Suzuki GS500F


and Troubadour on a Suzuki DR400 dual sport


This is his way of saying that it meets with his approval


Something we noticed was this new way of adjusting your chain by using an offset cam


I try to find the Women Riders section so I can locate Stacy and to my surprise, I notice Sonja and Mr Sonja


(Stacy, Bob & Sonja)

It was great to see SonjaM at the Seattle show. She didn't mention she was coming down and couldn't stay for dinner before heading back to Vancouver

Here's Rick on a Ninja something or other



Here's one for Charlie6, a hack with a missile side car


We were getting a bit friendly by the end of the day

(Trobairitz, Rick & Troubadour)


  1. Nice post with plenty of bike shots (no food pictures, you must have starved!) I guess I'm partial to the "R" bikes as well. That looks like an early 80's R100 (snowflake wheels, dual Brembo front brakes, oil cooler) that has had the fairing removed. Nice to see pictures of everyone. Thank you for posting.


  2. I don't know which is best, the new bikes or the old bikes. All these great bikes, but I still have a soft spot for the Kawis.

  3. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Snail cams....thats what those chain cams were called 20 plus years ago on my first Yamaha bike DT175...ahh memories!!

    You look good on a cruiser Bob...We both know it just a matter of time before you get one!!



  4. Very interesting to see the different bike at that IMS show compared to the ones we had in Dallas. Several manufacturers were missing at Dallas.

  5. Hi Bob:

    It's the old Kiwi codger reporting in as requested :-).

    Some lovely photos there, not least some of the other blogging miscreants that we verbally joust with from time to time!

    I'm not a big fan of Harley dressers but that XR flat-tracker is an absolute beauty.

    Interesting to see the speedway bike as I didn't think it was popular sport in the Americas. 500cc methanol-burning single, single gear, running on a quarter mile cinder track. Very good spectator sport.

    Thanks for showing them!

  6. Shiny and sparkly. :)

    Must be maddening to sit on any bike of your fancy and not be able to actually ride it!!

    Stacy had it right...vroom, vroom.

  7. I like the Harley Scrambler ( I use to dream about a Honda Scrambler), and the Triumph T100C. Both for their nostalgic factor. Nice pics - thank you!

  8. That CB 250R with ABS looks ideal for Mrs Nikos!

    Not too much hot totty in this one - Jack will be disappointed.

    (Boxer jugs do not count - I think...)


  9. I liked the sidecar rig Bob! So was it a thompson submachine gun strapped to the Enfield tug?

    That was a nice clean airhead you found as well....great jugs.


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  10. RichardM: Everytime I see an "R" bike I think of you and Jack 'what's his name' . K bikes are missing their jugs so they are not real Beemers

    Bluekat: Everytime I see a Ninja I imagine you are riding it, but none of those we saw had those rabbit ear mirrors

    Dave: you know everything. You are a jack of all trades. Too bad about the snow

    Motoroz: I think it is the sign of the economy and the downturn in what are perceived as "toys". In other parts of the world motorcycles are considered as transporation. Our Vancouver show in late January is probably twice the Seattle show. it has already been confirmed that BMW and Triumph will be there. Thank you for visiting

  11. Geoff: You have very good recollections of vehicles which were current models when you were younger, esp in the UK where they had more obscure models

    Lori: it wasn't the first time that Stacy took the position and made the VROOM noises. wouldn't it be nice if they actually had MC shows during the summer, outside on a track to test them out.

    Mike: I do like the Triumph Scrambler, but I like the Street Triple more.

    Nikos: Actually the CBR250R was very nice. too bad it wasn't a CBR400R instead, then Honda would own this class with no competition (at least here). Now they have to fight Kawasaki with their Ninja 250

    Charlie6: Everytime I notice a Hack I take a photo & think of you. That Airhead was very nice. I would be tempted if the price were right.

  12. Dear Bobskoot:

    The Honda CBR250R is a nice-looking piece of goods for $4,000... But with a mill that is the equal to a lot of fine scooters, I think it would be smarter to look for a good used bike with a bit more muscle, if a rider was really committed to the lifestyle. On the other hand, this would be a perfect rig for someone who simply wanted to concentrate of lessons learned in the class, without having to routinely compete in slab traffic. It is about $3,000 USD cheaper than the Vespa with a 250cc engine.

    Nice pictures of the older bikes. I love the paint on that BMW "R" bike.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads