Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walk to the Marina

Last week I took a rare mid-week day off to go on a cruise. What to do, do I drive downtown and pay for parking ? do I ride my bike and leave it in a parkade ? I was meeting Mrs Skoot so we would possibly have two cars down there and have to pay double for parking. Then do I take the bus which is half a block from home ? Or do I take the Skytrain (subway) instead and walk the mile to the nearest Skytrain station. Decisions, decisions . . .


Even though my foot is not yet back to normal, I took it easy and decided to walk the mile . As I allowed lots of time, I decided to get off at the Cambie Street station and walk the rest of the way . It's amazing what you notice while you are surveying your surroundings at walking pace


In order to get to the downtown area you have to travel across one of many bridges. Today I was going to walk over the Cambie Street Bridge


I set a slow pace and the bridge is shorter than it seems but looking at the walkway it appears to never end, though it is only about 1 kilometer long


I turn around to see I have walked from the top of the hill. The building on the left is Vancouver's City Hall.


It is a pleasant day with lots of marine air which is expected to burn off around noon. The temperatures are just right with a strong breeze blowing over the water . I am soon nearing mid-span and can see my destination on the other side aboard one of those white yachts


As I get closer I snap another close up photo


Eventually I get to the other side and have to cross through Yaletown where there are some fancy condos with creative water features


This one looks sort of like a tree with barren leaves so I just have to walk through it . Unfortunately I did not bring my tripod and could only put my camera on the ground and it chopped off my head


I was still a bit early so I decided to have a snack at one of the restaurants in the Marina area. I grabbed a sidewalk table and ordered a heathly sandwich accompanied with a healthy beverage


Two waters because I was thirsty and it was easier to carry two glasses to the table instead of having to get up a second time for the refill . My grilled salmon sandwich was simple


and very tasty . I was still had an hour to kill so walked around the corner to the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza which is still under construction


The Roundhouse was where rail cars and engines were put on a circular moving platform and redirected to various garages which were arranged in a cirle. CLICK HERE for more information


Of course the turntable is now in a fixed position


I was thinking that it would be nice to have a Roundtable mechanism in your own garage so you could turn your bike around


The rail tracks go into each "former" garage and have been left in the ground . There is also a railway museum on site and they have restored the first engine, No 374 that entered Vancouver during May 1887 .

I took many photos of waterfront homes during our cruise and generally had a relaxing time watching the scenery float by. Here is one taken from the stern, of Lighthouse park in the background . The lighthouse is still in daily operation but recently through automated control



  1. Love the shots of the subway and the rocket! Oh...and the fountain. Looks like a wonderful day out of the office, having a mental health and photography day.

  2. Pleased to see your foot is getting better.

  3. What's with the Buck Rogers rocket? Looks interesting. I like the refurbishing of the roundhouse though it may have been interesting to make creative use of the turntable...

    Glad to hear that your food is healing.

  4. Hopefully, looking forward to seeing some of those places in the not too distant future :-)

  5. Walking sure allows for a different perspective than does riding anything. Loved the photos...things seemed so quite and devoid of people and heavy traffic. Nice pics.

  6. Steel cupcake:

    Usually when I take a day off, we go away. It is unusual to remain in the city and relax but I am learning a new lifestyle


    Not really, but I am taking it easy. This is a recurring problem which normally heals within 2-3 weeks. It has now gone on since April and I am afraid it may not entirely go away. I was told that exercise is what I need to do to strengthen my meagre muscles


    The Roundhouse is a neat concept. I would like to have a m/c one at home, then I could ride in and turn around. That rocket was part of a transportation theme somewhere before and they moved it to the current location.


    I was waiting for requests . . . from the peanut gallery and your inquiring mind didn't disappoint.


    In times past I used to do a lot of street photography and could walk all day. I agree with you that it is easier to blend in while walking about . I am glad you are riding again and sort of back "on-line" . They had a documentary on TV yesterday on Chicago's polluted waterway and I recognized a few places from your photos. Esp the bridges and the canal. welcome back

  7. Dear Bobskoot:

    You're a better man than I am. I would not have walked 50 feet with a sore foot. You apparently walked from Toronto to Vancouver.

    But Bob, do I understand correctly that you walked past a railroad museum with a restored steam engine inside, and didn't stop to do homage?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  8. It's like you're on vacation in your own back yard...I love it.