Monday, August 15, 2011

Boat cruise waterfront homes

I was lucky to be invited to a pleasant afternoon cruise on a private yacht last week


We had lots of room to roam around and I chose to stay on the upper deck so I could take photos along the way. We cruised the south shore of West Vancouver and we were able to see the spectacular homes along the waterfront which are not visible from the road . Many homes are built in challenging positions on cliffs, on private islands with most having swimming pools.


I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Oh how nice it would be to be living in any one of these beautiful homes with stunning views, overlooking the ocean.


The high tide mark can be seen on the rocks








(Your own private island)







Homes of the rich and famous . Doesn't hurt to dream . . .


  1. Some serious money about Bob and yay for you getting such a nice cruise - well done!

  2. Nice being able to go on a cruise. It's always nice to get out on the water. So, did you find the house of your dreams?


  3. ive been considering living on a houseboat here in the Oakland-Alameda Bay just across from SF. unfortunately they have poor parking with no garages or secure storage available so ive practically written the thought off, but it is fabulous to dream!

  4. The houses are lovely, but I would rethink wanting to live perched on the side of 'cliffs'. I have 2thoughts on this 1) earthquake 2) tsunami . Very nice yacht you were on and your pictures are awesome.

    mq01 - I lived on a 750 sq ft float home for 10 years in Victoria. It is a wonderful lifestyle, but you do give up some conveniences and sometimes mileage can be quite high. You also have really think environmentally with things you use aboard and you also have to constantly pay attention to the upkeep of your floatation system. Storms can be dreadful too. We went through a blizzard in 1996 & constantly had to shovel because of the weight & sinking us. Bob - sorry I hijacked your thread.

  5. ** mileage was supposed to be MOORAGE - darn autocorrect.

  6. Nice cruise. Much snooping going on. I always find houses on islands interesting. There is that one stairway and deck on the side of the cliff that I just don't think I would want to use. Looked rickety!

    Steel Cupcake

  7. dar, ah yes, and we suffer from low land levels (low tide = much shoveling/sinking). thanks for the great info!

    bob thanks for allowing my mind to wander to waterfront :)

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    I am very impressed that you move freely through social circles in which your intimate pals have yachts. Since this was the summer, were there nearly naked French women on the upper decks taking in the sun?

    I am always amazed at the kind of houses the affluent build. These homes are elegant on a princely scale and each vies for the better view. Still my favorite was the more modest one on the little island, only because of its isolation from the neighbors.

    Very interesting post today, Mr. Scoot.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. Great photos of those huge homes. I sure wouldn't want to pay the property taxes. I'm happy with a little house on a big lot so my neighbors are further away. Although the thought of a private island holds some appeal.

  10. I think you got a few shots there of Oprah's place down on the point with the boat garage. Hell if the cruise had gone a bay further north you might have even got a shot of my sisters place and yes the property taxes along that stretch can be brutal.

  11. Bobscoot,

    A few weeks back I was in Seattle when we were invited to a party at a friend of a friend's place. We were at a house like one on the hill. Holy crap. What a shock, I felt out of place. One of the other guys at the party showed up in a beater of a Saab and drank beer like it didn't matter. I followed suit. Eventually the lines blurred enough and I stopped caring where we were - and enjoyed myself.

    I still felt like I was batting out of my league... YOU don't have your own yacht, do you?

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  12. Geoff:

    We are out of our league but the cruise was nice. Doesn't hurt to feel like Royalty, once in a while


    I think something more modest would be more my style, but a view would be nice

    Ms M:

    Many of those homes are on Islands and require small boats to access. Their cars have to be parked on the Mainland side. No garage, no cover, no security. Plus you have to bring your pack your garbage out yourself. All is not always as rosey as you think


    I would imagine floatation would be a problem if not maintained, but water has a calming, stress-relieving effect. It seems so glamourous to be on a floating home, but NO scooter parking

    Steel Cupcake:

    I think those stairs were condemned. I wouldn't wish to go down them either but made for an interesting photo


    There are slightly larger islands closer to Victoria where you could have a few acres and some land where you could ride your beloved K75 in circles. It would allow you to also have a boat in your fleet.


    I am sure the taxes are huge, you are paying for the view. A large property with a modest home would be perfect. I've always wanted a long twisty driveway


    thanks for visiting but Oprah's home is East of Pilot Cove. All of these photos were taken West of Lighthouse Park. One of them belongs to Brian Adams, but I don't know which one.


    Firstly, We have No yacht, No Ferrari, NO Rolls, No domestics. Why didn't you give us advance warning of your Seattle Visit. You were less than 3 hours south of Vancouver. Wherever you are, sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment

  13. Bob,

    I'm sad we didn't. We really should have tried to get in touch with more people on the road. Though, we were taken care of (at least in the Seattle area) I met up with a friend of 14 years there. It was a grand time. Next trip...

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  14. Thank you for the proper Oprah info. I remember boating by that place in 90 or 91 not too long after it was built. Still looks pretty impressive.Lived in Vancouver from 1955 to '86 so enjoy your photos of the city.

  15. Nice homes, are you shopping for your future home?

  16. Brady:

    It would have been less expensive for us to meet in Seattle, Airfare to Germany seems slightly out of reach. At least you had a chance to renew friendships with old friends


    It's hard to figure out where you are now. I don't recognize the backgrounds, except for the VPD. Vancouver is constantly changing, if you have been away for more than a few years you may not recognize anything


    NO, we were not the Captain of the boat, it happened to cruise past these homes, which are out of our league. I would be content with an S10 in the garage, Raven or blue, doesn't matter

  17. Interesting to see the photos. Thank you for sharing. We always dwell on how nice it must be to live there when the weather is nice.

    It seems that most of the time it would be damp and cold living there.

    Like Jack, I am amazed at the circles you seem to move in!