Sunday, December 16, 2012

It started as snow

on Saturday morning as I was getting ready to meet my buddies for breakfast

It was about 2°c with snow flurries forecast for the rest of the day .   Our snow is usually wet and slushy so I didn't have to scrape my windows

This week they have been working on our front yard, removing our side walk and they brought this machine to do some work on both sides of our house

It was hard to take photos during the week as it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home so I had to wait for the weekend for daylight

Notice my narrow sidewalk and gate are gone and enlarged to make for a wider sidewalk.  A new fence and  larger gate will also be constructed

Naturally I have to play with their equipment when they aren't looking

I head around to the front of the house where I am attracted to a large area of mud

It is hard to explain but I can't resist . . .

The air temperature was around 4°c (and with the wind chill -2°c).   All this time it was drizzling and it wasn't long before I was numb and couldn't feel anything so I hobbled inside to warm up.

Soon after I got to play with my new kitchen accessory.  It is an ice cream scooper which can eject by squeezing the lever

I have been doing a lot of baking these past few weeks, nothing fancy just dozens of Orange Chocolate chip cookies to give away and I wanted some way of making them a uniform size

People have been feeling sorry for Mrs Skoot's broken wrist and giving us containers full of food.  Of course you can't return containers "empty" so I have to fill them with cookies before we can give them back.  I like the larger cookies, while Mrs Skoot likes smaller ones.  I like them not so hard but Mrs Skoot likes them hard and crunchy so I plan to make some smaller, thinner ones and bake them longer

Earlier this week it was 12-12-2012 12:12pm.  I was at a business lunch meeting so we enjoyed a nice Christmas Buffet at the Sheraton Hotel

Plate One

I tried not to eat too much as I am keeping an eye on my figure, but I couldn't resist and

had Plate Two, but I was being very selective and only took what things I liked.   And then came

dessert . . .    The next occurrence of this repetitious date will be in 89 years  (01-01-2101 1:01am/pm)


  1. Those really do look like Hobbit feet. Could be it's on my mind after seeing the movie this weekend. Chocolate chip orange cookies? No thank you. But I hope everyone else enjoyed them. How is Mrs. Skoot recovery going?

    1. Lori:

      Happy to see you out and enjoying yourselves after a stressful work week. I like the taste of chocolate and orange, so I just added orange rind. It adds a different flavour to the cookies.

      Recovery is going well, another few weeks before she is back to normal

  2. Orange chocolate chip should be a pretty good combination especially if you use dark chocolate chips, Have you seen the Good Eats episode where Alton Brown switches out ingredients to get different texture chocolate chip cookies? Pretty good show.

    So when's the house warming party?

    1. Richard:

      I think I can buy different flavoured chocolate chips but I just used the regular ones and added orange rind. I love Alton Brown but he must have changed viewing times. Did you know he rides a Beemer ? He had that touring show a couple of years ago but then he fell and broke his arm. I think it was Feasting on Asphalt.

      No housewarming yet, things are still behind. Our yard is a mess

    2. Alton Brown is sort of the Bill Nye for cooking shows. Very entertaining. I enjoyed both of the Feasting on Asphalt series, the first east to west and the second south to north. The BMW has shown up occasionally on the Good Eats show as well.

    3. Richard:

      Lots of chefs on the Food Channel ride bikes. David (the Italian guy rode a Vespa on an episode, same as Jamie Oliver came in on a scooter. Even Gordon Ramsay was riding a big cruiser, maybe a Harley.

      I liked the South to North along the Mississippi River series.

  3. I clearly missed something being away... Everything's being torn up.... what's up?
    As to the Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies.... stash them away and bring them over with you.... They will have a very short lifespan here.

    1. Mike:

      we are working on a project and they had to run a new water line which mean ripping out our sidewalk, so we decided to replace all the sidewalks

      I am sure that BRW is quite capable at your end.

  4. Chocolate oranges never last long around here; those cookies would not have either.

    When Alton Brown went through here following the Mississippi, he stopped at a few of the diners I frequent, one of them the Whistle Stop a short mile from us. Our farmer was inside enjoying something, did not end up on the cutting room floor and is now a famous movie star (around here).

    1. Coop:

      You seem to have so many good places to eat, and so little time to try them all. That's neat to be on TV and famous

    2. Bob, I left out the "reluctant" famous movie star. He's heard about it from Everyone around here.

  5. Bob you've got more snow than we do here in the east and that isn't much. We have none and none in the forecast for Christmas either. I'm beginning to think all the snow was used up in Saskatchewan. And as for chocolate and orange - one of the best flavor combinations ever invented ... and how did I miss that Alton Brown road a Beemer. I loved Good Eats (a bit corny at times, but interesting science). Now I only ever see him commentating on Iron Chef - don't even see Good Eats let alone Feasting on Asphalt. As for the sidewalk, I think they could have built an entire new house in the time it has taken to do your sidewalk, or did I miss something?

    1. Karen:

      It was mixed rain and snow all day and it was very cold. At least colder than we are used to. Most of the time our snow is the wet variety, and turns to ice when it hits the pavement. Weather patterns are changing all over the world. Hard to say what it will be here

      I hope that our construction project gets finished soon, but it is already behind 2 months. We still have to park on the street and we don't have a secured back yard anymore

  6. My feet are cold just looking at your muddy feet.

    No snow here, although it tried to today.

    1. Trobairitz:

      We are getting snow flurries for the next couple of days. Very light with barely any accumulations but cold. Supposed to be minus -3°c tonight.

      I wish it were summer as I am missing my shorts and sandals. Perhaps it will be warmer in SFO, or OAK. I am attracted to mud . . .