Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Scoot Commute is in Vancouver

It was my turn to show David some sights, and eat some food he had never had before.  It's been very foggy in Vancouver during the past week as you can see as we drove over the Lions Gate Bridge over to North Vancouver

David was famished but we managed to fill his tummy to the brim

as he tries to hold his bulging stomach in

Eventually we ended up at Lynn Valley for a walk in the forest and I gave David my NEX to fiddle around with and he shot this very nice photo

We hiked into the Canyon down to the river level but eventually we had to walk back up

We had a pleasant time chatting and snapping photos along the way.   You may get to see more fall foliage in the next day or so.   Stuff like this below

I am getting tired just looking at it


  1. The stairs look like they would be a welcome but of exercise after hearty breakfast. Did the fog eventually burn off? I hear he now "needs" a Corvette…

  2. Richard, those stairs are at the opposite end from where we entered the park. While it would have been nice to explore up that way, we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the valley floor and then headed back in the other direction.

  3. Hi there ,
    Great pics ,
    David looks funny next to the monster!