Monday, August 8, 2011

Choosing my new boots

Recently on my return home from a recent trip, I found out that my waterproof boots were not waterproof . Last year on my trip to Oregon I wore a pair of waterproof boots from a different manufacturer but the buckle broke and they were too snug, so I gave them away to a needy noobie.


Last week I stopped at Imperial Motorcyles to check out their Alpinestar boots, the same ones that someone else recently purchased.


They are the Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof, at least I hope they are


There is not much choice if you don't want a full height boot. I opted for the shorter Ridge model


They were not in stock last week but a new shipment was arriving in a few days so I put two sizes on hold . Ever since I hurt my foot I have been wearing GEL inserts which would require the next larger size, so I was fiddling around for quite a while trying to figure out which size to buy


I tried on the boots, with and without socks, and socks with and without the GEL inserts trying to narrow down the decision. On regular street shoes I would take a 42 metric. These size 10's were 43 but felt tight, then with the insert in, really really tighter. Remember in winter you may want to double up on the socks


the size 11's were 44 metric and were easier to put on. With the GEL insert they felt nearly perfect but my mind was thinking that they were 2 sizes too large, even though they felt good. I walked about the store for a bit wearing both sizes trying to flex the new leather and the 10's bit into my foot because it creased in the wrong spot (on my foot).

I even tried the eye test


and the larger boot looked to be the correct size. The 10's were very tight to pull on. Funny thing that when I compared my size 9W to the size 11 Alpinestars, they appeared to be virtually the same size


The top boot is the Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof size 11, and the bottom is size 9W and it fits a bit snug. If you didn't know the size you would think they would fit the same. Perhaps the Ridge is slightly wider. I like the idea of boots with NO laces as the laces have been caught on my pegs before.

After a lot of humming and hawing


I finally settled on the size 11's. They feel very comfortable with the GEL inserts


  1. I'm interested in hearing how they work out. I still use a pair of leather work boots and have caught the laces on something before so I have been thinking of a pair of motorcycle specific boots. So far, with my boots out of the airflow and hiding behind hot cylinders, they are still dry even after a long ride in the rain.

  2. 'ello Bob,
    Like Richard, I'm very interested in your experience with them as my old and once-waterproof SIDI's have to be replaced this year.

    I've read a few reviews about Alpinestars on clothing supplier sites and that the thing which stood out was being careful with their sizing - a point which you've amply made. This means that I can't mail-order them from the USA if that's what my final choice is.

  3. I'd always been happy with my Oxtar Matrix boots but they only lasted me a bit over 60,000 miles of riding and using them as walking boots at work as well. And yes, they were waterproof but not too hot.

    My present boots are HOT in warm weather and I've fallen back to repairing the Oxtars as best as can for hot weather riding. But they'll be great for winter though.

    Good luck with the boots, let us know who they are in different temperatures.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Alpinestar Ridge? I have had those for over a year now, and they are waterproof, and light enough to walk around. I can highly recommend them.
    Also, I had to go one size bigger as I usually wear.

  5. I shall enjoy picturing you riding this winter with dry feet. I will be shivering, wishing I needed winter boots.

  6. Yes I know it is frivolous, but whenever I read a posting about new boots, I cannot help but be reminded my all-time favourite music albums “New Boots and Panties”, by one of the true wordsmiths of music, Ian Dury.

    I hope your stay dry – the boots, I mean.

  7. Yes I know it is frivolous, but whenever I read a posting about new boots, I cannot help but be reminded my all-time favourite music albums “New Boots and Panties”, by one of the true wordsmiths of music, Ian Dury.

    I hope your stay dry – the boots, I mean.

  8. Nice new boots you found there Bob. I hope they bring you many days of dry riding and happy feet.

  9. Interesting. Those are exactly the same boots I'm thinking of buying. I tried them on at my Vespa dealer. I'm usually a 10 1/2 and they have a 10 in stock and it seemed to fit really well. One thing I found odd is that the boots tilt inwards, as if the heel were worn down on the inside edge. The dealer explained that it was a feature designed for the seating position on an MC to compensate for the angle of the leg. That will not be an issue on a scooter. I don't mind, but I wonder what it would be like to walk a few blocks in them at destination. I have the money saved up and I'm ready to commit. I really like them.

  10. I have been wearing Alpinstars for a year now. I don't know if they are Ridge's or not, but they look very similar. I am very happy with their waterproffness. And they are fairly light weight for walking...just not too flexible for quite a while. :)

    I still think you need to go puddle hopping to test them. hehe

  11. Dear Bobskoot:

    It has been my experience with motorcycle boots that every manufacturer seems to use a different size last in guess-timating the characteristics of the average North American foot.

    It has come to the point where I believe the sizing is almost random.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads