Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Relaxing with the Scoot Commute at Deep Cove, BC

It was a leisurely Sunday.  My weekend with David is coming to an end.   We've done nothing but eat since he arrived but so far I haven't posted any food photos.   With nothing set in stone we met late in the morning and we ended up at a little hide-a-way on the North Shore  (which the locals refer to North Vancouver)

It's a busy place in the inner harbour and during the Summer you can sit outside on the patio.  There is a Marina here and some floating homes

   Mrs Skoot with David (Scoot Commute from Montreal)

I had the seafood omelette (scallops with shrimp), a departure from my usual eggs benny

It was my intention to show David some of our natural beauty

So we headed East on the Dollarton Highway until it ended at the water

There is a pier and Marina .  Ioco is on the other side.  This body of water is known as Indian Arm.  We had arrived in the Village of Deep Cove

Here is David snapping photos of

these two carved heads

He's probably thinking how nice it is to be chauffeured around like a VIP .  There is another road which winds along the water and passes many waterfront homes, many of which have their own piers and docks and dead ends at the Seycove Marina

Here we are at the end of Panorama Drive

We turn around and head West to our next destination

We spotted this entrance way and wondered how anyone could get to it.  We are now in Capilano Canyon,  stay tuned for the next installment . . .


  1. I want to find out more about what looks like a train tunnel. Is there a story behind the carved heads?

    1. Richard:

      Hard to gauge perspective without a reference. I would be guessing that it is about 2-1/2x the height of a person and with arms stretched out you may be able to touch both sides. You will notice that we are a long way away (when you see the next photos) and then you will wonder why the entrance was there and how anyone could get to it without a "sky hook"

  2. Interesting gated entrance on the side of the hill.....hoping the story behind it is coming in the next posting?

    1. Dom:

      It is actually in a rock walled canyon in a dangerous spot to access. In the rainy season the water level would come up close to that landing, with lots of water rushing from above. You wouldn't want to be there when they release the Flood Gates

  3. Gated cave dwelling? Did there used to be a suspension bridge? Only accessible to those with super powers including levitating and/or flight?

    1. Trobairitz:

      Perhaps there was previously cable access from the other side. Not sure as there is no access to the other side from where we were. You could probably see it from THE TOP.

      Batman, Spiderman or Superman would not have any problems. Neither would Mighty Mouse

  4. A friend of mine lives in Deep Cove, it is definitely a lovely special place (but I like Belcarra a bit better). The gloomy pictures reflect what I feel when I think about my former home... sigh!
    I wonder what that gated cave is / was for and how you would get access. Is there a ladder hidden in the rocks?

    1. Sonja:

      Most homes in Deep Cove would have a view of the Inlet, otherwise why would you live there ? For me, Belcarra is too far away as I have to go to Port Moody first and that's an hour away at least for me. I do like Ioco, especially the homes along the water.

      I am trying hard to not make you homesick which you may when you see the rest of the photos from Capilano Canyon. Being here, with all our rain you can't help but feel a bit gloomy, esp during our 5 month rainy season, but it is what it is and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else

  5. Some incredible natural beauty...BUT I thought BC was always sunny! That is what former BC people here in Ontario keep telling me anyway...

    - Dave at Motorcycle Addiction

    1. David:

      We have lots of forest, hiking trails and water: be it ocean or rivers. If you are a die hard you could probably ride your motorcycle 11 months a year. Sometimes we get a bit of snow, and sometimes we get none. It is like a 7 year cycle.

      There is a saying in Alaska " if it rains then it's warm enough to ride "

      When the sun comes out there is no better place to be