Sunday, December 12, 2010

A weekend away at IMS: Seattle

It was an action packed weekend away to Seattle for the IMS: Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Seattle at Qwest Field


The plan was to get an early start to minimize the line at the Canadian/US border so we left early and crossed the border around 7am yesterday. Due to the high Cdn $ and the proximity of Christmas there are lots of shoppers heading down to Bellingham to snap up the bargains. After a leisurely jaunt heading south along I-5 we eventually get to our first destination, Glazer's, a candy store for photographers


The main building is crammed full of equipment both new and pre-loved. My intent was to check out the various types of printing paper and I left with some sample packs to try out. They had walls and shelves full of brands that are not available in Vancouver. I also wanted to check out their film inventories which they keep across the street in another building along with chemicals, photo paper, lighting and other professional supplies

(Glazer's, Seattle, WA)

The show was similar to last year. Some vendors were notably missing and there were not that many people wandering about. I think even the number of vendors were less as I noticed the displays were more sparse and spaced farther apart. There were lots of vintage bikes on display and Honda even had their new CBR250RR there for you to fondle.

I think Jack rIEPE would feel right at home here


Hard as I try my camera has a mind of its own


I tried to capture a photo of Troubadour but the magnetic effects of my lens had other ideas


At least I got most of Troubadour in the photo while the person in the background looked on. You can tell it's Troubadour by the Triumph t-shirt

Everywhere we went we saw evidence of Jack's preferred images


and a closer view for Jack's aging eyes


I think Charlie6 would like it here as evidenced by this good omen at our hotel


It's always a good weekend when you are able to get away for a day or so to do something you like and meetup with others with similar interests. I find that other bloggers also have the urge to meet up with other bloggers. Even though you are separated by great distances it's always like you have been friends for a long time. Your conversations start off uninterrupted as if it were only yesterday.

And so it was this weekend when this motley crew from Corvallis, OR made their way to Seattle for our 2nd annual visit to the IMS motorcycle show

(L to R:Stacy , Troubadour, Rick & Trobairitz <--click name for more info)

And YES, there were motorcycles there. Perhaps some photos next time, and NO, I did not actually meet Flo



  1. It was great to see you and Mrs. Skoot at the show again this year. Can't wait to see some of those candid shots you were taking. Thank you for taking the time to meet up and visit. It is always a pleasure.

    Bummer we missed seeing Sonja though. Next time....

  2. Age hasn't dimmed your appreciation of the female form then Bob :-)

    You suit that cruiser in the last photo very well indeed and should think of a Christmas trade-in. If you do, then a ponytail will be mandatory. I suppose that a hairpiece attached to the inside of your helmet would just about be adequate!

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    Geoff James has got your number all right... A cruiser with the pony tail attached to the $59 half-coconut helmet would be right up your alley.

    Thank you for looking after my interests. Conchscooter can never get it right.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Wish we could have made it up there, just to see everyone again, and meet Mrs. Skoot!

  5. Almost considered a layover since I passed through Seatac last weekend on my way to CA. I had never been to a large moto show before but didn't make my plans soon enough.

    The cruiser does seem to fit well...


  6. Wonderful writeup. I can't seem to appreciate some of the photos as much as others here might... ;) Maybe a couple inside of Glazers might have been more up my alley. LOL. Very appropriate restroom shot. Glad you had a good time! -Lori

  7. Loved the bathroom shot! Good to see you meeting up with so many fellow bloggers. I liked the candy store for photographers comment!

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    Most of the umbrella girls and models at these event love being photographed, as their sponsoring logos always make it into the picture. Some women riders object to this sort of thing... I don't see it fading away anytime soon, though.

    Thanks for the call the other night. I found the exact same e-mail that you got in my aol stuff. I responded as we discussed.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. Bob

    When you are arrested for taking pictures of females without their consent (some hot totty there by the way) you will plead the Fifth Riepe Amendment?
    I might visit you in prison or at least send flowers.


  10. Well, it does look like you and Flo had a great time in Monument Valley -:)

  11. Brings an entirely new meaning to "Going with the Flo". (Groans from everyone). Sorry, I'll go back on my medication later :-)

  12. As a female rider I don't find offense at the images of these girls...I am already better because they don't actually ride! I just wish there were competing images of some hunks. I mean...eye candy of bobskoot and trobairitz, et. al. is a great will never be complete until we can get some hunk shots of riepe... ;) -Lori

  13. Trobairitz: It's always a pleasure to see you and Troubadour. I didn't know that Sonja was coming either

    Geoff, "retired KIWI with the red shorts": I don't think a cruiser is my style. I'm more of an "R" kind of person

    Jack: It's amazing how I was goaded into taking rIEPE photos. It seems you have a reputation to live up to.

    BlueKat: I was hoping that you were going to hop into the car too and tag along. There were lots of Ninjas for you to sit on

    Richard: too bad you didn't . . . We had a great time and what happens in Seattle stays in Seattle, if you know what I mean. some things are best left unposted

    Lori: Glazers is a very large store, lots of equipment of every type. I was tempted but I know they won't like it for security reasons I often don't photograph in stores.

  14. Gary: I like Glazers for all the used stuff they have. I have nearly every format but it has taken many years to learn to not buy. I was there for one reason, to check out their fine art printing paper and left without purchasing anything major. It goes towards food instead

    Jack: very sorry to have woken you up, I didn't realize you retired at 7pm . I also like to stare at sponsor's logos too as long as they are strategically placed

    Nikos: It makes me warm inside to know that I have wonderful friends who care about me

    Chuck: We did go to Monument Valley but not on two wheels. Didn't see Flo there either

    Geoff: I didn't know you were on medication, I thought that's the way you were

    Lori: I've never thought of rIEPE as a "hunk" . I think if I aimed my camera at a hunk they would look at me in a funny way, either that or I should be running away fast in the opposite direction.