Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paolo's first master

What seems like a long time ago, Paolo was master to another. I came across one of my early videos where Paolo was given a bath by Local Firefighters at a Suzuki open house

I know Paolo is happier now that she has a companion and gets regular exercise throughout the area exploring the backroads of Southern BC and Washington state. This video was recorded April, 2008 when I was still riding my prev bike, Suzuki SV650n


  1. Were it not for your message about "slower than it looks" I would have labeled you speed demon! Looks very fast--not that there's anything wrong that...;-)

  2. Paolo looks happy to be given a bath by the firefighters. Me thinks he likes it when Sonja gives him a bath too. ;-)

  3. Who wouldn't love a sponge bath by firefighters? I mean, which vehicle wouldn't?
    Thanks, Bob for sharing this with me. It looks even like it was Paolo in its pre-scratch area.
    Urban Wasp still carries the maintenance file as Agnes' Bike ;-) She really took good care of the scooter. Her loss was my gain.

  4. I would love the 'calendar' boys washing my scooter! Cool video Mr Bobskoot.


  5. As others have stated...I wouldn't mind a brigade of firefighters soaping up my steed... :)

  6. Sharon: You of all people should know that the SV650 is a pocket rocket and appears to be faster than it looks . . . right ? It must have been the loud exhaust

    Trobairitz: I think you are right, but myself I would prefer bikini girls rather than Firefighters

    SonjaM: I forgot about that video and I just had to post it for you . I don't know what happened but she just lost interest in riding

    Dar: I do have another video about a couple of years ago where my prev bike Suzuki SV650 was being pampered by bikini girls. I still have a smile just thinking about it

    Steel Cupcake: You don't need a brigade of firefighters. If I loved closer, I would wash your bike for you