Friday, October 11, 2013

Not a Sunset

Lately everyone has been posting photos of Sunsets.   Being in the City my sunsets are not that spectacular.  The sun usually sets behind some telephone poles, buildings or roofs

The past couple of days it has been a bit nippy in the morning

as you notice from the exhaust condensation.   I leave home around sunrise which is just around 7am.  This morning it was 5°c .   While I have a heated vest I have not used it for over 5 years.  I prefer to wear a fleece jacket under my riding gear.  My thin gloves are the same ones I used in 100°F heat when I took my trip last summer and I seldom turn on my heated grips

Yesterday when I was nearly at work I noticed the sun trying to peek through the clouds but by the time I found a good vantage point the moment was gone

I waited for a few moments hoping the sun would shine through but then I had to get to work.  I work in Coquitlam but I live in Vancouver.   My commute involves having to travel through Burnaby and New Westminster.    New Westminster is not unlike San Francisco when it comes to steep hills but near the top I am able to get a good view of the new Port Mann Bridge, in the distance

I seldom use the digital zoom on my Lumix TS3 point and shoot so this was the best that I could do

This morning I decided to bring my "Good Camera" with the longer zoom

There were fewer clouds today and the sun still had the golden glow

and the bridge was obscured a bit with only the towers visible through the low mist

I stay for a few minutes trying to snap a few different angles

Not sure whether it looks better with the sun, or without . . .

or whether this image should be zoomed in . . .

or Zoomed Out.    I think the zoomed out looks better as it shows the subject in its environment


  1. Our sunsets aren't spectacular in corvallis either. Too many houses and such blocking the view. Not like at the coast where it is setting over the ocean.

    I really like those last few pics of the sun and clouds over the bridge.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Like you being in the City we cannot get good sunrise's or sunsets. I was just luck to be coming through New Westminster and noticed the bridge in the distance. That bridge goes over the Fraser River and joins Surrey with Coquitlam and is farther away than you think

  2. Nice shots of the bridge shrouded in clouds/fog. Too bad about having to use the digital zoom apparently, I try to avoid using digital zoom. I wonder if a tripod would have's a tough shot I'll admit.

    Thanks Bob.

    1. Dom:

      No, tripod would not help. I needed more zoom. Even then I had to use exposure compensation

  3. You've done well to capture that moment Bob, I normally only see those kinds of things when the camera is at home.

    My favourite is the sooner in shot without the sun .. looks ethereal. I agree tho the last shot is close, gives it some perspective.

    1. Brenda:

      Moments like that only last a few minutes. Once the sun rises a bit more then the red would probably disappear. I also liked the fog/mist, caused by cold water and the sun above heating up fast

      You should get a small camera to carry with you everywhere. I always have a camera or two with me at all times. I liked the last shot because it gives perspective

  4. I liked the last zoomed out photo the best. With the sun and not zoomed in. But all look pretty nice.

    "Nippy" is still above freezing!

    1. Richard:

      Winter is slowly advancing. It's getting noticeably colder. Soon I will have to wear (gasp) Shoes. My threshold is around 10°c or higher

  5. When Bob focuses on photography, I learn something on every visit.

    1. Coop:

      I am just a hobbyist. I experiment and have learned from "doing". I developed film for years and I still have enlargers.

      Perhaps I should include some exposure values and which lens I used, etc. Same as they do on photography forums

      for the last few I used: Canon T2i, with sigma 18-250 super zoom, with minus EC