Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mostly Random Sunday photos

Lately I've been very busy. Family gatherings, Aunt's major Birthday, Friends visiting from California and other stuff which I don't blog about. Relatives are shy and don't wish to be recognized. Due to the recent hot weather, not much riding except for commuting to work so it was refreshing this morning with the unexpected drizzle of rain


During the summer the sportbike community usually plans a few bike nights, but not so many this year due to our late summer. Last week was the 2nd bike night of the year and it was fairly well attended. There was a BBQ, DJ music and lots of ooing and aahhhing over the Ducati's but I was mesmerized over this nearly new Vincent with only 300 miles on the odometer. It was virtually new


Actually it was better than new. I don't know if this was a restoration or not but it was used sparingly as the owner only rides short distances to show it off

A couple of weeks ago we happened to be downtown at English Bay and noticed that the laughing statues had been decorated with colourful headwear.


There were other people taking photos and I decided to pose "monkey see, monkey do" style


I'm the one with the plain headwear . It was a humid hot day so I was very glad to not have to wear ATGATT today


I walked across the street to show you the view of the seawall which goes all the way around Stanley Park.


but my camera had a mind of its own and pointed to the bottom right corner, like a magnet. The force was strong that I had to concede to its wishes


Did I mention that it was a hot day ? So I decided that I wanted a Tim Hortons Iced Capuccino. While on our way to Timmies I looked to my left and noticed


another rider out for a ride and just enjoying the day . We finally arrive at Timmies and noticed this motorcycle patrolman parking his HD to join his friends


who were waiting inside


Doughnuts and the Police, a common combination


  1. I didn't mind the rain this morning, but people were driving like sh$t, like Calgarians on the first day of snow.

    I thought cops and donuts were an urban myth or out of the movies. You proved me wrong. I like the police bikes in front of Timmy's.

  2. That shot of the Vincent's speedometer really makes me want to see the rest of the bike. The last shot of the police bikes in front of Tim Hortons is classic.

  3. Great pictures Bobskoot. I especially liked the ones of you mimicking the statues.

    We haven't seen rain in a while but we did wake to 41˚F this morning which is 5˚C. Fall is approaching.

  4. " was refreshing this morning with the unexpected drizzle of rain " Spoken like a true PNWer. Most people don't get this.

    Funny at the laughing statues, lol. I dunno, might be a cute photo in the full gear too.

    Nice shot of the three police bikes at Tim Hortons! I always like seeing their bikes (except when speeding that is)

  5. I guess I'm the only one who is glad you conceded to the camera's will. Are you sure the camera didn't also say, "use the zoom"?

  6. With the pair on the Harley all I could think was "ATGATT: protects the vision too!"

    Those statues look like great fun. I'm thinking I've got a pair of monkeys that would have had fun hanging out with these guys.

  7. Dear Bobscoot,

    Love the odo picture. I think you should have had your pink crocs, great snap. We have a Timmies up the street & you usually see the donut patrol parked outside at various points. They are probably the only ones who feel safe leaving their helmets out like that.



  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    Odometer fascination is a BMW thing. (I have a story running about it this week.) But pictures of women out modeling the squirel covers is definitely my fascination. Cops and donuts go together like politicians and handcuffs.

    Fondest regards,
    Twiated Roads