Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Non Traditional Christmas

dinner which we had on Christmas Eve.  We were invited by our BIL: Brother-in-Law, who wanted to host our family dinner again.  It has been at least a couple of years since we last made Turkey.   Last year was roasted Duck, and this year it was Alaskan Black Cod, aka:  Sable Fish.

We had big fillets ready to roast

The fillet was slit into portions and lemon was wedged inside to keep it moist

Then there was the dangerous knife operation to open up the coconuts so that we could drink the milk inside

After the liquid is finished you can still scrape the insides for the coconut meat.   I try not to take a lot of photos at family functions but we also had Quinoa with raisins & walnuts, yams, leeks and sweet potatoes.  For dessert we had a large assortment of french pastries and cream puffs.

The following photos are our desserts from Christmas day

Christmas Log

and a nice cake which was shaped like a coffee cup

I hope all of you also managed to eat too much during the Holidays


  1. That fish looks fantastic! Was there a glaze? And the coconuts are a wonderful idea.

    1. Martha:

      we like Alaska Black Cod cooked with just lemon so as to savour the flavour of the fish. When we have it at home we like to steam it, but BIL likes to bake, so the lemon was added to keep it moist.

      we also have a fish broiler, oblong and we use it for salmon. I love teriyaki salmon but lately we have been broiling it (our salmon)

      We have lots of oriental supermarkets here so coconuts are easy to obtain

  2. mmmm decadent desserts......

    Interesting to slit the fillet and put lemon wedges in like that. I'd never seen that trick before.

    Thanks for sharing your holiday pics Bob.

    1. Trobairitz:

      we usually have lots of fish, usually Salmon or Trout. My stomach can't take much RED meat. We love lemon/limes and the lemon keeps the fish moist and then marinates into the fish

      even on my Hollandaise sause I put lots of lemon into it for the extra tang

  3. The fish almost looks like it was smoked. And I like the lemon slices stuck in, I usually just lay them on top.

    "I hope all of you also managed to eat too much during the Holidays"
    Trying hard to not do this...Trying but not succeeding.

    1. Richard:

      I know it has that red finish but it was still RAW and needed to be cooked. If you lay the lemons on top, the juice just drips off the fish as it has a firm crust, better to permeate into the fish whilst cooking.

      Go ahead and indulge, you can always diet later . . .

    2. What gives the fish the shiny glaze? I thought that cod was a white fish.

    3. Richard:

      the fish cooks up white. I don't know why it has that reddish cast unless it was marinated a bit. We don't know where this was purchased